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Laffy Taffy (Remix)



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Hey, Hey 嘿嘿,嘿嘿

Yeah 是啊

Hey 嘿嘿

Well you know 那么你知道

What 什么

It's Busta Rhymes and D4L in this motherfucker, fo' sho' 这是Busta押韵和D4L在这个狗娘养的,为翔

The remix, the remix 混音,混音


Ayo 亚青

I heard a couple of niggaz been tryin to take the dance 我听到一对夫妇的兄弟们一直试着要跳舞

y'all nigga created from y'all and shit it's funny tho 你们都从你们和狗屎黑鬼创建它的有趣寿

I rather see that bitches do it 我宁愿看到母狗做

Here we go 开始了


[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

I'm lookin' for Mrs. Bubble Gum 我追寻的泡泡糖夫人

I'm Mr. Chik-O-Stick 我植O型棒先生

I wanna (dun dun dunt)(oh) 我想(顿顿dunt ) (OH)

Cause you so thick 因为你那么厚

Girls call me Jolly Rancher 女孩给我打电话乔利牧场主

Cause I stay so hard 因为我留这么难

You can suck me for a long time 你可以吸我很长一段时间

(Oh my God!) (哦,我的上帝! )

Girl this ain't no dance flo' 这个女孩是不是没有舞蹈FLO “

This a candy sto' 这是一个糖果申通快递“

And I'm really geeked up 而且我真的geeked了

And I got mo' dro' 而我得到了莫DRO “

I wop? I roll í WOP ?我摇

It's all I know 这是我所知道的

It's the summer time 这是夏天的时候

But yo laffy taffy got me froze (oh) 但是哟laffy太妃糖让我愣了(哦)

Gone get loose (oh) 飘得松(OH)

Gone get low (oh) 飘得低的(哦)

Don't be shy 不要害羞

Hoe I'm Faybo (oh) 锄我Faybo (OH)

I know you wanna ride 我知道你想坐

You a star and it shows 您的明星,它显示

(well tell 'em, damn whassup, whassup let's go, let's go, let's go) (好告诉他们,该死的whassup , whassup走吧,走吧,走吧)


[Chorus: repeat 2X] [合唱:重复2倍]

Girl, shake that laffy taffy 女孩,动摇laffy太妃糖

That laffy taffy 这laffy糖稀

Shake that laffy taffy 动摇laffy太妃糖

That laffy taffy 这laffy糖稀

Girl, shake that laffy taffy 女孩,动摇laffy太妃糖

That laffy taffy 这laffy糖稀

That laffy taffy (candy girl) 这laffy糖稀(糖果女孩)

That laffy taffy 这laffy糖稀


[Stoney] [斯通]

Mr. Chocolate Chocolate lookin for who choppin it 先生巧克力巧克力找谁谁做爱这

Shake yo laffy taffy and I like the way she droppin it 摇哟laffy太妃糖,我很喜欢她丢下的方式

Big ol ass I see ya ho 大醇屁股喔豪雅

Put her in a video xxx flick and we filmed it at the studio 把她在视频XXX轻弹,我们在工作室拍摄它

Aww shit there she go, dancin nasty on the flo' 噢妈那里,她走了,讨厌跳舞的FLO “

Po' the Grey Goose bottle right up in her booty hole 宝的灰鹅瓶贴在她的战利品洞

Ain't neva seen that before look at how she doin it 不后悔看出,前看时,她怎么就干什么

Leep the camera rollin because she about to start chewin it LEEP相机罗林,因为她即将开始chewin它


[Shawty Lo] [辣妹罗]

