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Live On Live Long



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[Intro:] [简介: ]

Doin' it up everyday son. Word up. Still on. C.N.N. still live on what. 上来的是每天都在发生的儿子。新词涌现。还在。 C.N.N.仍住在什么。

C.N.N. live long. Live on word up. Check it. Dedicated knowhatI'msayin'? C.N.N.长寿。住在字了。检查一下。专用knowhatImsayin ?


[Noreaga:] [ Noreaga : ]

Yo Pone I know you left and goin up creek soon 哟推迟实施我知道你离开,并要走了小溪很快

You know my address God write me letters keep me in tune 你知道我的地址的上帝给我写信让我在调

I still remember when we first met 我还记得我们第一次见面

Yo it was up north I had the Iraq flag your comrad 哟这是在北方,我有伊旗的comrad

With do bad yo Arab damn dun how you get caught? 有做的不好哟阿该死的逼债你怎么被抓到?

Sometimes I look back and think that the shit is my fault 有时候我回头看,认为狗屎是我的错

Cause it was me God body had to dead that pork 因为这是我的神体不得不死猪肉

I went after him and clapped him up after we faught 我去后,他拍了拍他,我们faught后

Then the beef got deeper than what the clique thought 然后将牛肉拿到比什么集团更深层次的思考

Peep the bucket head leather walley head thoroughbred 窥视斗水头制革的Walley头良种

Doin' this with two shorties sleepin' in the same bed 上来的这两个矮仔睡在同一张床上

So what up Pone nigga I can't zone 那么什么了推迟实施的兄弟们我不能带

Without you think about you 如果没有,你想想你

Up at night without my airlight 在晚上没有我airlight

Shine like broad day light to pay price 亮得像光天化日付出代价


[Hook:] [钩: ]

So if ya heart stop beatin' I'll go back in time 所以,如果雅心脏停止beatin “我会回去的时间

Make your heart beat again real niggas till the end 使你的心脏跳动一次真正的黑鬼至死不渝

We try to succeed nigga smoke weed 我们尝试成功黑鬼烟杂草

Contemplated dedicated 拟专用

To real niggas that could relate it [x2] 要真正的黑鬼,可能与它的[X2 ]

(C.N.N.) C.N.N. say it loud yo ( C.N.N. ) C.N.N.说大声哟

(C.N.N.) C.N.N. say it proud yo [x2] ( C.N.N. ) C.N.N.说它骄傲哟[ X2 ]


[Noreaga:] [ Noreaga : ]

Peep the second part ya'll 窥视的第二部分使你们

You like the brain I'm like the heart 你喜欢的大脑,我像心脏

Yo from day one start you on walley clark 呦从一开始你对克拉克的Walley

Inside the park I told you Q.B.L.F.C. combine heavenly 在公园里面我告诉你Q.B.L.F.C.天上的结合

We formulateed this escalate just like a heavy key 我们formulateed这种逐步升级,就像一个沉重的关键

Enough niggas slam down summers and winters bust a full court press 够黑鬼猛踩寒暑胸围全场紧逼

Our defence apply the best 我们的国防应用最佳

Rock the A.V.X. cock pit cover my chest 摇滚A.V.X.公鸡坑掩盖我的胸

Yo they bag Palm, L.Murder everybody 哟,他们包的Palm , L.Murder大家

Doe Boy, Real Ral, Nitty and Montey 美国能源部男孩,皇家拉尔,基本事实和Montey

Lebannon, Little Worm dun, Little Jamal yo remain calm Lebannon ,小虫逼债,小贾马尔哟保持冷静

I know you blood dun but we can warm 我知道你的血遁,但我们可以温暖

Yo collide God niggas here tie hard like bye God 哟碰撞神黑鬼这里扎硬似神再见

Plus release now my clique form like the teeth now 再加上现在放开我的集团形式,如现在的牙齿

Kill beef now make you dead like sea snail 现在杀牛肉让你死如海蜗牛

We Averex down to our fuckin' feet 我们Averex到我们他妈的脚

Now jakes snatch my nigga Frank up off the streets 现在杰克斯抢夺我的兄弟弗兰克掉在街上

Now Votos Locos my niggas loco for dolos 现在Votos疯子我黑鬼机车的dolos

Light trees up yo in the future fuck with these up 光树在与这些了未来他妈的哟

You keep my tees up I K-Tone always squeeze up 你让我的T恤了I K音总是挤上去


[talking:] [谈: ]

This goes out to all my niggas locked up right now 这是写给我所有的黑鬼锁定了,现在


[Hook] [钩]


[Noreaga:] [ Noreaga : ]

Yo for all my people locked up I got rock chopped up 哟我所有的人关起来我被石头碎了

Hold the block up until you pop up 直到弹出抱块了

The banks stopped up 银行停止了


[talking:] [谈: ]

I don't want no more to drink man. 我不想要了喝酒的人。


[Noreaga:] [ Noreaga : ]

Yo I was raised around planets and stars 哟我周围的行星和恒星上调

Jail bars my vernacular repotoire 监狱酒吧我的白话repotoire

Lust double cars 好色双车

Why it seems like everyone still ends up in Green Right 为什么好像大家还是结束了在右绿

By all means right you get lock it really seem like 通过各种手段对你获得锁真的看起来像

Some get hit turn blood and some quit 有些人会反过来打到血和部分退出

Yo guerilla vice grip 哟游击队副把手

Latin Kings ice pick 拉丁国王冰锥

God's reppin' with muslums keep Islam safe 神reppin “与muslums保持伊斯兰教的安全

What's your fate yo? 什么是你的命运哟?

What do you believe what do you know? 那你认为是什么你知道吗?

Slow it down so reap what you sew 慢下来,以便获得你所缝制


[Hook] [钩]

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