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Lyte Thee MC


歌词相关歌手:MC LYTE

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

From now on it's not MC Lyte 从现在起,它不是管委会莱特

Listen up, everybody, it's Lyte Thee MC 听好了,各位,这是莱特祢的MC


Tackling, anyone, who tries to stop me 抢断,任何人,谁试图阻止我

from fulfilling, the ultimate, the ultimate goal 履行,最终的最终目标

Suckers takin up room on the microphone 吸盘羚牛了房间里的麦克风

I do pay for crowds, move over, stop stalkin me 我付的人群,搬过来,停stalkin我

I feel like I'm drownin and fans are just stompin me 我觉得像我drownin和球迷都只是stompin我

Bigfoot! Should we buck the uncivilized 大脚怪!如果我们逆势不文明

But I'm so tame I don't, mean to criticize 但我很温顺,我不,说要批评

But why you sweatin we don't, go together 但是,为什么你sweatin我们不这样做,一起去

Especially if I'm muggy in the rainy kind of weather 尤其是当我在闷热的梅雨的天气


[Chorus: chop up this phrase] [合唱:砍了这句话]

"Listen up, everybody, it's Lyte Thee MC" “听好了,各位,这是莱特祢MC”


Competition I take it as good for the soul 比赛我把它作为良好的灵魂

Pull back the microphone, let my arms unfold 回麦克风,让我的双臂展开

Release all the anger, all the aggravation 释放所有的愤怒,所有的恶化

Convert it into words just sorta like a conversation 它转换成文字只是八九不离十像谈话

I am the talker, you're just the listener 我是健谈的人,你只是监听

Talk and I'll ignore you, is it that offensive to you? 说话,我会不理你,难道是进攻吗?

The problem is you can't understand 问题是你无法理解

the logic in my rap you can't comprehend so you 在我的说唱逻辑,你可以不理解,所以你

merely step aside, what all, call the weak 只是靠边站,什么都,称之为弱

But you'll also step aside when I'm, comin down the street 但你也靠边站,当我,科曼在街上

You'll give me lots of room, to whistle and walk 你给了我很大的提升空间,吹口哨和步行

And then everything is silent just in case I wanna talk 然后一切都是无声的,以防万一我想讲

But I, I never do, small talk I like to hear 但是我,我永远不会做,小谈我喜欢听

Other girls rap and you say that I'm whack~?! 其他女孩RAP和你说我捶〜 ?

Comin from a female that is totally dedicated 从被完全致力于女性今儿

Every rhyme I say you ought to appreciate it 每一个韵我说你应该感激

And if not I'll tell you like I told my neighbor Dana Betty 如果没有,我会告诉你,就像我跟我的邻居贝蒂·达纳

What? You ain't ready 什么?你还没有准备好

For a fly female emcee you just ain't ready 对于飞女主持人,你只是还没有准备好


[Chorus] [合唱]


Competition I take it as food for the mind 比赛我把它作为食物的心灵

Past experience from the future, is the best kind 从未来以往的经验,是最好的一种

of advice that you could EVER receive from another 建议你可以永远从另一个接收

Whether it's a stranger or your night time lover 无论是陌生人还是你的夜晚时间的情人

Sorry silly rabbits, Trix are for kids 对不起傻兔子,特丽克丝是为孩子

Brings back memories of the things that I did 带回来的,我所做的事的回忆

Played jokes on suckers, just for fun 在吸盘玩过的笑话,只是为了好玩

But now I'm much older, those days are done 但现在我老得多,那些日子完成

Everything is business, forget about games 一切都是生意,忘掉游戏

You see cause once I'm finished, you're gonna know my name 你看的原因,一旦我完成了,你会知道我的名字

is Lyte and in Brooklyn, Brooklyn's where I'm chillin 是莱特在布鲁克林,布鲁克林的地方,我寒冷

Better known as the emcee villain 更好地称为司仪小人

No I'm not good but I'm not bad either 不,我不是很好,但我不坏

Come into your life it can't get no liver 走进你的生活就不能得到任何肝


[Chorus] [合唱]


So now, competition is taken out of my vocabulary 所以,现在,竞争取出我的词汇

I don't vary, I bury 我没有改变,我埋葬

Steppin up is like diggin your grave 垫脚起来就像是陷你的坟墓

So sucker emcees you ought to save 所以主唱吸盘,你应该保存

all the mess you be talkin, meanwhile hawkin 所有的烂摊子,你在说话,同时hawkin

When I'm on the stage, audience watchin 当我在舞台上,观众在看着

Suckers in the corners just keep on clockin 在弯道吸盘还是想继续clockin

The way I hold the mic, the stance I use 我握着麦克风的方式,我用的是态度

The rhymes I recite and the beat I choose í背诵儿歌,我选择了拍

But it's not your fault because you don't know better 但是,这不是你的错,因为你不知道更好

You see green I wear you go buy the same sweater 你看到绿色的我穿着你去购买相同的毛衣

You look me up and down sight the jeans name brand 你看我上下视线牛仔裤名牌

You go to Macy's and for hours you stand 你去梅西和几个小时你站

on line just to buy what you saw Lyte wearin 在网上只买你所看到的莱特穿着45号球衣

Don't try to lie homegirl I caught you starin 不要说谎homegirl我抓到你盯着

Cause yo, the beat is dope and the rhymes are kickin 原因哟,节拍是涂料和押韵都在唱歌

I'm the chickenhawk and you are the chicken 我是chickenhawk ,你是鸡


[Chorus] [合唱]

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