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In Conclusion



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And In Conclusion 和结束



I be that broke motherfucker 我算是爆发娘

Maine's where I'm rappin' 缅因州的地方我说唱

Better than these rappers 比这些更好的说唱歌手

But nobody buys my record 但是没有人买我的纪录

What you don't like broke hova? 你不喜欢什么破产遭遇灭顶之灾?

You think that I'm more like a hoover 你认为我更像是胡佛

Think that I suck, I don't give a fuck 觉得我很糟糕,我不给他妈的

You can go ahead hit me with a low blow like a tuba 您可以继续打我低的打击就像一个大号

I don't toot my horn but, I blew a creek like McGrubber 我不嘟嘟我的角,但是,我吹了一条小溪一样McGrubber

I didn't get a lex like luther 我没有像路德类lex

And I went hard till my legs looked few shooked 和我一起辛苦,直到我的腿看起来很少shooked

Used to want to beat king koopa 用于想要击败国王库巴

Now all I want to beat is the beats and the freak In the mirror 现在我想打的是节奏和怪物在镜子

When the demon appears, I have seen my fears 当恶魔出现时,我看到了我的恐惧

I could be that loser! 我可以是失败者!

Even if it ment quitting reefer 即使换货退出冷藏

Stop staying high like a roof 停止高企就像一个屋顶

So you youtube my maneuvers 所以,你我的YouTube演习

You can see my as a mover, rapper, producer 你可以看到我作为一个先行者,说唱歌手,制作人

At the computer, ha! 在电脑前,哈!

With a fender straped and a pen that's black 随着straped挡泥板和笔是黑色的

Trying to prove I'm super 想证明我是超级

While the bass line barks in the woofers 而在低音扬声器的低音线树皮

Track liers 轨道伏兵

Trains coming for you goobers 火车来了你goobers

The fat lady is singing notes 胖女人在唱歌的笔记

And ringing of her foopa 和振铃她foopa的

I suggest you find a cougar 我建议你​​找一个美洲狮

Find a way to doop her 找到一个方法来DOOP她

Into thinking that she's demi moore and you are Ashton Kutcher 以为她是黛咪·摩尔和你是阿什顿·库彻

Because you're fucked otherwise 因为你性交,否则

Otherguys Otherguys

Besides reconsider these rhymes lulibyes 除了重新考虑这些童谣lulibyes

Sleep tight fuckers! 睡个好觉不要脸!

P...Dank P ...丹克

I'm from where we don't celebrate soccer wins 我是从这里我们不庆祝足球胜利很

Witk a broke contrast, with the obulant Witk一个一文不名的对比,与obulant

Most on blassed for profidin 最上blassed的profidin

While the folks shit cups on the block cement 而人拉屎杯上的水泥块

Marriages on the rocks again 再次在岩石上的婚姻

Mom looking for a paps again 妈妈找了一次移民

Kids witniced all arguments 儿童witniced所有参数

Now they losing trist when you talk to them 现在他们失去了特里斯特,当你与他们交谈

Oh shit quick bring a doctor in 哦,妈快带上医生

We're gonna need facebook and some oxygene 我们要需要Facebook和一些oxygene

STAT... (EEEH) STAT ... ( EEEH )

Bring it back 把它带回来

We got spray tanned children 我们得到了喷晒黑的孩子

Abandoned buildings 废弃的建筑物

Kids stay still cause the cancer killed em 孩子停留仍然会导致癌症杀死EM

I'll keep moving 'till I'm handing millions 我会继续前进 ,直到我递过百万

And I ride 'till I crash all kind of zillgince 我骑“直到我崩溃各种zillgince的

Teachers broke but the man get millions 教师打破了,但该男子拿到百万

Or rather 或者更确切地说,

Techers broke but the man get quadrillions Techers打破了,但该男子拿到1015

Cause the man stay drillin' 导致男人留下drillin “

We got children, in Buildings, with ceilings, that's cracked 我们有孩子,在建筑物之内,天花板,这是破解

While Villians got Villas, their chillin' is wack 虽然Villians了别墅,其寒冷的是怪人

But thats the earth, dig in, or get in the dirt 但多数民众赞成在地上,挖,或者得到的污垢

You got one ear that works 你有一只耳朵的作品

Could be worse! 可能会更糟!

So if there really is a big fluffy Jesus 所以,如果真的有一个很大的毛绒绒的耶稣

Tell him let's get weeded 告诉他,就让我们淘汰

I know he's got connections 我知道他有联系

Texting, look ryan peters' needed 发短信,看瑞恩彼得斯的需要

I'm speaking it's like I'm bleeding 我说这就像我流血

Flames like flames pleedin' 像火焰火焰pleedin “

I came to change games 我来修改游戏

It's lame to blame demons 这是瘸怪魔

Proclaim the lame evenings 宣告跛脚晚上

Ticket breaks heathen 门票减免异教徒

I seize this beat screaming 我借此击败尖叫

I steam while peeps leaving í蒸汽而离开偷看

The trees creek 这些树溪

I sleep near my family 我睡靠近我的家人

The devil ain't a fantasy 魔鬼是不是幻想

I know she wants to dance with me 我知道她要和我跳舞

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