歌词 "I'm On" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

I'm On


歌词相关歌手:DJ KHALED

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Intro: DJ Khaled] [简介: DJ哈立德]

The season has returned 本赛季已返回


We global now, we global 我们现在全球的,我们的全球

We international now, international 我们现在的国际,国际

Nasir! 纳西尔!


[Verse 1: Nas] [诗歌1 :纳斯]

Money fall out the sky when I speak 钱从天上掉下来,当我说话

Got a valet, can't leave mine out in these streets 有一个仆人,不能离开矿山在这些街道

Can't carpool, the crew is too deep 不能拼车,剧组太深

Why tuck it all in? The jewels are too sweet 为什么要掖着这一切?珠宝太甜

You should ball if you could 你应该将球如果你能

I be diggin in my pockets, it ain't trickin if you got it 我该陷在我的口袋里,它不会trickin ,如果你得到了它

And since a nigga from the projects 而且,由于从项目黑鬼

Champagne out of a can would be the fly shit 香槟了一罐是苍蝇屎

And I'm a history maker, hood motivational speaker 我就是一个历史的制造商,引擎盖激励人心的演说

Rap Led Zeppelin, best-dressed list 说唱齐柏林飞船,最佳着装名单

Show you how to bubble off of large investments 教你如何泡掉大量投资

Ya heard me, and this journey, I'm the journalist 雅听我的,这旅程,我是记者

Line around the block to hear the words of the herbalist 各地块行听到郎中的话

Send ya girl to the Dominicans to perm her shit 派雅的女孩多米尼加烫发她妈

Tell her tonight, we gonna see Nas return to his murder shit 告诉她,今晚,我们会看到纳斯回他的谋杀狗屎


[Hook: Nas (DJ Khaled)] [钩:纳斯( DJ哈立德)

It's still Nasty, raw in the flesh 它仍然讨厌的,生的肉

God's Son, never gone, never left 神的儿子,从来不走了,永远离开了

King, I played every card in the deck 国王,我在甲板上打出每一张牌

The whole world waitin for what I'ma do next 全世界都在等待着什么我是下一步

And y'all already know where I came from 而且你们都已经知道我从哪里来

Queensbridge repper since day one 从第一天开始皇后桥repper

Nigga, I'm on! (Come on!) 兄弟们,我在! (来吧! )

I'm on! (Come on!) 我在! (来吧! )

I'm on! (Come on!) 我在! (来吧! )

I'm on! (Nasir!) 我在! (纳西尔! )

Come on! 来吧!


[Chorus: Cool] [合唱:酷]

Out of the shadows, into the light 走出阴影,走向光明的

I have the power to take back what's mine 我要拿回什么是我的动力

(Can't hide, can't hide) (不能躲,不能躲)

We have the power 我们有力量

(Alive, it's so fine to be alive) (活着,它是如此精致地活着)

We are the light 我们是光


[Verse 2: Nas] [诗2:纳斯]

I'm God's hit man, Chopard wristband 我是上帝的杀手,萧邦腕带

New York crown jewel, no if-and's, top five 纽约皇冠上的明珠,没有if-和的,前五大

I'm the one, two, three, four and the fifth man 我是一,二,三,四和第五名

Smoke a hookah in Istanbul, I'm quicksand 烟在伊斯坦布尔水烟,我流沙

I'm five mics, five points of light 我是5话筒,五光点

Hit the stage like a meteorite 打到舞台就像一个陨石

They wanna all hear Ether tonight, but we ain't beefin tonight 他们希望所有听到醚今晚,但我们是不是beefin今晚

That's history, so now when you mention me 这就是历史,所以现在当你提到我

Say I'm a mystery like six degrees 说我就像六度一个谜

Or the seven hills of Sicily, I need a vasectomy 或西西里岛的七个山丘上,我需要一个输精管结扎术

They resurrected me but nothin is left for me 他们复活我,但什么也没留给我的

Just when you thought you'd seen the best of me 正当你以为你看到最好的我

I take it a notch higher, yeah 我把它高出一个档次,是

Sip more wine than a Somalian 品尝比索马里更多的葡萄酒

Get around town in a private Lear 找镇附近的私人李尔

And by sun down, I'm up out of here 和太阳落了,我起来离开这里


[Hook] [钩]


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 3: Nas] [第3节:纳斯]

Power, paper, palace is so high 电力,造纸,宫殿是如此之高

Lookin over skyscrapers, wildin out in Dubai 看着在摩天大楼, wildin在迪拜

Do I look like I never seen the better things? 难道我看起来像我从来没有见过的好东西呢?

Emerald ring, I chase cheddar mean 翡翠戒指,我追切达平均

Pockets on swole since eighteen years old 在swole口袋,因为十八岁

Gettin my dough, cigars are hand-rolled 刚开我的面团,雪茄是手卷

From Guantanamo, Gallardos, the car shows 从关塔那摩, Gallardos ,车秀

The Narcos, Gestapos, Optimos 该Narcos , Gestapos , OPTIMOS

Cause I love the dough more than you know 因为我爱的面团比你更知道

Still ain't reached the pinnacle 仍然没有达到巅峰

Braveheart general since nine-fo' 勇敢的心一般,因为九佛

Got the belt to show, certified classic 得到了带显示,认证的经典

Nine-six, Street Dreams was blastin 九十六,街梦想是BLASTIN

And no way they wanna hire assassins 没办法,他们想雇用刺客

They still harassin, I'm so platinum, it's natural 他们仍然harassin ,我好铂金,这是自然的

And nigga is my acronym, lights, camera, actionin 和兄弟们是我的首字母缩写,灯光,摄影机, actionin


[Hook] [钩]


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Nas] [纳斯]

Nigga, I'm on! 兄弟们,我在!

I'm on! 我在!

Come on! 来吧!


[Outro: DJ Khaled] [尾奏: DJ哈立德]

We global now, we global 我们现在全球的,我们的全球

We international now, international 我们现在的国际,国际

Nasir! 纳西尔!

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