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Live By Yo Rep (Radio)


歌词相关歌手:THREE 6 MAFIA

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-This is ??? Shalonda, Bone Magazine, here interviewing... - 这是? Shalonda ,骨杂志,在这里采访...

-Three 6 Mafia - 三6黑手党

-From Memphis, who has a unique quality of rap style, what would you do if - 从孟菲斯,谁拥有的说唱风格独特的品质,你会怎么做,如果

someone tried to duplicate your ideas? 有人试图复制你的想法?


[Lord Infamous] [主声名狼藉]

Lord Infamous takin 1000 of razor blades 主声名狼藉刀片的羚牛1000

And I be pressin them into the flesh 我被压力机,他们到肉

Takin my pitchfork up out of the fire 羚牛我叉起来,从火中

And soakin it down in their chest 和soakin下来在自己的胸部

Through the ribs, spines, charcoalin the muscle tissue 通过对肋骨,脊椎, charcoalin肌肉组织

And sendin what's left in the mail to mammy 并寄来什么留在邮件奶妈

Cause I think she just might miss you 因为我想她也许会想念你

But first, I want to slowly pull off all your skin 但首先,我要慢慢拔光你的皮肤

Get grease and boil it hot pour it on you and your dead friends 获取油脂熬你和你的那些朋友就热倒

I probably outta be not be so horribly slaughtering the body 我可能失控被不那么可怕屠宰身体

I am so naughty because I am moderately in to photography 我很调皮,因为我是在适度的摄影

Following through the autopsy 通过尸检以下

No love for them bustas so just pour some acid all over them, too 他们没有爱bustas所以才倒有些酸都超过他们,太

That's what I would do, Skinny Pimp what would you do? 这就是我会做,窄身皮条客你会怎么做?


[Skinny Pimp] [窄身皮条客]

Just look into the eyes of the mask 只是看着面具的眼睛

Slangin the AK to knock out my enemies Slangin的AK敲了我的敌人

Fear of the razor, da blast, he done passed 剃刀的恐惧,大爆炸,他通过做

I'm leavin no trace of the evidence 我要离开没有一丝证据

Bodies sit in box chopped up in pieces 身体坐在盒子斩件中

His soul done rose, I placed them tubes up under my mattress 他的灵魂做的玫瑰,我把它们在我的床垫直径达

My conscience is black and it's strange 我的良心是黑的,它的奇特

Cause I murdered a victim, the Devil just rushin my time 因为我谋杀的受害者,魔鬼只是仓促,我的时间

With this 9 in my hand causin death when you sleep 有了这个9在你睡觉的时候我的手causin死亡

In the casket I leave you no killas in mind 在灵柩我离开你心中没有killas

Pullin a jack, reach me that cheese, make a stupid move 普林千斤顶,达到了我的奶酪,做出愚蠢的举动

Then ya bleed 然后,雅流血

Bustin 17, please don't scream, don't run 巴斯廷17 ,请不要尖叫,不要跑

Either long range street sweep 无论是远距离扫街

Never ever run from the buckshots, bust em at ya back 永远不要从buckshots运行,胸围EM在雅回

When I'm full of yak, ain't no clue 当我完全牦牛,是不是不知道

In 2 deep, you sneak, we creep, Juiceman, what would you do? 在2深,你偷袭,我们蠕变, Juiceman ,你会怎么做?


[Juicy J] [多汁J]。

First the Juice look in the white pages for this trick 首先,果汁看在白页的这一招

Mafia-style fool cause you don't know who ya messin with 黑手党式的傻瓜,因为你不知道是谁雅messin与

Caught him slippin in his home, minimum breathin on the phone 抓到他跌到在他的家乡,在手机上最小的呼吸

Warnin sign to let you know I'm comin so you better be gone 提个醒,标志,让你知道我马上就要让你更好地走了

Wether ya run I be stoppin ya, with the 2 9s I be poppin ya 阉雅来看,我会阻止这雅,与2 9S我该雅屁股

Witness a killa from North Memphis of the Three 6 Mafia 从北孟菲斯三6黑手党证人Killa的

2 killas at yo front door, 3 killas at yo back door 2 killas哟前门, 3 killas哟后门

His broad peeked through the curtains 他透过窗帘广泛偷看

And saw them gats pointed at the window 看见他们GATS指着窗口

Nothin but destruction after we touched em 没什么,但破坏后,我们感动EM

Man I thought you knew 男人,我还以为你知道

That's what I would do, Gangsta Boo what would you do? 这就是我会做,黑帮嘘你会怎么做?


