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[Hook:] [钩: ]

Just another day out in sunny LA 只是另一天在阳光明媚的洛杉矶

There's dealers in the streets and the coppers don't play 有经销商在街道和铜板不玩

Got my 501 jeans, my crew neck sweater 得到了我的501牛仔裤,我的水手领毛衣

Saggin' in my pants cause I don't know better Saggin “在我的裤子,因为我不知道更好

In any weather we stay the flyest 在任何天气,我们留在flyest

Killas on my side case u suckas wanna try us 在我身边的情况下Killas ü suckas想尝试我们

Numbers in my phone, I'm so player 在我的电话号码,我好玩家

Feelin' so good I think I might run for mayor 感觉太好了,我想我可能竞选市长


I might run for mayor 我可能竞选市长

Nigga ask your momma I'm a muthafuckin' player 黑人问你妈妈我是一个的muthafuckin 球员

If I see your girlfriend starin', I'm a take her 如果我看到你女朋友盯着 ,我是一个把她

That's word to my cousin up in Oakland with the scraper 这一句话我的表妹在奥克兰与刮刀

501 jeans yeah that's my flavor 501牛仔裤是啊,那是我的味道

Crew neck sweaters in the club, fuck a blazer 圆领针织衫在俱乐部,他妈的西装外套

Button up under case the bouncer is a hater 根据情况扣的保镖是一个仇敌

Straight to the bar for a couple shots of jaeger 直奔酒吧积一对夫妇拍摄

If I see a nice thin light skin I'm a game her 如果我看见一个漂亮的超薄皮我是她的游戏

Tell her I'm big Mibbs and I'm runnin' for mayor 告诉她,我是大Mibbs ,我在天边市长

She digs my speeds and guess where I'm a take her 她挖我的速度和猜测,我是一个把她

Back to the crib where I can blaze her 回到婴儿床,我可以走出自己

Modern Joe Frazier second round knock out 现代乔·弗雷泽第二轮淘汰

When I pull the cock out, baby see you later 当我拉的公鸡,孩子看到你以后

I think around 8 or 9 I'm a wake her up 我想大约8或9我是一个唤醒她

Kick her out, then go pick up my paper 踢她出去,然后再拿起我的文章


[Hook] [钩]


I might run for mayor 我可能竞选市长

Cruise through the city in a booger green pacer 穿城而过的鼻屎绿色定速巡航

Got ya girl with me, I'm so player 有雅的女孩,我,我好玩家

Pullin' hoes since Bo Jackson was a Raider 由于博杰克逊普林锄头是一个入侵者

Everything's tailored, from the Chuck Taylor's 一切都量身定做,从查克·泰勒的

Check the steering wheel in my car, that's gator 检查方向盘在我的车,那是鳄鱼

Sip liquor straight, I don't need chasers 一口酒直,我不需要猎

Drink a pint of hen, I'm cursin' like a sailor 母鸡喝了一品脱,我cursin就像水手

I'm so major, sit back and watch me 我是如此重要,坐下来,看着我

Bought my 501's and my sweater from the swap meet 买了我501的,我的毛衣从交换满足

Music up loud, coppers wanna stop me 音乐开大声,铜板想阻止我

Mad cause I'm young black makin' that broccoli 疯了,因为我年轻的黑人金的西兰花

Hangin' with the possie, niggas wanna copy 犹豫不决,与possie ,黑鬼想复制

But I'm too fly so the squares can't jock me 但我太飞这么平方无法股癣我

Watch how they jock me, I'm so player 观看他们如何乔克我,我好玩家

Feelin' so good I think I might run for mayor 感觉太好了,我想我可能竞选市长


[Hook] [钩]


Yeah I might run for mayor 是的,我会竞选市长

I'm scandalous with the papers 我可耻的论文

LA county, the planet of the gangsters 洛杉矶县,歹徒们的星球

Get ya cameras and tapers 获得亚摄像机和锥度

Ya boy hustle hard like Rambis for the Lakers 雅男孩喧嚣很难像兰比斯为湖人

Riding by zoom but we boom with the base muffle 通过变焦骑,但我们与基地马弗热潮

Fly as a space shuttle, cool as a rain puddle 飞象航天飞机,清凉的雨水水坑

Who wanna make trouble 谁想要闹事

Pimp hand heavy no half stepping 皮条客手中重不半步

Like old school Daddy Kane for ya 就像老同学爸爸凯恩雅

It's a shame on you, what you lames gone do 这是你的耻辱,你LAMES不见了,

You's a bitch, we make it rain on you 你是个婊子,我们使雨你

Yea the dames come through 是啊,在贵妇人才能通过

We decked out with hoes, draw circles around tens 我们挂满了锄头,画周围的几十圈

Then ex out the O's, boy check out my pose 然后前出O公司,小男孩看看我的姿势

Stand smith classic fresh out the grove 站在史密斯经典新鲜出炉的小树林

Look who crept out the stove 看看谁蹑手蹑脚走出炉

Keep a bad one like she fresh out the Vouge 随身携带一本不好的人喜欢她清新了VOUGE

Then we go shopping like we fresh out the clothes 然后,我们去逛街像我们刚从衣服

Gimme that, shopping bags, popping tags, I'm a smash 给我说,购物袋,弹出标签,我是一个扣杀

From the side of the tracks, where the homies talk trash 从曲目,其中兄弟们说说垃圾的侧面

You can only sight see if you got a pass, the mayor 你只能看到视线如果你有一通,市长


[Hook] [钩]


I might run for mayor 我可能竞选市长


Feelin' so good I think I might run for mayor 感觉太好了,我想我可能竞选市长

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