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Late Night Tip


歌词相关歌手:THREE 6 MAFIA

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[Lord Infamous] [主声名狼藉]

Let me just take you somewhere secret 让我带你在某处的秘密

gonna cut all of the lights down dim 会切断所有的灯光暗淡下来

Forget all about your boy we gonna just flow it 忘掉所有关于你的男孩,我们只是要去它流

What we felt let's share a few private thoughts 我们觉得让我们分享一些个人想法

I'm not just, out for your sex 我不只是出于对你的性生活

Let me simplify the things in life that you find complex 让我简化了,你觉得复杂的事情在生活中

Forget what, you heard bout me cuz you're a Scarecrow groupie 忘了,你听说过关于你我,因为你是一个稻草人追星族

but there's no pressure on you cuz you know 但因为你知道有你无压力

what you must do check this out 你必须做什么检查了这一点

Let's have a drink and I give you time to think 让我们喝一杯,我给你时间思考

Let me puff this buddah blunt and cut on this porno buff 让我吹嘘这buddah钝,切在这个色情迷

Girl come lounge here by my side, tonight your, my devil's bride 女孩来到休息室在我的身边,你今晚,我魔鬼的新娘

And there's a freak deep inside have no shame, no need to hide 这里面的一个怪胎内心深处有没有羞耻,没有必要隐瞒

Why do you keep on blushin? Get it on 你为什么一直在blushin ?得到它

Like a slut she, she must be, 像一个荡妇,她,她一定是,

kind of tipsy on this crystal like a gypsy 那种醉意对这个水晶像一个吉普赛人

Now I got her on all fours 现在,我得到了她四肢着地

bout to break down the headboard crash this broad 回合打破床头崩溃这一广泛

All through the wall now she howling like a dog, sweat poured 所有穿墙现在她嚎叫着像狗一样,汗水浇

We hit the floor it don't quit, another one ripped 我们砸在地板上也不会退出,另外一个洞穿

It's just another victim of Lord Infamous late night tip 它是主声名狼藉深夜尖端只是另一个受害者


[Chorus] [合唱]

I'm not the type that get involved in long relationships 我不涉足长期关系的类型

Takin' trips, and buyin' gifts, I'm sorry I'm not on that tip 羚牛“之旅,并买入”的礼物,我很抱歉,我不是说技巧

If you want romance you should just stick who you are really with 如果你想浪漫你应该坚持你真的用谁

If you in that mood you can hit me on that late night tip [x2] 如果你在这种情绪你可以打我的深夜技巧[X2]


[DJ Paul] [DJ保罗]

I done seen some funny shit since I got in this game 我做看到了一些有趣的狗屎,因为我在这场比赛中得到了

They wants my crib they wants kids since I done got my fame 他们想要我的粮仓,他们想要孩子,因为我做了我的名声

I never recall you askin your last boyfriend for nathin 我从来不记得你地问你最后一个男朋友nathin

But now the big bourban on gold got you aggravated 但现在黄金的大bourban有你加重


[Gangsta Boo] I need a coach bag [黑帮嘘]我需要一个教练袋

[DJ Paul] I can't be even doin' it [DJ保罗]我不能连做就行了

[Gangsta Boo] I need my hair done [黑帮嘘]我需要我的头发做


[DJ Paul] [DJ保罗]

Me too I ain't got nothin' to do with it 我也是我是不是什么都没了,用它做

I been through with it, you and it since the first time you asked 我一直通过它,你和它,因为你第一次问

And might I add, players like me can't be savin' your ass 而且可能我想补充,这样的球员我不能恩赐“你的屁股


[Gangsta Boo] [黑帮嘘]

I ain't with that nonsense, or that lovey-dovey mess 我是不是有说胡话,或者说,情意绵绵的一塌糊涂

Feelin' kind of whorish I call and all I want is sex 感觉种whorish我呼吁,所有我要的是性爱

Slip on Victoria's secret, hit the liquor store before it close 溜维多利亚的秘密,打了卖酒的商店前关闭

Call Chris so I can get something white to go up in my nose 叫克里斯,所以我可以得到的东西白走在我的鼻子

Now I'm feelin' fine, nothin' but sex is on my mind 现在我感觉很好,没什么只是性爱是在我的脑海

If you cannot please me boy, then please don't waste all of my time 如果你不能取悦我的孩子,那么请不要浪费我的所有时间

Got you caught up in the mist 有你在雾中赶上

Mystic girl from Triple Six 从666神秘的女孩

Late night tip is all we have, it's time for trick that sick 深夜技巧是我们所有,它的时间的技巧,有病


[Chorus x2] [合唱x ]


[Juicy J] [多汁J]。

I can't understand why these slobs be trippin' 我不明白为什么这些slobs被践踏,

Can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen 受不了热,走出厨房

Ballin' in my Lex dropped low to the ground 劈腿在我的莱克斯降至低到地面

Just a young playa tryin' to put my bid in 只是一个年轻的干盐湖试着将我的出价

Freaks want a trick that be constantly payin' 怪胎想要那个不断婚前“一招

Not a ghetto thug that be constantly layin 不是贫民窟暴徒的不断开始裁员

Raymo Inn on a summer motel, Raymo酒店在夏季汽车旅馆,

oh well that's what the Juice might stay in 哦,这就是果汁可能会留在

Gotta have a lady that wanna do what I do 总得有一个老太太说想要做什么,我做的

Like skippin' work or love cuttin' high school 略过类似的工作或爱情cuttin 高中

Summon all the players in the Three 6 Mafia 召唤所有的玩家在3个6黑手党

Camcorder on skinny dippin' in the swimmin' pool 摄像机上的“在泳装”池瘦迪

Never try to argue, bother you, or fight 永远不要试图争辩,打扰你了,或者拼

Kill a pack a jimmy hats strapped on real tight 杀了一包麦帽子绑在紧实

Sippin' Alize all tall, and a bud light 啜饮着阿利兹都是身材高大,一芽光

Just for you freaks on the moonlight late night 只为你怪胎的月光深夜


[Koopsta Knicca] [ Koopsta Knicca ]

Tell me Three 6 who be bumpin' that music 告诉我三个6谁被bumpin 音乐

Hypnotizin' Koop I tell you who I'm bout to lose it Hypnotizin “库普我告诉你,我就要失去它谁

Could it be that late night, groove type, just inside the body 会不会是深夜,槽型,只是体内

Always kinda lonely someone want me hold me, I say 总是有点寂寞有人要我抱着我,我说

Come here, come here, come here the Koopsta cryin' tears 来到这里,来到这里,来到这里的Koopsta哭泣的眼泪

I can't think positive when no one cares of how I feel 我想不出正时,没有一个我的感受在乎

Realize my mind, sometimes that I even try to find 认识我的心,有时候,我什至试图寻找

I cannot lie though I can ride high late night 我不能说谎,虽然我可以坐高深夜


[Chorus: until song ends] [合唱:直到歌曲结束]

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