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I'm The Biz Markie



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

It's me the diabolical, Biz Mark symbolical 这是我的恶魔,商务马克的象征

I shakes from scripts of hits I made a while ago í甩头从命中脚本我做了一个前一阵子

Now I'm on the run again starting other capers 现在我就来说再次启动其他雀跃

And people couldn't catch me even if I was "The Vapors" 人们不能抓我,即使我是“蒸气”

I leave you in trauma with my funky personna 我离开你的伤我的时髦personna

Cause I'm jamming just like Teddy but I'm nasty like Madonna 因为我卡住就像泰迪但我讨厌像麦当娜

Cause me without big strong thoughts for a Biz song 导致我没有大的强的想法的商务歌曲

Is like Patty LaBelle not singing with a wig on 就像帕蒂贝儿不唱了假发

I don't give a damn if my record gets panned 我不给一个该死的,如果我的纪录被平移

Cause my style stays fresh like I rap in Saran 原因就像我说唱萨兰我的风格保持新鲜

When I'm sure that I'm pure like Snapple 我敢肯定,我很喜欢纯洁的Snapple

Suppose when I write my rhymes like I'm the Big Apple 假设当我写我的童谣就像我的大苹果

Or New York or whatever you call it, I don't even care 或纽约或无论你怎么称呼它,我什至不关心

Cause if I can make it there, I can make it anywhere 因为如果我能让它在那里,我可以在任何地方

So, I walk the walk through the streets of New York 所以,我通过纽约的街道上散步的散步

More green I can hawk cause I can talk the talk 更多的绿色,我可以兜售的原因,我可以谈谈话

So don't try to stalk cause my style brings more 所以,不要试图秆​​的原因我的风格带来了更多的

I rock it from the Billy Ocean to the Al B. Shore! 我从比利海洋的铝二岸摇滚吧!

People always want to give dap to everyone 人们总是想给DAP给大家

But I've been around the world so I ahhh [?] 但我一直在世界各地,所以我啊啊啊[?]


"I'm the Biz Markie, the human beatbox and the rap king" “我是商务马基,人的口技和说唱之王”

"Have the people stomping to my beat you bet" [x4] “有没有人踩我打你打赌” [ X4 ]


Take a pause for the cause, cause this is a recording 以一个停顿的原因,导致这是一个记录

If rap was a prison, then I be the warden 如果说唱是一所监狱,那我是监狱长

I do the Gator in my snakeskin Jordans 我做的鳄鱼在我的蛇皮乔丹

And when it comes to cash I flash more than Gordon 而当涉及到现金我闪多登

You want me to rock the rhyme cause I got the type you crave 你要我摇韵因为我得到了你渴望的类型

And I heat up jams like I was MC Microwave 我热起来的果酱,好像我是MC的微波炉

And when I drop a style, call it def, call it cool 而当我把一种风格,高清称呼它,酷称之为

As long as you don't call me when I'm on a toliet stool 只要你不给我打电话时,我在一个座便器凳

I stoke and swin in a room full of women í斯托克和欧亚在一个房间里充满女性

When I drop the gold like Meadowlark Lemon 当我把喜欢草地鹨柠檬黄金

Everywhere I've been I've seen 'em fat and thin 到处都是我一直在我看到他们的脂肪和薄

Even girls with hair on their chinny chin chin 即使有头发的女孩在他们的chinny下巴下巴

But you can be just a friend if you're sporting your own look 但你可以成为朋友,如果你运动你自己看

Or if you got more chins than a Chinese phonebook 或者,如果你有比中国更电话簿下巴

Women love my style from [?] Long Isle 女人喜欢我的风格,从[?]龙岛

Even got my mother singing "Thanks for my Child" 甚至有妈妈唱“谢谢你为我的孩子”

My temperature rises every time I'm near a stereo 我的体温上升,每次我靠近音响

Cause I catch dance fever like my name was Danny Terio 因为我赶上舞蹈发烧就像我的名字是丹尼Terio

But I go, on and on and on and on and on and! 但是我走了,就和和和和和!

From midnight point to the early moring, AHHHH! 从午夜点到早莫林, AHHHH !


"I'm the Biz Markie, the human beatbox and the rap king" “我是商务马基,人的口技和说唱之王”

"Have the people stomping to my beat you bet" [x4] “有没有人踩我打你打赌” [ X4 ]


It's my way or the highway, I'm ahead of the slow lane 这是我的方式或高速公路上,我前面的慢车道

But when I ride to Motown I jump on a Soul Train 但骑车去汽车城的时候我我跳一个灵魂列车

Rappers like to flow with all energy and action 说唱歌手喜欢流着所有的能量和行动

But I'd rather take it nice and slow like Freddy Jackson 但我宁愿把它很好的和慢的像弗雷迪杰克逊

So don't try to stick to me like somebody's gearshift 所以,不要试图坚持对我来说,别人的换档

Cause I'll hit you so far west you'll come back Easter 因为我会打你,遥远的西部,你会回来的复活节

The style I display, but I say it a badder way 该风格我展示,但我说它巴德方式

I got more rhymes than cartoons on a Saturday 我得到了更多的童谣比上周六的漫画

You're still confused cause you don't know how bad he is 你还在迷茫,因为你不知道他是怎么坏的

Like a pregnant _ who don't know who the daddy is 就像一个怀孕_谁也不知道谁是爸爸的

Just like a snap I can whip any rapper 就像一个单元,我可以掀起任何的说唱歌手

That's why probably my grandparents called me a whipper snapper 这就是为什么可能是我爷爷奶奶叫我一声鞭鲷

You're lost in the sofa trying to cross my line 你在沙发上试图穿越我行丢失

Then run to the lost and found cause you lost your mind 然后运行到失物招领,因为你失去了你的心

I'm coming on strong cause I'm dropping nothing soft 我来了强大的原因,我放弃什么软

Still had it going on when "The Biz is Going Off" 仍然保留着它去当“商务会关”上

I'm singing in the rain cause I got the audacity 我唱歌在雨中,因为我得到了厚颜无耻

Or some kids want to sundance with Butch Cassidy 或者一些孩子想与圣丹斯神枪手

You couldn't shine on my in the spotlight 在聚光灯下我可以不亮

Cause your ass couldn't shine if you sat on a flashlight 因为你的屁股会不亮,如果你坐在一个手电筒


"I'm the Biz Markie, the human beatbox and the rap king" “我是商务马基,人的口技和说唱之王”

"Have the people stomping to my beat you bet" [x4] “有没有人踩我打你打赌” [ X4 ]

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