歌词 "Lil' G's" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Lil' G's

律 G公司


English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Chorus: Pharrell Williams] [合唱: Pharrell的威廉姆斯]

All you little G's please, I carry the ghostmaker 所有你的小G公司请的,我随身携带的ghostmaker

You just a rapper, a yipper, a yapper 你只是一个说唱歌手中, yipper一个yapper

When shit get tight you let them boys wire tap ya 当狗屎让你紧张让他们的男孩丝雅自来水

Don't wake up with two eyes and two barrels pointing at ya 不要用两只眼睛和两桶指着雅醒来

I keeps the ghostmakers, uh! muhfuckers! í保持ghostmakers ,嗯! muhfuckers !


[Verse 1: Boobonic] [诗歌1 : Boobonic ]

I'm from 6-0, N-e-s-t, OG, A all day 我是从6-0是,N - E-S- T, OG ,A整天

We're the coke fiends, don't fringe 我们是焦炭恶魔,不要边缘围了一圈

Try to leave, and them bullets gon to spray your way 试图离开,而他们的子弹坤喷你的方式

That barbershop talk'll leave a nigga laid 该理发店talkll留下奠定了黑鬼

Cause I cuts on em, straight off the top, no fade 因为我在削减他们,直接过顶,不褪色

You hating niggaz put the S in Shade 恨你的兄弟们把S IN阴影

While I picture baby mams in that Escalade 虽然我想象的宝宝MAMS在凯雷德

And give em the lean, you acting out your best scene 并给予EM瘦,你出于您的最佳场景

From the flicks that you grew up watching as a teen 从你从小看作为一个十几岁的笔触

Meanwhile on the block we gets cream 与此同时,块上,我们得到奶油

Seen more than most niggaz will ever by sixteen 由16所见过比大多数的兄弟们会

Tap the work from Pharrell to getting all the fame 点击来自Pharrell的工作,让所有的名利

40 cal in my Billionaire Boys Club jeans 40 CAL在我的亿万富翁男孩俱乐部的牛仔裤

Back the fuck up chump, you ain't gon spray 回他妈的笨蛋,你是不是坤喷

The last nigga woulda been 24 today 最后一个黑人的woulda今天24


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 2: Pusha T] [诗2:普沙T]

Pusha's in a foreign land wit Señorita 普沙在异乡的机智Señorita

White sand beaches with teal two seaters 白色的沙滩与水鸭2座跑车

Niggaz wanna hate like they under white sheet-as 兄弟们要恨就像他们在白纸上,如

But I'll really put their ass under white sheet-ah 但我会真的把他们的屁股下的白床单啊

40 calibers delete ya! naptime! 40口径删除哦!小睡!

That nine turn that same wave line to flat line 这九转相同的波浪线,扁线

For just the calmest, bitches the fondest 对于刚刚在最平静的,母狗的最美好的

Canary color stones, diamonds look like they sick wit the jaundice 金丝雀彩色宝石,钻石看起来像是生病的智慧黄疸

Carefully match my neck like arm is 精心搭配我的脖子像手臂

Flash yellow trying to warn kids Flash黄色试图警告孩子

Hammers they could talk least I'll touch the Don kids 锤她们可以再讨论至少我会摸唐的孩子

We are three kings, y'all niggaz pay homage 我们是三王,你们的兄弟们顶礼膜拜

EGHCK!! - ghetto Sam Cook EGHCK ! - 贫民窟山姆库克

Souls Terror push, my connect look like Pele look 灵魂的恐怖推,我连接的样子看起来贝利

Uh! change my style wit ease, niggaz thieves 嗯!改变我的风格风趣轻松,盗贼的兄弟们

Kiss life goodbye now choke on this Desert Ease 生命之吻告别呛现在对这个沙漠易于


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 3: Mr. Man] [第3节:文先生]

Listen up, this is it homes 听好了,这是它的家园

The ghostmaker in my palm, that I grip on 在我的手掌ghostmaker ,对我的抓地力

Shine chrome, wanna live, get ya sprint on 亮铬,想趁活着,获得亚的冲刺

Man it's best you run, like ol' G, Bobby Johnson son 一个人,那是最好的,你跑,就像OL “G ,鲍比·约翰逊的儿子

You get ya back treated gangsta 你丫回来处理匪帮

Since a young buck, I had it sewn up 由于年轻的降压,我是有缝起来

But now I'm grown up, so you can hate that 但我现在长大了,所以你可以恨

Or you can roll out, dope - I make that 或者你也可以推出,涂料 - 我做的

Used to take that, but show sold out 用于拍摄的,但显示售罄

Wollen Ave. is the place, where we hang out 粗纺大道。是的地方,在那里我们挂出

Shots rang out, pull that thing out 枪声大作,拉那个东西出来

You better bang back, or put you laid back 你最好一鼓作气回来,或者把你悠闲

Cause you ain't wit that, I make you fall flat 因为你没有智慧,我让你扁塌

Ain't no comin back, how you figure that 是不是没有科曼回来,你怎么计算

Nigga see ya squad, won't support that, snort that 兄弟们再见阵容,也不会支持,哼了一声说

Cause it's raw facts, I'm hooked up wit cats 因为这是原始的事实,我迷上了机智的猫

That will spit the Mac, outta Cadillac, shit like mmmm... 这将吐了Mac ,失控凯迪拉克,狗屎一样MMMM ...


[Chorus] [合唱]

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