[Gangsta Boo] [黑帮嘘]

Think about a master plan on how to buck them bustas dead 想想如何逆势他们bustas死了一个总体规划

Gangsta Boo this pimin playa comin with the livin dead 黑帮嘘这pimin滩科曼与活着的死人

Yes I'm so so crazy 是的,我是如此如此疯狂

So so wild I be like puttin blood on you trick 所以如此疯狂我算是喜欢puttin血你绝招

Torture your body with nothin but fire 有没什么,但火折磨你的身体

Then I calmly shoot you quick 然后,我平静地拍你快

Blast you in yo head make sure you dead 爆你的头哟确保你死

Cause I don't want you to live 因为我不想让你的生活

My words of wisdom: 我的智慧之语:

The weaker the victim the bigger the thrill is 该受害人较弱更大的快感是

The Three 6 Mafia do not feel sorry and that's how the story goes 三6黑手党不觉得遗憾,这就是故事的结局如何

We full of them leaves so we proceed to take all of your soul 我们充满他们的离开,所以我们继续采取一切你的灵魂

It's not a problem when I be buckin them suckas 这不,当我被buckin他们suckas一个问题

I do it smooth 我也顺利

That's what this Lady Boo would do, now Paul what would you do? 这就是此女驸会做,现在保罗你会怎么做?


[D.J. Paul] [ D.J。保罗]

First I hit up Crunchy, and I get full of that holy smoke 首先,我打起来脆脆的,我也得到充分的圣烟

The Devil's already up in a killa 魔鬼已经在一个Killa的

So I feel I have not to go too far to loc 所以我觉得我没有去太远禄

This time you crossed the wrong click 这个时候你越过了错误的点击

Beware your murder's all on my mind 当心你的谋杀是所有在我心中

Plus Satan's inside 加上撒旦的内部

Movin my hand a little closer to this plastic 9 要离开我的手一点点接近这种塑料9

Burnin from the angle, my glock knows more 从角度燃尽,我的格洛克知道更多

Every blink of the eye 眼睛的每一次眨眼

But before it's all gone, Bone, quickly I'm stickin them ?Loogers? 但是,在这一切都不见了,骨,很快我坚持呢? Loogers ?

To watch you die 看着你死

Dropped ya to your knees, now it's time for you to bless 下降雅到你的膝盖,现在是时候为你祝福

Man, I be DJ Paul, Da Killaman, with a fist full of fire 伙计,我是DJ保罗,大Killaman ,一个完整的火拳

Punch a hole straight through yo chest 直通哟胸部打眼

So bustas hear me close, you stole some styles and dis that's cool 所以bustas听到我靠近,你偷了一些风格和DIS这很酷

But steppin up to the bloody glock 9 millimeter 不过垫脚到血腥格洛克9毫米

Three 6 dang fools, ain't fools the best, what would you do? 三6宕傻子,是不是傻子最好的,你会怎么做?


[Chorus x4:] [合唱X4: ]

Bone,live by yo rep cause we know you bound to slip 骨,住了哟代表的原因,我们知道你必然要溜

When we blast with that mask we gon empty this clip 当我们用爆炸的面具,我们坤空这个片段


[Lord Infamous] [主声名狼藉]

See we can't tolerate no sissy that is Layzie 见我们不能容忍任何娘娘腔是Layzie

Broke out the blender and I made some Krayzie gravy 爆发了搅拌机,我做了一些Krayzie肉汁

It's Eazy, and when it was time to get Bizzy 这是EAZY ,当它是时候让Bizzy

Don't break, you can Wish, but You can't escape 不破,你可以梦想,但是你无法逃避

Because we crave dead Flesh 因为我们渴望死肉

Three 6 tricks, easily you can be next 三6技巧,很容易就可以成为下一个


-Yeah, the Three 6 Mafia, straight outta Memphis, breakin these bones like it 是啊,三6黑手党,直失控孟菲斯,唱到这些骨头喜欢它

ain't shit, for the 9 nickel, triyaaaaaack! 不拉屎,对于9镍, triyaaaaaack !

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