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[Intro] [简介]

42nd street terminal 42街码头


[Verse 1: Nas] [诗歌1 :纳斯]

Yo, yo, I live it and I speak it 哟,哟,我活了,我说出来

My religion is reefer 我的宗教是冷藏

Big money in most, an uninhibited freak to sleep with 大资金在多数,一个豪放狂睡

My visions are realistic, nothing’s figurative 我的愿景是现实的,什么都没有的比喻

I can wish it into existence, God want this nigga to live 我也希望它成为的存在,上帝希望这个黑人的生活

Blunt big as a dread, I get high and forget who bled 钝大如恐惧,我飘飘然,忘记了谁流血

Who we stomp-kicked in the head and who we left for dead 我们谁踩,踢在头上,而我们留给谁死

Who are you niggas? Why argue niggas? 你是谁黑鬼?为什么说黑鬼?

The truth is the truth, I really put my scars on niggas 事实是实话,我真的把我的伤疤上的黑鬼

They wait a lifetime, they tell they hoes, “Nas did this” 他们等待了一辈子,他们告诉他们的锄头, “纳斯这样做”

Pointin’ to they scars like, “Right here, baby, really Nas did this” Pointin “他们的伤疤一样,”就在这里,宝贝,真的纳斯这样做“

Like a badge of honor, not braggin’ I’m just honest 就像一个荣誉徽章,而不是braggin “我只是说实话

War stories we tell them, nothin’s realer than karma 我们告诉他们战争的故事,没什么比人缘更真实

Sip prohibition liquor, prohibition whiskey SIP禁止酒,禁止威士忌

Rap Jack Demsey, Matt Black Bentley, pimply 说唱杰克Demsey ,哑光黑宾利,麻点

Shatterin’ your silence, pass around the chalice Shatterin 你的沉默,通过周围的圣杯

Due to my Indian ancestry at the weed dispensery 由于我的印度血统的杂草dispensery

Official kings and gents is who I mix and mingle with 官方国王和男士是谁,我混,并且与

Fuck your ice, I rock rubies, amethyst 他妈的你的冰,我摇滚红宝石,紫水晶

I fuck your wife cause she a groupie, scandalous 我他妈的你的妻子,因为她一个骨肉,可耻的

This for my bad hood bitches, ghetto glamorous 这对我的坏罩母狗,贫民窟美艳


[Break: Large Professor] [打破:大教授]

Yo, what we talkin’ ’bout niggas? 哟,我们说话布特黑鬼?

What we talkin’ ’bout niggas? 我们在说布特黑鬼?

This is Nas, what, Nas 这是纳斯,什么,纳斯

What, Nasty, what, recollect, 什么,讨厌什么,记得,


[Verse 2: Nas] [诗2:纳斯]

At seventeen I made seventeen thousand livin’ in public housin’ 在17 I公共housin 造17000活着

Integrity in tact, reppin’ hard 诚信圆通, reppin “硬

They askin’ how he disappear and reappear back on top 他们问他是怎么消失,重新出现重回巅峰

Sayin’, “Nas must have naked pictures of God or somethin’” 言谈, “纳斯必须有上帝或别的什么的裸照”

To keep winnin’ is my way like Francis 为了保持WINNIN 是我的方式就像弗朗西斯

As long as I’m breathin’, I’ll take chances 只要我呼吸了,我会抓住机会

A soldier comin’ home, twenty years old with no legs 一名士兵马上就要回家,二十多岁,没有腿

Sayin’ there’s no sense to cry and complain, just go ‘head 说有没有感觉哭和抱怨,只是去头

So much to write and say, yo I don’t know where to start 这么多写,说,哟,我不知道从哪里开始

So I’ll begin with the basics and flow from the heart 因此,我将开始与基本知识,并从心脏流出

I know you think my life is good cause my diamond piece 我知道你觉得我的生活是不错的事业我的菱形片

But my life been good since I started finding peace 但是,我的生活一直很好,因为我开始发现和平

I shouldn’t even be smilin’, I should be angry and depressed 我不应该甚至微笑 ,我应该生气和沮丧

I been rich longer than I been broke, I confess 我一直在丰富的时间比我已经破产了,我承认

I started out broke, got rich, lost paper then made it back 我开始打破了,发了财,丢纸再发回

Like Trump bein’ up down up, play with cash 像特朗普拜因“同比下降了,玩现金


[Large Professor] [大教授]

My nigga’s like a locomotive 我的兄弟们就像一个火车头

Nas, we push it, mush ‘em NAS ,我们推它,玉米粥时间

Queensbridge to Bushwick 皇后桥到布什克

Harlem, Bronx, all that 哈莱姆,布朗克斯,所有的

You ain’t even supposed to be out here 你甚至不应该在这里

You know where you at? 你你在哪里知道的?


[Verse 3: Nas] [第3节:纳斯]

At night, New York, eat a slice too hot 到了晚上,纽约,吃了片太热

Use my tongue to tear the skin hangin’ from the roof of my mouth 用我的舌头撕从我嘴里的屋顶皮肤犹豫不决,

Shit was Falicimo, melted pot, city sweltering hot 妈是Falicimo ,融化的锅,城市闷热的热

Staggerin’ drunker than those cops that 2pac shot Staggerin “醉比那些警察是2Pac的拍摄

I was a crook by the train with that iron thing, concealed 我是一个骗子用铁的东西了火车,隐蔽

Reachin’, soon as I heard them iron wheels screechin’ 要触摸,当我听到他们铁轮screechin

When it came to a halt whoever walked off got caught 当它停下来谁走了被抓

Toker man safe behind a locked door for sure Toker人安全背后一个锁着的门肯定

Minor theif shit, minor league shit, beastin’ 未成年小偷该死,小联盟狗屎, beastin “

Lookin’ for the young, but now we older chiefin’ 追寻的年轻人,但现在我们大chiefin “

In my truck, play The Greatest Adventures of Slick Rick 在我的卡车,玩斯利克里克的最伟大的冒险

Buggin’ on how his imagination was so sick 在他的想象怎么这么恶心迷恋

It’s ghetto beef, sinister niggas snicker through yellow teeth 这是贫民窟牛肉,阴险黑鬼通过黄牙窃笑

Alchohol agin’ my niggas faster than felonies Alchohol阿恩“我不是黑鬼快重罪

How dare I? Must be, somethin’ in the air that corrupts me 我怎么敢?必须在空气事端的破坏了我

Look at my upkeep, owned and sublease 看看我的保养,拥有和转租

I’m here y’all 我在这里你们都


[Outro] [尾奏]

This for my trapped in the 90′s niggas 这对我被困在90年代黑鬼

For my trapped in the 90′s niggas 对于我被困在90年代黑鬼

Ha, for y’all niggas 哈哈,你们都黑鬼

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