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Like A Virgin


歌词相关歌手:MC LYTE

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Fifteen years old, thought I was in love 十五岁的时候,还以为是在爱

I was never told, sex is like drugs 我从来没有告诉,性就像毒品

Too much'll drive you crazy -- in fact 太muchll推动你疯了 - 事实上,

the brother was so good, had me comin back 哥哥是那么好,让我马上就要回去

Took my virginity, like he took my heart 把我的处女,就像他拉着我的心脏

I had to find the Lyte, he left me in the dark 我必须找到莱特,他离开了我在黑暗中

All alone, no one to be with 独自一人,没有人能与

And the brothers they ask me why I riff 与兄弟,他们问我为什么即兴

I got hard, grew a shell upon my back 我有难,在我背上长出了壳

I had to get a grip, to keep my life intact 我得一握,让我的人生完整

I had to let em know, Lyte is not fragile 我必须让他们知道,莱特是不易碎

Cause if they think this, brothers can get - foul 因为如果他们认为这兄弟可以得到 - 犯规

They'll use, bruise and abuse 他们会使用,挫伤和滥用

Dump your ass and be sure to choose 转储你的屁股,一定要选择

the next fresh fish that steps into the place 下一个新鲜的鱼走进的地方

If they desire, they forgot your face 如果他们的愿望,他们忘了你的脸

Lovin them and leavin them, that was their reasonin 爱着他们,他们要走,这就是他们的reasonin

Thinkin he was pleasin you, when he was just TEASIN you 一直以为他是令人开心的你,当他是你TEASIN

Summer was over, back in school 夏天结束了,回到学校

He said come over, that would be cool 他说,过来,那将是很酷

I said OK, it's been a year now 我说现在好了,它已经有一年

Some even asked why, some even asked how 甚至有人问为什么,有些人甚至问怎么

could you wait that long, for me to be with it 你能等那么久,我要与它

Some said yo Hobbes, you're never gonna get it 有人说,哟,霍布斯,你永远不会得到它

But then the time came, you and I both came 但随后的时间到了,你和我都来了

Things would soon change, never would they be the same 事情会很快改变,永远不会,他们是相同的

Before this afternoon, took place 今天下午之前,发生了

I was in love, I walked around in space 我是爱,我在太空中走了一圈

I'd rush home from school just to speak to you 我匆匆从学校回家只是为了跟你说话

Talk for an hour, maybe even two 聊了一个小时,甚至2

We'd just laugh though, nothing serious 我们只是笑,虽然,没什么大碍

I guess back then, you were just curious 我想那时,你只是好奇

to see what I was like, just to touch my flesh 看看我当时想,只是摸我的肉

I could be wrong though, that's my first guess 我可能是错的,虽然,这是我的第一个猜测


You was in your house, I was in mine 你是在你的房子,我就在矿

As long as we were chattin on the line, it was fine 只要我们廷就行了,感觉不错

All alone, yet talkin on the phone 独自一人,但说话的手机上

If you got bored you felt your bone 如果你觉得无聊,你觉得你的骨头

and as bad as I am, I talked you through every stroke - 和一样糟糕,我,我跟你通过每一个行程 -

Lyte ain't no joke! 莱特是不是没有开玩笑!

You've been beggin for some time, for me to come visit 你已经beggin了一段时间,对我来说来参观

You never got mad though, if I wasn't widdit 你从来没有疯,如果我不widdit

But this day was different, I was feelin in the mood 但是,这一天不同,我觉得难过的心情

for some slow type of groove or some soul food 对于一些慢热型槽或一些精神食粮

In other words sex, yeah that's better 换句话说性的,是那最好不过了

I threw on the Jordache, the Izog sweater 我扔在Jordache的Izog毛衣

That was in style then, come on don't laugh 那是在风格,那么,来吧不要笑

Sergio's, Lee's, you wore those in the past Sergio的,李的,你穿的那些过去

Anyway I arrived, twenty past five 无论如何,我赶到时,五时二十

He'd been hypin himself, sayin he was quite live 他一直hypin自己,在说他很活

I said here's your chance, show me some romance 我说这是你的机会,给我一些浪漫

We begin to slow dance, off with his pants 我们开始慢舞,脱了他的裤子

BOOM it was over, damn that was quick BOOM就结束了,该死,这是快

Too bad little homey had a widdle widdle [HORN] 太糟糕了,一点温馨的家庭有widdle widdle [喇叭]

The only one I've seen, cause yo he was the first 唯一一个我见过的,原因哟,他是第一位

But since I've had others, damn he was the worst 但因为我有其他人,该死的,他是最糟糕的

I was in love though, that didn't matter 我恋爱不过,这并没有关系

Nothin you could say, could ever shatter 没什么可以说的,都不能动摇

my world, take it away, just a young little girl 我的世界,把它拿走,只是一个年轻的小女孩

Oh well 那好吧

He stepped, jet, family moved 他走上前,飞机,举家迁往

Leavin me in the mood for some soul food 要走了我的心情有些精神食粮

Damn I felt hurt, just like a jerk 哎呀我感到受到伤害,就像一个混蛋

Would somebody PLEASE just mush my face in dirt 会有人请你只玉米粥我的脸上污垢

so I can hide, from the whole fuckin world 这样我就可以躲起来,从整个该死的世界

WHAT THE FUCK IS LOVE, such a naive girl! 什么他妈的是爱,这样一个天真的女孩!

Suppose I got pregnant, damn I'd be lost 假如我怀孕了,该死的我会失去

My mom woulda kicked me out to live with Jack Frost 我妈妈的woulda踢我出去一起住严寒

I guess I'm lucky though, lonely for sure 我想我是幸运的,虽然,孤独是肯定的

Waitin for the fucker to come knockin at my door 等待着的笨蛋来敲响我的门

I didn't hold my breath though, I might be dead 我不认为我的呼吸,虽然,我可能已经死了

Yo 45, next time I'll use my head 45哟,下次我会用我的头

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