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Mans Girl



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[Digital Underground x2] [数字地下X2 ]

If you can't take me home with you 如果你不能把我带回家

Then a lap dance will have to do 然后,圈舞将不得不做


If you can't take me home with you.. 如果你不能把我带回家..


[Shock G] [冲击G ]

Anybody got change for twenty? 任何人都改变了对20 ?

Mmm, shake it up, shake it up 嗯,摇起来,摇起来

Yeah, I know it's rough out here, love 是的,我知道它的粗糙在这里,爱

But we got your back 但是,我们收到了你回来


[Chorus x2] [合唱x ]

Give it up cause she's a man's girl 放弃吧,因为她是一个男人的女孩

She's bubbling in a man's world 她兴高采烈在男人的世界

Give it up cause she's a man's girl 放弃吧,因为她是一个男人的女孩

She's struggling in a man's world 她挣扎在男人的世界


[Shock G] [冲击G ]

Now tell me, can you tell the difference 现在告诉我,你能分辨出来

Between a fast-tracking, skank-gaming tramp 之间的快速跟踪, skank博彩流浪汉

And a man's girl 和一个男人的女孩

Kind of seems the same with just one glance 那种似乎同样只需一瞥

See, both of them cause erections from afar 你看,他们都从远方导致勃起

But upon closer inspection it becomes clear 但仔细观察可以清楚

Money B gonna get you in there 钱B会得到你在那里


[Money B] [钱B ]

See, a clever girl knows 你看,一个聪明的女孩知道

Not just hoes work them skirts that's mini 不只是锄头解决它们的裙子这是小

Prostitutes that dress this way 妓女的打扮这样

Try to imitate most of the uptown bitties 尝试模仿大多数住宅区bitties的

Now we don't really want to speak upon 现在,我们真的不希望在说话

Those girls who act real slutty 那些女孩谁真正起作用放荡

But we will talk about those man's girls 但我们会谈论那些男人的女孩

Those are the one we're studying 这些都是我们正在研究一个


[Shock G] [冲击G ]

She's real secure, pretty toes pedicured 她是真正的安全,漂亮的脚趾pedicured

Baby got her own money 孩子有她自己的钱

She thinks brothers who floss are funny 她认为兄弟谁牙线搞笑

Ain't afraid to lick that honey off my body 不怕舔蜂蜜了我的身体

Feminist party issues she don't care about 女性主义政党的问题,她不关心

Understands men well and knows the power of long hair 了解男人好,知道长发的权力


[Money B] [钱B ]

I doubt 我怀疑

If she'll fall for the type whose pants are tight on 如果她会爱上他的裤子紧的类型

His pookie 他pookie

Likes her sex fresh and fruity with the light on 喜欢她的性别清新果香与光

That booty 的战利品


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Clee] [ CLEE ]

Oohwee, she popping! Gotta be, got me jocking Oohwee ,她啪!得是,让我jocking

Even Nike and Reebok, the girl I'm talking about be rocking 即使是耐克和锐步,女孩我说的可摇摆

Them pumps with the toes out 这些泵用脚趾头了

Super saucy when we go out 当我们走出去的超俏皮

Or with her patnas, she can blow clout 或与她patnas ,她可以吹的影响力

Cause she's the shit, no doubt 因为她是狗屎,毫无疑问

She's so about her scrill, that gives it all the more thrill 她是那么她scrill ,这使得它更快感

Can't lie, a little high 不能说谎,有点高

Couldn't get a better ride out of an automobile 无法得到一个更好的渡过一个汽车

Never make it hard to go chill 永远不要让人很难去寒意

Let me do my thing, let a brother breathe 让我做我的事,让哥哥呼吸

But she make it so convenient when she around 但她做起来很方便,当她身边

I don't ever want to leave 我从来没有想离开


[Shock G] [冲击G ]

She's never stressing who 她从来没有讲谁

What I'm gon' do, how I've been riding with my crew 就是我会去这样做,我怎么一直在骑我的船员

She says play on, ain't nothing wrong 她说,玩,是不是没有错

As long as eventually I come home 只要最终我回家

([Money B:] Ooh, she cool) When a brother finally do ( [钱B : ]哦,她爽)当哥哥终于做

The joke's on me cause she's gone 可笑的是我,因为她走了

Taking care of she instead of worrying about me 考虑,而不是担心我照顾她的

([Money B:] For shee?) For sheezy, she pleases me ( [钱B : ]施哲三)对于sheezy ,她高兴我

Knowing that I got her back with what's important 知道我得到了她的背部有什么是重要的

Knowing that I'm down and when I clown with my homies 知道我下来,当我小丑与我的家人

It's a necessity ­ she gets to me, yes, I confess it 这是一个需要她得到了我,是的,我承认它

Secure with her intellect 确保与她的智慧

Never afraid of flexing them hoe-ish dresses 从来不怕弯曲它们锄十岁上下的礼服


[Money B] [钱B ]

Sex appeal drapes her whole vicinity 性感窗帘她的整个周边

I'm worked on, those girls that wanna get they lurk on 我工作过的那些女孩子是想要得到他们潜伏在

They get into me 他们进入了我


[Shock-G (Money B)] [冲击-G (钱B ) ]

Fingernails long (tummy showing) 指甲长(肚子的表现)

Where you going, love 你去哪儿,爱

(Can I be down?) Can I be around? (我能下来吗? )我能左右?


[Shock-G & Money B] [冲击-G钱B ]

When you gonna freak with the Freaks of the Industry? 当你要发飙的工业怪胎?


[Shock G] [冲击G ]

Come on, now 来吧,现在

Get up on the table, baby, get on the table 起身在桌子上,宝贝,得上台面

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about 是啊,这就是我说的

Can I hit that puna? Punana, punana 我打了普纳? Punana , punana


[Chorus x2] [合唱x ]


[Shock G] [冲击G ]

And I appreciate it too, love 我很感激也爱

I love them shoes, love that dress 我爱他们的鞋子,喜欢那件衣服

I love the whole program 我喜欢整个程序

I know you can't keep it up everyday 我知道你能不能坚持下去的日常

But when you do I'm loving it, just like that 但是,当你这样做,我爱它,就像那

Now take 'em off 现在,带着他们去了

You deserve a foot massage 你值得拥有足部按摩

And I'm about to give it you.. 而我要赐给你们..

Can I get that puna? Punana, punana 我能得到的普纳? Punana , punana

Somebody give me change for a twenty 有人给我找开20

And get up on the table 并获得了桌子上

Oh no, I ain't giving you more than a dollar 哦,不,我是不会给你超过一美元


[Digital Underground x8] [数字地下X8 ]

No, don't stop that sexy groove 不,不要停止性感沟

Cause we like the way she move 因为我们喜欢她移动的方式

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