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Let's Ride



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[Canibus] [ Canibus ]

Yo, yo 哟,哟

If you just listen to my lyrics every day for a couple of weeks 如果你只是听我的歌词每天一两个星期

My techniques will eventually kill you just like red meat 我的技术最终会杀了你就像红肉

The Bhagavad Gita beliefs I speak be so deep 薄伽梵歌的信念我讲这么深

Most critics get mad because there's nothin to critique 多数评论家生气,因为有没有什么好批评

Whenever I'm rappin or rhymin 每当我说唱或rhymin

with irrefutably remarkable timin 用无可辩驳地显着TIMIN

I'm like, Charlie Chaplin pantomimin 我想,查理·卓别林pantomimin

If you John Blaze, or you James Flames 如果约翰火焰,或者您詹姆斯火焰

or you Jack Cremation, I'm Jermaine Propane (Jermaine Propane) 或者你杰克火葬,我杰梅因丙烷(杰梅因丙烷)

No pain no gain in this rap game 一分耕耘在这个说唱游戏没有收获

For the fortune and fame in order to remain 对于为了保持财富和名望

Most real MC's, learn to adapt to the change 最真实的三菱商事的,学会适应变化

or get washed away like tears in the rain, in the rain y'all 或得到冲走像眼泪在雨中,在雨中你们都


[Chorus: Wyclef, Product, Pras] [合唱:怀克里夫,产品,有害生物风险分析]

[Clef] Just ride, just ride, ah just ride e'rybody just ride [谱号]刚骑,只是骑啊骑只是刚刚erybody骑

Just ride, just ride, ah just ride e'rybody just ride 刚骑,只是骑啊骑只是刚刚erybody骑

[Pro] When you in the streets and you're drivin in your V [专业]当你在大街上你让你的V

if you can see what I see, you're prepared for the jackers 如果你能看到我所看到的,你是对的jackers准备

[Can] Old school, old school [ CAN]老同学,老同学

[Pras] Everybody got to pack a mac now [ PRAS ]每个人都必须得装一台Mac


[Canibus] [ Canibus ]

Yo, if you wanna know, how I kick a flow 哟,如果你想知道,我怎么踢甲流

when I rip a show, with my lyric-al, I'ma let you know 当我翻录节目,与我的抒情人,我是让你知道

It's difficult, cause I'm a part spiritual, part para-physical miracle 这很难,因为我是一个精神的一部分,一部分的对身体的奇迹

And I'ma blackout in a minute too 而我是在一分钟内停电太

Spittin like Bone-Thugs like 吐口水如骨样暴徒

"Nigga-what? I'm-fin-to-get-a-gun and stick-em-up" “兄弟们,是什么?我 - 鳍到拿到-A-枪,棍, EM -UP”

then crush a Thug's Bones with a chrome slug 然后粉碎暴徒的骨头,镀铬废料

The black Cyrano DeBergerac of rap 说唱的黑色西拉诺DeBergerac

with the ghetto Anglo-Sax' poetic syntax 与贫民窟盎格鲁 - 萨克斯“诗语法

In fact, nigga don't even give me dap when I see you 事实上,黑人甚至不给我磷酸二铵,当我看到你

Just don't give me no ice grill eye contact either 就是不给我任何的冰烤眼睛接触或者

When you see me, whylin like Beenie on the speakers 当你看到我, whylin像BEENIE的音箱

"Zim zimma -- who got the fire for my reefa?" “以星zimma - 谁的火我reefa ? ”


[Chorus: Product, Pras, Wyclef] [合唱:商品,有害生物风险分析,怀克里夫]

[Pro] You came home from a bid a nigga was in your crib [专业]你从投标黑鬼是你的床回家

And the whole time you thought your girl was celebate 你以为你的女孩的全部时间为celebate

[Can] Old school old school [ CAN]老学校的老同学

[Pras] You locked up and she need some di-ick [ PRAS ]你关起来,她需要一些二ICK

[Clef] Just ride, just ride, ah just ride e'rybody just ride [谱号]刚骑,只是骑啊骑只是刚刚erybody骑

Just ride in the hood, just ride, all my .. uh, ah just ride 只是搭在引擎盖,只是骑,我所有的...呃,啊刚骑


[Canibus] [ Canibus ]

Yo physically I move at a velocity 身体哟我谨以速度

that'll break your stopwatch if you clockin me 如果你clockin我会打破你的秒表

My concrete jungle is like Jumanji 我的石屎森林就像是Jumanji

Iller than what you seen in the cinema Iller河畔比你在电影院看到的

A five foot eight, nigga with more horsepower than eight cylinders 一个五英尺八,黑人比8缸以上的马力

My brain consists of twin Pentium chips 我的大脑由双奔腾芯片

Double the clock speeds of a 586 双586的时钟速度

And nothin about my physical matrix is BASIC 别无他物我的身体矩阵是基础

I kick flavor beyond what your tongue is capable of tastin 我踢的味道超出了你的舌头能tastin的

You'll be so surprised you won't believe your own eyes 你会很惊讶,你不会相信自己的眼睛

It's like a Jamaican seein the snow for the first time 这就像一个牙买加seein雪第一次

Rhymes of a sort, that distort space and time 韵几分,扭曲空间和时间

It's like explainin color to a man that was born blind 这就像彩色地介绍一下该生来瞎眼的人


[Chorus: Product] [合唱:产品]

[Pro] Crimes on the street, come from a lack of eatin [专业]犯罪在大街上,来自缺乏eatin的

It's not my cup of tea, but I'll give them the BEST 这不是我的那杯茶,但我给他们最好的

Motherfuckin BEST 娘最佳

And if you still out here I kick yo' ass tomorrow 如果你仍然在这里我踢哟明天的屁股

[Can] Old school, old school (c'mon!) [ CAN]老学校,老学校(来吧! )

[Pro] And if you still out here, I kick yo' ass tomorrow [专业]如果你还是在这里,我踢哟屁股明天

[Can] Old school, old school (c'mon y'all) [ CAN]老学校,老学校(你们都来吧)

[Pro] Frontin like you buyin food but you buyin crack bottles [专业]伪装,就像你买入的食物,但你买入裂纹瓶


[Wyclef] [怀克里夫]

Ah just ride, ah just ride 啊刚骑啊骑刚

Everybody in the East just ride 每个人都在东刚骑

Ah just ride, ah just ride 啊刚骑啊骑刚

Everybody in the West just ride 每个人都在西刚骑

Ah to the South, down South 啊南,下南

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah 是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊

Ah just ride 啊刚骑

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