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Loose Booty



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[Chorus: Juvenile] [合唱:少年]

She got a loose booty, she got a loose booty 她找了一个松散的战利品,她得到了一个松散的战利品

Pay attention to how it shake, she got a loose booty 注意它是如何动摇,她得到了一个松散的战利品

She got a loose booty, she got a loose booty 她找了一个松散的战利品,她得到了一个松散的战利品

Pay attention to how it shake, she got a loose booty 注意它是如何动摇,她得到了一个松散的战利品


[Juvenile] [少年]

I ain't tryin to be stuck all in the corner and locked up 我是不是试着将所有被困在角落里锁起来

Tongue-kissin a hoe a nigga know she a doctor 舌头亲吻锄头黑鬼知道她是医生

Hoe can make a nigga think she a queen 锄可以让一个黑人认为她女王

She standin there smellin like potpourri I bet she stank in them jeans 她standin有smellin像花香我敢打赌,她在他们的牛仔裤发臭

Need to shake it, wash it, rinse it, squeeze it and douche it 需要摇吧,洗,冲洗,挤压它,它灌洗

Call a time-out, freeze AT EASE that pussy 叫超时,冻结随缘的猫

They comin out the woodworks, ain't no pride 他们科曼出木材,是不是没有骄傲

They don't get tired, play they vibe and they'll shake it 'til they foot hurt 他们不累,玩盛传他们,他们会摇晃,直到他们的脚受伤

Say she dressin for time, she got a lot of that 说她穿着打扮的时候,她得到了很多的

She ain't no nickel and dime, she got a dollar back 她是不是没有镍和角钱,她得到了一块钱回来

When she step her ass bounce two times 当她步她的屁股反弹两次

The wobble wobble make it hard for her to walk straight lines 摆动摆动使她很难走直线

Gotta add the soldiers on when you standin behind her 总得加兵,当你standin她的背后

You might get stuck in there and need a camera to find her 你可能会卡在那里,需要一个摄像头找到她

Gotta hold ON to them handlebars, cause you don't want that broad 一定要坚持给他们把手,因为你不希望这样广阔

goin tellin your dawgs you got handled boy! 布莱恩在告诉你dawgs你被处理的男孩!


[Chorus - 2X] [合唱团 - 2倍]


[Eightball] [ Eightball ]

You make a nigga wanna pay for that pussy hoe 你让一个黑人想支付的猫锄头

Stand it up and make you get up on your tiptoes 站立起来,让你起床你踮起脚尖

Play with love man, kiss it baby watch him grow 玩爱的人,亲亲宝贝看着他成长

Don't run your mouth about it, momma try to keep it low 不要运行它的嘴,妈妈尽量保持低

Let's get a room somewhere deep on the outskirts 让我们一个房间的某处深深在郊区

Give me head 'til yo muh'fuckin mouth hurts 给我的头,直到哟muhfuckin嘴疼

Go tell your friends 'bout the suite up at the W 快去告诉你的朋友回合套房了位于W

About the view and all the freaky shit I done to you 关于视图和所有的古怪狗屎我做给你

Now when she see me when you're not around 现在,当她看到我的时候你不在身边

She be in my face, tryin to see what I'm about 她在我的脸上,试着看看我对

Here take my number, maybe you can take me out 在这里,把我的电话号码,也许你可以带我出去

Take you somewhere and put some dick up in your mouth 带你的地方,并把一些家伙在你的嘴

I remember when you bitches wasn't so nice 我还记得你的母狗是不是很好

Before the rings and the watches got a coat of ice 戒指和手表之前有冰的外衣

Same nigga, different day, we forever say 同样的黑人,不同的一天,我们永远说

Money over bitches, U.T.P., Eight way 货币超母狗, U.T.P. ,八路


[Chorus - 2X] [合唱团 - 2倍]


[Skip] [跳过]

Oh I like the way you move it to the right girl 哦,我喜欢的方式,你将它移动到合适的女孩

No I like the way you shake it to the left girl 不,我喜欢的方式,你摇到左边的女孩

No I like it when you bend it, when you step girl 不,我喜欢它,当你弯曲,当你一步女孩

Now, touch your toes while you hold your breath girl! 现在,触摸你的脚趾,而你屏住呼吸的女孩!

And I ain't come here to ruin your night 我是不是来这里毁了你的夜晚

I'm tryin to put somethin new in your life! 我试着将新的事端在你的生活!

Just by doin you right, we can go somewhere for two if you like 刚才干什么你的权利,我们可以去的地方有两个,如果你喜欢

Use the stars and the moon for the light, cause you movin it right 用星星和月亮的光,因为你要离开是正确的

Why? I'm really tryin to do you tonight (right now) 为什么呢?我真的试着(现在右)做你今晚

If you dyke, bring your crew if you like! 如果你擎天,把你的船员,如果你喜欢!

If any um booty is like, your booty is like 如果有任何UM战利品是什么样子,你的战利品是像

Call your whole crew booty delight, we make it "Nolia Clap" 打电话给你的整个剧组的战利品高兴的是,我们让“ Nolia一击”

Don't hold it back, touch the flo' with that 不抱回来,触摸FLO “与

I got a heart attack, your booty causin cataract 我有一个心脏攻击,你的战利品causin白内障

I can't even stay on it, look I keep on fallin back! 我什至不能留在这,看我一直在不断下降的回来了!

My momma always told me Skip don't ever fall for that! 我妈妈总是告诉我跳到千万不要上当受骗了!


[Chorus - 2X] [合唱团 - 2倍]

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