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[Verse 1: Big K.R.I.T] [诗歌1 :大K.R.I.T ]

Awakened from my slumber by the thunder, lightning clappin' 由雷声,闪电彬“从沉睡惊醒

Rainin' on my window pane and praying I make something happen 在我的窗玻璃和祈祷RAININ “我做出点什么

A preacher's prophecies never bothered me when I was younger 一个牧师的预言从来没有困扰我,当我年轻

Sittin' on my grandma's lap, and she cried, I often wondered 我奶奶的腿上坐在我,她哭了,我经常在想,

"What was her tears for? Could it be for my grandfather?" “那是她的眼泪呢?难道是我的爷爷? ”

Or maybe she felt for me cause I'd see more of those cold tomorrows 或者,也许她觉得对我来说,因为我想多看看那些冰冷的明天

Than she'd see. The world would up and turn on me 比她想看到的。世界将起来,打开了我

Cause the morals that she often spoke were meant for 1923 原因是她经常说注定了1923年的道德

I fall asleep off in her arms, a psalm was spoken 我睡着了在她的怀里,诗篇是口语

"The Lord is surely my shepherd" and "lead me to the water" “主肯定是我的牧者”和“带我去水”

A thought that often stuck with me, amongst the wolves that run the streets 经常坚持和我在一起,这当中满街跑狼的思考

Out here payin' dues then lose, I pray your ways would comfort me 在这里婚前会费,然后输了,我祈求你的方式会安慰我

A non-believer I never have and never could be 非信徒我从来没有,绝不可能是

Lord, give me time to peep the signs I should see 主啊,给我时间去偷看我看到的迹象

Sippin' got me feelin' like a player 啜饮着让我感觉就像一个运动员

Ridin' clean, bendin' corners, hopin' I might find my savior 坐车干净, bendin 弯道,河滨我可以找到我的救命恩人

On the curb, I rarely go to church 在路边,我很少去教堂

False prophets rockin' Prada so I rarely feel the Word 假先知摇滚普拉达所以我很少觉得字

Jezebel's lurkin' in the pews on the first 耶洗别在第一个的长椅lurkin “

Preacher's weaker than the deacon cause it's hard to fight the urge 牧师的比执事弱导致它很难打的冲动

It's hard to live and serve when you on the Devil's turf 这是很难生存和魔鬼的草皮发球时

Sell your soul for the loan with no sense of what it's worth 没有感觉它的价值出卖自己的灵魂的贷款

Don't get it twisted, I ain't no saint, I ain't no pastor 不要把它扭曲,我不是圣人,我不是牧师

But prayin' ain't just for cloudy days and natural disasters 但祈祷“不只是阴天和自然灾害

Aware of what comes after, bet you ain't fo' sho' 意识到什么来后,打赌你是不是为翔

I was warned that heaven ain't the only place to go 我被警告说,天堂是不是去的唯一的地方

I'm doin' what I can cause there really ain't much time 我上来的是什么,我可以导致真的没有太多的时间

I leave 'dis in the Lord' hands, I'm tired of cryin' 我离开 DIS在主的手中,我已经厌倦了哭泣的“


[Hook:] [钩: ]

Man down! 人员受伤倒地!

Hopin', prayin', sayin' I can't turn 河滨 ,祈祷 ,说我不能把

Back now! 回来吧!

He will find you, this world'll blind you, don't you be another 他会找你,这worldll盲你,难道你是另一个

Man down! 人员受伤倒地!

Hopin', prayin', sayin' you can't turn 河滨 ,祈祷 ,说你不能把

Back now! 回来吧!

Help is just one prayer away 帮助只是一个祈祷远

Don't be afraid to say, 不要害怕说,

"Mayday!" “五月天! ”


[Verse 2: Lecrae] [诗2: Lecrae ]

Father forgive us for we know not what we do 天父,请原谅我们,我们不知道我们做什么

In my bias, I've been pious with my nose up in the pews 在我的偏见,我一直虔诚与我的鼻子在长椅

Like Paul, I bear good news; they think I'm pall-bearin' 像保罗,我愿意承担好消息;他们认为我的阴云, bearin “

My message sounds like death to these hearers as they perish 我的消息听起来像是死这些听众,因为他们灭亡

Scary to think we on the brink of death 吓人认为我们在死亡的边缘

But no one stops look for answers on what happens next 但是,没有人停止寻找对接下来会发生什么答案

Got a couple scriptures from our grandma, sayings from a preacher 接到我们的奶奶一对夫妇的经文,格言从一个牧师

But can't live out these standards that we heard it takes to reach 'em 但不能活出这些标准,我们听到它需要达到时间

But when I look at Jesus, He lived the life I couldn't 但是,当我看到耶稣,他过的生活,我不能

Suffered for my crimes so I wouldn't 受我的罪,所以我不会

I used to have to sneak into the movies 'cause I couldn't 'ford to pay 我曾经潜入电影,因为我不能福特支付

So 'splain to me how some one paid my way 所以, “ splain我怎么有一种人支付我的方式

When I hear Krit confessin' I respect him 当我听到KRIT confessin “我尊重他

'Cause most of us be lying like our lives don't need perfectin' “原因我们大多数人是在撒谎就像我们生活中并不需要perfectin ”

Nothin' that we muster, Nothin' that we can change 没什么,我们鼓起,没什么,我们可以改变

Admitting that we're imperfect, offendin' God with our games 承认我们是不完美的, offendin “上帝与我们的游戏

Look, I'm just being honest so don't take for me for no lame 你看,我只是诚实所以不要对我来说没有跛脚

I seen it fo' myself; I'm a product of this thang 我看的,为自己;我这个唐卡的产物

Now I found true religion, and it's not inside of denim 现在我找到了真正的宗教,它不是牛仔内

And them overpriced shades has never given us vision 和他们过高的阴影从来没有给我们的愿景


[Hook] [钩]

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