I run the candy store 我跑了糖果店

And I got mo sugah than Trick and Cee-Lo 而我得到了莫sugah比天雷和CEE-罗

If ya got a sweet tooth girl I got ya flavor 如果雅有一个爱吃甜食的女孩,我得到了雅味

You can have it yo way either Now or Later 你可以把它哟方式无论是现在还是以后

My chico stick is a real Lifesaver 我奇科棒是一个真正的救星

And I feed 'em Lil' Debbies cause I ain't gone cake 'em 我喂时间莉儿Debbies因为我还没有走蛋糕时间

It's Lo, Fabo bust a move then stunt 这是罗Fabo胸围一招绝技,然后

When I came up in the club and you know what we want 当我在俱乐部来了,你知道我们想做什么


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Mook B] [穆克B]

Say baby girl 说女婴

Ay what you gon' do 唉,你会去什么做的

I got a hundred ones 我有一百年的人

I wanna po' on you 我想宝你

Just keep that ass shakin' 只是不停的屁股颤抖

And I keep tippin' you 而且我一直tippin 你

While I sit back like a playa 当我坐下来像一滩

And sip that grey goose 和SIP的灰雁

Feelin' all loose 感觉全松

Cause girl you on yo job 因为女孩对你的工作哟

You got my dick hard 你让我的鸡巴硬

The way you touch them toes 你的方式接触他们的脚趾

Workin' them micros 干活的他们百万分之一

On the stilletos 在stilletos

You made it skeet skeet skeet 你来了双向飞碟双向飞碟双向飞碟

Like a water hose (candy girl) 像水管(糖果女孩)

Got me goin' in my pocket pullin' out mo' dough 让我如此在我的口袋里普林了莫面团

Let the waitress know I need to order, five hundred mo' 让服务员知道我需要订购, 500莫

You best believe later on we headed to the mo' 你最好相信,后来在我们前往莫

So gone and pack them bags 所以走了,收拾自己的行李包

And let's motherfuckin' go 而且,我们娘走

I'm waitin' on yo fine ass 我哟细屁股等待着

At the front do' 在前面做

Girl, you don't know 女孩,你不知道

I'ma toss the laffy taffy 我是折腾了laffy太妃糖

Toss it, flip it, and slap it 折腾吧,翻转它,它一巴掌

Bust a couple of nuts 胸围几个坚果

And get right back at it 并马上回吧


[Busta Rhymes] [ Busta押韵]

Shawty you can get up in my whip and you can bring a couple of ya friends 美女你可以在我的鞭子,你可以带几个朋友雅

Make sure their waist small with a bubble big ol ass 确保自己的腰小了一泡大醇屁股

Where they need a lil help just to get in my bed 他们需要一个律的帮助只是为了让我的床

Where they can spread it wide open and suck on my Lemonhead 在那里他们可以传播它敞开,吸吮我的Lemonhead

Now spread that ass a lil bit more let me get up in the coochie hole 现在流传的屁股更莉儿一点让我起床coochie孔

Now how many licks does it take to get up in the center of my Tootsie Roll 现在有多少舔没有考虑到起床我买巧克力棒的中心

Now tell me mami I'm a watch now do ya lil low drop 现在告诉我妈咪,我的手表现在都雅律低压降

Come and do it again Charleston Chew up on my Blow Pop 快来做一遍查尔斯顿嚼起来对我吹流行

I love 'em thick and stallion and stat niggaz know the answer 我喜欢全身厚,种马和统计的兄弟们知道答案

Horseback bowlegged bitches like a Jolly Rancher 马背上bowlegged母狗像乔利牧场主

Said chick come talk to a nigga real quick 说小妞来跟一个黑人真正的快

Get in my phantom backseat let me give you that Chico Stick 得到我的幻影后座让我给你奇科棒

The way I give it to her shorty know that I'm a make it cream 我给了她矮个子的方式知道我是让它霜

While she be playin with my balls or Boston Baked Beans now 当她与我的球或波士顿焗豆现在在玩

Baby bounce dat ass and shake it all around until it slap me 婴儿反弹DAT屁股摇各地,直到它打我

And show you with a thousand singles shake yo laffy taffy 并告诉你有一千个单打摇哟laffy太妃糖


[Chorus] [合唱]

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