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Inhale Deep



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We all know life can get hectic 我们都知道生活可以忙碌

But if you live in the second, 但是,如果你住在第二,

You exist in the present 你的存在在本

And that's how you stay connected 这就是您保持连接方式

Go through good times and hardships 经过美好的时光和艰辛

And if you learn to accept it 如果你学会接受它

And know that every struggle in life, 并知道每一个在生活中挣扎,

Is there to teach you a lesson 有没有给你一个教训

It's times like this that make you 是这样的时间,让你

It's always the darkest part of the night, right before the sun has it's break through 它总是在夜里最黑暗的部分,对前太阳已经是突破

The spirits there to knock you down, 精神有敲你失望,

But if you make that the end 但是,如果你做的到底

You will never know the beauty 你永远不会知道的美

Of being able to stand up again 对能够重新站起来

And face it, with patience, 而面对它,有耐心,

The Pace set is dealing 佩斯集处理

With judgements and hatred, 有判断和仇恨,

Depressed hopeless feelings 郁闷无望的感情

But I've been told, 但有人告诉我,

You only create your own ceilings 您只需创建自己的天花板

Life is limitless, 生命是无限的,

And knowing this is what the spirit is 并知道这是精神,是什么


That's why I try to inhale deep, so I can find peace, and essence can find me 这就是为什么我尝试深吸气,这样我就可以找到和平,本质上可以找我

That's why I lose myself in these beats, 这就是为什么我失去了自己在这些节拍,

Let myself become one with the drum and set myself free 让自己成为一个与感光鼓和给自己定下免费


Whatever direction life leads me, 无论人生的方向引导我,

There is a purpose behind it 有一个背后的目的

That's the way it was supposed to be 这就是它的方式应该是

And any time you can turn over a new leaf 任何时候都可以改过自新

Y'all know the truth, 你们都知道事情的真相,

It's up to us to use the key 这取决于我们使用的关键

Been three years since my first album dropped 已经三年了,因为我的第一张专辑下跌

It's been fear that's really got me stuck on the spot 它已经害怕真的让我停留在现场

Not wanting to put out anything whack 不想把任何东西重击

So inside of putting licks on my tracks, 所以把舔我的轨道里,

I put my lips to a sack 我把我的嘴唇一麻袋

Because it's easier to spend your life drunk, 因为它更容易度过你的一生醉,

And high on drugs 高药物

Than to put everything on recording, 而不是把一切的记录,

And put it out to be judged 并把它拿出来进行判断

We look for the audience, 我们期待的观众,

To put their hands up and show love 把自己的双手和爱心

But when they put their hands down, 但是,当他们把自己的手了,

Our confidence really takes the plunge 我们的信心真的放手一搏

So instead of making music 因此,而不是做音乐

That people might not like, 人们可能不喜欢,

I went into isolation 我走进隔离

I traded my mic in for the pipe 我放弃我的麦克风为管

Started living the college life, 开始住的大学生活,

Drinking and smoking every day 饮酒和吸烟,每天

Rationalizing to myself, 合理化自己,

That I was going through a phase 我是经历一个阶段

Then I stopped, 然后我停了下来,

Thinking my music would take it's place 想着我的音乐将采取它的地方

But when you live in fog, 但是,当你住在雾,

Inspiration is hard to create 灵感是很难建立

It takes more to get connected, 它需要更多的得到连接,

Than to quit smoking every day 比戒烟,每天

And when I get frustrated I get a Swisher 当我感到沮丧,我收到了斯威舍

And get blown away 并获得交口称赞

Then all of a sudden it hit me, 然后突然它打我,

These kids are listening 这些孩子在听

If I'm not making music, 如果我不是做音乐,

Then why the fuck am I existing 那么为什么我他妈的现有

How can I talk about the problems, 我怎么能谈的问题,

Of some one else 对另外一个人

When I don't have the motivation, 当我没有动机,

And confidence to change myself 和信心来改变自己

It's been so long since I really truly felt 这是这么久以来我真的真的觉得

What it's like to live without substances to help 什么样子的生活离不开物质帮助

Massive struggle that's natural to one's health 大规模的斗争,这是自然对人的健康

With addiction in my blood, 随着网瘾在我的血液,

I play the cards I was dealt 我玩我的牌

The wind is the most calm, 风是最平静的,

Right before the storm 右暴风雨前

And when you least expect it, 当你最不期望它,

It doesn't rain, it pours 不下雨,鸣则已,一鸣惊人

I swear to God you can never be warned 我向上帝发誓,你永远不能被警告

Because with or without that umbrella 因为有或没有的保护伞

Nature is still gonna take it's course 自然还是要去把它的课程


That's why I try to inhale deep, 这就是为什么我尝试深吸气,

So I can find peace, and essence just finds me, 这样我就可以找到和平,实质只是找到我,

That's why I lose myself in these beats, 这就是为什么我失去了自己在这些节拍,

Put away the weed, And turn to my MPC 收起了杂草,转来转去我的MPC


C'mon' 来吧

If I could just, I would change 如果我能,我会改变

If I could just, I would change 如果我能,我会改变

If I could just, I would change 如果我能,我会改变

If I could just, I would change 如果我能,我会改变

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