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Ayy... Ayy what up folk, I'm focused man... AYY ... AYY怎么了民歌,我很专注的人...

I been doing this for a lil' while now 我一直在这样做了律 ,而现在

I had some mixtapes out, did my thang... 我有一些混音带出来,做了我的胜...

I ain't really had the opportunity I think 我是不是真的有机会,我认为

To speak from my heart, man like really just express myself, 从我的心脏说,男人喜欢真的只是表达我自己,

So I'm a give it to em as long as I can, 所以,我是把它给EM ,只要我能做到,

I ain't counting bars, so don't expect no hook... 我是没有指望的酒吧,所以不要指望无钩...


Lord I been trying all these years, 主啊,我一直在努力,这些年,

And I ain't never had a thing to say 我是不是从来没有的事情说

Did it by myself not a soul here to motivate me, my family was cool 我自己却不是​​这里的灵魂,激励了我,我的家人很凉爽

But when times got hard they was like fuck this rap shit 但是,当时间变得困难,他们就像他妈的这首rap

Go get yourself a job, I thank god that when the run-in's with the law 去让自己的工作,我感谢上帝,当磨合的法律

While I was riding with my folk and there was dope in the car 当我骑着我的民俗有被掺杂在车上

Momma forgive me I was in it for a minute, 妈妈原谅我,我是在它一分钟,

I was tired of 'em talking bout my shoes and my fitted, 我累了时间谈论着我的鞋,我的装,

"G-Rod" got killed and I shed a couple tears “G棒”被杀了,我流下了眼泪情侣

Trying to forget that he's gone, 试图忘记,他走了,

Just remember that in here, remember that it clear 只要记住,在这里,记得很清楚

And where he at it's good, yea my nigga dead, 而他在这是很好的,连我的兄弟们死了,

But at least he out the hood 但至少他出的引擎盖

I'd leave if I could, that's what I plan to do, 如果我能我会离开,这就是我打算做,

These niggas talk a lot, remind me of high school, 这些黑鬼们谈了很多,想起高中的我,

But I thank you for your hating, appreciate the rumors 但是,我感谢你恨的,欣赏的传言

If you think that you're a winner then I'm glad to be a loser lord 如果你认为你是一个胜利者,然后我很高兴是一个失败者主

No money, more problems that's just how it is, 没有钱,更多的问题,这只是怎么回事,

I lost another homeboy, that's just how it is, 我失去了另一个巨蟹座,这只是怎么回事,

He told me "Little cause don't trip on these niggas", 他告诉我, “小事业也不行这些黑鬼” ,

I said "Fuck that, I' gonna get paper and shit on these niggas, 我说:“他妈的,我该怎么让纸张和狗屎这些黑鬼,

Rip on these niggas" 瑞普这些黑鬼“

Don't speak when I pass you, they sold 'cause they wanted to, 当我传给你不说话,他们卖因为他们想,

We sold 'cause we had to 本店所售的原因,我们不得不

Bills don't pay themselves my nigga, hell naw! 法案不支付自己我的兄弟们,地狱瑙!

I'm about money that's what I'm trying to tell ya, 我正要说的我想告诉你什么钱,

Moms and pops I promise that I won't fail y'all, my shit jam 妈妈和持久性有机污染物我保证我不会失败你们,我的屎果酱

It's only right that I outsell y'all, 这只是我卖的比你们都没错,

I dedicate my life to this music, 我奉献了我的生活这样的音乐,

I dropped out of college 'cause my life is this music, 我放弃了学,因为我的生活是这样的音乐,

Next nigga out the 'Sip, really can't tell me shit, 接下来黑鬼了“一口,真的不能告诉我,妈的,

The beats spoke to me when the books couldn't tell me shit 本次对我说话的时候书能不能告诉我狗屎

I wake up like another day another headache, 醒来时我喜欢新的一天又头痛,

My purpose gets no clearer as I'm staring in this mirror, 我的目的就没有得到更清楚的是,我盯着这面镜子,

Wash my face and my ass and hit the slab hard 洗把脸,我的屁股,打板硬

If I don't say shit all day, nigga I thank god, 如果我不说狗屎整天,兄弟们我感谢上帝,

For another breath, yes for another step, 再呼气,是为另一个步骤,

In the right or wrong direction still it's for a progress 在对与错的方向仍然是一个进步

Moving at pace that can't be seen, scraping everything, 移动时的速度是不能被看见,刮一切,

Yea my pockets is fat because my stature lean, 是啊,我的口袋是脂肪,因为我的身材清瘦,

I got a mean team and they will see you dearly 我有一个平均的球队,他们会心疼你看

The only way they show respect if I make 'em feel me, 他们表示尊重的唯一途径,如果我做全身感觉到我,

I mean that sincerely 我的意思是真诚

I keep more beef than chili for anxious haters 我把更多的牛肉比辣椒的焦虑仇敌

Waiting, plotting, praying out to kill me, 等待,策划,祈祷出去杀了我,

Why the fuck I gotta live like this momma? 为什么我要这样生活妈妈他妈的?

All the setback's make me feel like this momma, 所有的挫折的让我觉得像这样的妈妈,

Another southern rapper yea I bet it label 另外南方说唱歌手啊我敢打赌,它的标签

Two of my best friends Patron and Cuervo at my table we sit and talk 我的两个最好的朋友和赞助人快活在我的桌子,我们坐下说话

Millions with some hope that we can speak it to existence hah 数以百万计的一些希望,我们可以把它说话存在哈

It's certain universal laws we abide by, 这是我们恪守一定的普遍规律,

The dealer lives on but a child dies in the drive by, 经销商住上,但一个小孩死在驱动器中,

Titans collide and blocks go to war with no earthly idea 泰坦碰撞和块去打仗,没有世俗的想法

What the fuck we fighting for, 我们争取他妈的,

I paint pictures of this concrete jungle 我画的这个石屎森林的照片

Where the lions make deals with the hunters, 当狮子做出与猎人交易,

Snitch niggas kool aid heart pump bitch niggas, 打小报告黑鬼库尔援助心脏泵母狗黑鬼,

Under pressure write a whole fuckin' list nigga please 在压力下编写一个整体他妈的黑鬼列表,请

I'm fighting demons like Constantine, 我打魔像康斯坦丁

Constantly trying to take what belongs to me 不断尝试把属于我的东西

But I review you niggas, follow 'suit nigga, 但我检查你黑鬼,遵循“西装的黑人,

If the convo ain't bbout money then I mute niggas shit, 如果康沃不bbout钱后来我静音黑鬼狗屎,

I'm focused folk, you can quote this folk 我专注的民俗,你可以给这个民俗

I'm about to swarm the game like locust folk, they choking folk, 我对一窝蜂的游戏,如蝗虫民间,他们窒息民间,

Guess it's hard to swallow, 猜猜这是难以下咽,

If I leave the 'Sip then hell yea they'll follow 如果我离开的“SIP ,地狱是啊,他们会跟随

I talked to the father, he tells me 我跟了父亲,他告诉我,

"Be real, nevermind what they want son. Just say what you feel", “是真的,请不要介意他们想要的儿子,只要说出你的感受” ,

I'm knowing that the deals nowadays are some bullshit 我知道,这些交易是时下一些废话

Anything less than a mil' is some bullshit, 任何事情不到万是一些废话,

Because I know what I'm worth 因为我知道我的价值

Don't need a nigga to tell me... shit! 不需要一个黑人告诉我......狗屎!

Music alone no gimmick, need a nigga to sell me 独乐不噱头,需要一个黑人卖给我

I'm here! K.R.I.T 我在这里! K.R.I.T

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