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Miss Independent (Remix)



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[Lil Wayne:] [律韦恩: ]

Young Money! 年轻的钱!


[Jay-Z:] [ Jay-Z的: ]

Yea... Turn the music up turn the lights down I'm in my zone 是啊...把音乐开把灯光调暗,我在我区


[Ne-Yo:] [尼欧: ]

Yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah... 是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊...


[Kanye West:] [ Kanye West的: ]

Fresh off the plane, konitchiwa bitches 断食的飞机, konitchiwa母狗

Turn around another plane, my passport on pivot 转身另一架飞机,在支点我的护照

As for what I did it, that asshole done did it 至于是什么,我做到了,那混蛋做成功了

Talked it and he lived it, spitted then he shitted 谈论它,他住它,吐尽那么他shitted

I don't need to write hits, I might bounce ideas, 我不需要写命中,我可能会反弹的想法,

But only I could come up with some shit like this 但是,只有我可以用一些狗屎像这样上来

I done played the underdog my whole career 我做打弱旅我的整个职业生涯

I've been a very good sport, haven't I, this year 我是一个非常好的运动,我不是,今年


[Jay-Z:] [ Jay-Z的: ]

Like a mama you birthed me, Brooklyn you nursed me 像你妈妈我的生产经历,布鲁克林你我调养

Schooled me with hard knocks, better than Burkley 教育的我,艰苦的磨练,比伯克利好

They say you murked me by the time I was 21 他们说你的时候,我才21 murked我

That shit disturbed me, but you never hurt me 那些事困扰我,但你从来没有伤害我

Hello Brooklyn, if we had a daughter 你好布鲁克林,如果我们有一个女儿

Guess what I'm a call her, Brooklyn Carter 猜猜我是打电话给她,布鲁克林·卡特

When I left you for Virginia it didn't offend ya 当我离开​​你的弗吉尼亚州也没有得罪雅

Cause you know I only stepped out to get dinner 因为你知道,我只踩出去找吃晚饭


[Ne-Yo:] [尼欧: ]

Ooh it's something about 哦这是一些有关

Just something about the way she moves 只是一些关于她移动的方式

I can't figure it out 我无法弄清楚

There's something about her 有一些关于她

Say Ooh it's something about 说哦这是一些有关

Kinda woman that wants you but don't need you 有点女人想要你,但不需要你

Hey I can't figure it out 嘿,我无法弄清楚

There's something about her 有一些关于她


Cause she walk like a boss, talk like a boss 因为她走路像个老板,说话像个老板

Manicured nails to set the pedicure off 修剪整齐的指甲设置修脚关闭

She's fly effortlessly 她费力地飞

She move like a boss do what a boss 她行动像老板做一个老板

Do she got me thinking about getting involved 难道她让我想介入

That's the kind of girl I need 这就是我需要的那种女孩


She got her own thing 她有她自己的事

That's why I love her 这就是为什么我爱她

Miss Independent 独立小姐

Won't you come and spend a little time 你不来,花一点点时间

She got her own thing 她有她自己的事

That's why I love her 这就是为什么我爱她

Miss Independent 独立小姐

Ooh the way you shine 哦,你照路

Miss Independent 独立小姐


Yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah... 是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊...


[Lil Wayne:] [律韦恩: ]

Ridin' by myself well really not really 坐车由我自己也真的不是真的

So heavy in the trunk make the car pop-a-wheelie 如此沉重的行李箱使车内弹出A-带轮

Who? Weezy Baby or call me Young Baby 谁? Weezy婴儿或打电话给我年轻的宝贝

My money 360, you only 180 我的钱360 ,你只180

Half of the game too lazy 游戏懒得上半

Still sleepin' on me but I'm bout to wake em 还是睡在我身上,但我就要醒EM

Yep! I'm bout to take em to New Orleans and bake em 没错!我就要采取EM新奥尔良烤EM

Yeah it's hot down here take a walk with Satan yeah 是的,它的热这儿拿撒旦散步呀

Come on mama let The Carter make ya 来吧,妈妈让卡特使雅

Toss ya like a fruit salad strawberry-grape ya 折腾雅如水果沙拉草莓,葡萄亚

They ball when they can and I'm ballin' by nature 当他们可以和我劈腿成性,他们的球

Addicted to the game like Jordan and Payton 沉迷于像乔丹和佩顿的游戏

Ya'll in a race and me I'm at the finish line 你们大家在比赛中和我,我在终点线

They running for too long it's time to gimme mine 他们跑太久是时候给我雷

Straight down ya chimney in ya living room is I 直降雅烟囱在雅客厅也是我

Weezy allergic to wintertime... Weezy过敏冬季...


[Ne-Yo:] [尼欧: ]

Yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah... 是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊...


Oooooohhhh Oooooohhhh

She got her own thing 她有她自己的事

That's why I love her (that's why I love) 这就是为什么我爱她(这就是为什么我喜欢)

Miss Independent (independent) 独立小姐(独立)

Won't you come and spend a little time 你不来,花一点点时间

She got her own thing (she got, she got) 她有她自己的事(她得到了,她得到了)

That's why I love her (that's why I love that girl) 这就是为什么我爱她(这就是为什么我爱的那个女孩)

Miss Independent (oh oh) 独立小姐(哦)

Ooh the way you shine 哦,你照路

Miss Independent 独立小姐

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