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I'm Da King



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[Woman:] "Mixtape Messiah".......Da King is here nigga! [女: ]“的Mixtape弥赛亚” .......达王在这里的兄弟们!


[T.I. Insert] [ T.I.插入]

Ay what these other niggaz talkin', I don't believe that shit 唉一下这些其他的兄弟们说 ,我不相信那些事

I'm the King cuz I said it and I mean that shit 我是国王因为我说,我说的是狗屎

Ay I'm the king cuz I said it, I'm the king cuz I said it 唉,我的国王因为我说的话,我是王因为我说,

I'm the king cuz I said it and I mean that shit 我是国王因为我说这和我的意思是狗屎

Ay what these other niggaz talkin', I don't believe that shit 唉一下这些其他的兄弟们说 ,我不相信那些事

I'm the King cuz I said it and I mean that shit 我是国王因为我说,我说的是狗屎

Ay what's so special bout him, he ain't all that, shit 哎什么特别的回合他,他是不是所有的,狗屎

I set the city on fire and you seen that shit 我设置了城市火灾和你见过的那些事


[Chamillionaire] [ Chamillionaire ]

Stupid you runnin' around like the Messiah isn't a force 愚蠢的,你在天边周围像弥赛亚不是一种力量

Then tell me how did my first album even get on The Source 然后告诉我,怎么我的第一张专辑连得上的源

I was sittin' next to Pimpin' Ken, (was he pimpin'?), of course 我当时正坐在旁边潘潘肯, (是他潘潘 ? ) ,当然,

But I was thinkin' bout gettin' with Trina and tryna pimp me a Porsche 不过,我在想回合刚开了与天合光能和tryna皮条客我的保时捷

I can't hand a nigga the rap game now cuz I'm usin' it 我不能交给一个黑人说唱比赛,现在因为我是全光照它

Ain't a underground rapper gon' have it til' I through with it 是不是一个地下饶舌歌手会去拥有它直到“我经历了它

I don't burn bridges (nah), other rappers 'll ruin it 我不自断后路(罗) ,其他说唱歌手“会毁了它

I just jump over the bridge and pimp-slap em' for doin' it 我刚跳过去的桥梁和皮条客巴掌他们的人的做就行了

I'ma embarass ya so bad, that ya label gon' say they know ya 我是embarass雅如此糟糕,那雅坤标签“说,他们知道,你

You's a good ass promoter, but the fat lady say it's over 你是一个好屁股子,但胖女人说这是结束

Mixtape Messiah 2 is the bullet I'm savin' for ya Mixtape作者弥赛亚2是子弹,我的Savin 雅

And I can pop trunk pumps on ya coffin' and raise it for ya (Weww!) 我可以弹出雅棺材“干泵,提高它的亚( Weww ! )

And I ain't the only person who sick of ya voice 我是不是唯一的人谁生病雅的声音

I kill a rapper with one verse and the real niggaz rejoice 我杀了一个说唱歌手有一首诗和真正的兄弟们欢欣鼓舞

But I was forced (do you feel any remorse?) of course 但我是被迫(当然,你觉得有什么悔恨? )

That's why I'ma show up at his funeral and pop trunk on his corpse 这就是为什么我是一个出现在他的尸体在他的葬礼,流行干线


[T.I. Insert] [ T.I.插入]


[Chamillionaire] [ Chamillionaire ]

Yeah, you'll never get on my level, no need to go get a ladder 是的,你永远不会得到我的水平,没有必要去得到梯子

You better run when I come like a pitcher that hit the batter 你最好跑的时候我来像一个投手击中连击

(You Paid In Full?), nah, but I got alot of respect for Hatter (您全额支付),罗,但我得到了尊重很多的帽子

Even though niggaz be ignorin' my questions bout business matters 尽管兄弟们是ignorin “我的问题布特业务事宜

Cat tell me to call Hatter, Madd Hatter said call Cat 猫告诉我叫帽子, MADD帽匠说呼叫猫

I call niggaz about some business, and I never get a call back 我叫兄弟们一些业务,我从来没有回电

I just wanted my songs back, but they act like I'm on crack 我只是希望我的歌回来了,但他们的行为就像我对裂纹

To drop another Cham' & Paul, we ain't even on contract 要再跌湛“和保罗,我们甚至没有合同

Parta' the game is that, I keep gettin' reminded daily A部“游戏的是,我一直刚开了日常提醒

Labels ahead 'll screw you, that's the business out of it baby 标签未来就会拧你,那是企业出它的宝宝

Nigga was grindin' daily, but suspicions was kinda crazy 黑人被折磨日报“ ,但怀疑是有点疯狂

I had to pretend like I was broke, just to get Paid In Full to pay me 我只好假装我破产,只是为了获得报酬全额支付给我

It's crazy, for the label with the reputation for actin' a ass 这很疯狂,与肌动蛋白的名声个屁标签

Like Rap-A-Lot, what's the label that was always on time with cash 喜欢说唱的A - 地段,那是什么总是准时用现金标签

Gave em' my price, they didn't try to make me go down a tag 都给他们的人我的价格,他们并没有试图让我下去标签

So for J.P., Tom, Rad, and Chief, it's done they ain't gotta ask 因此,对于日本,汤姆,RAD和行政,它的完成,他们是不是得问

Ain't a nigga who can persuay me to go back to House 是不是一个黑人谁可以persuay我回去家

So I can hear Dike Jones tell me he got platinum in his mouth 这样我就可以听到堤防琼斯告诉我,他在他的嘴里得到了铂金

That nigga soft, he ain't never move no crack in the South 那个黑鬼软,他也不是没动无裂纹南

Was in packagin' soft, and he said he stack more stacks then the Boss 在packagin “软了,他说他更叠堆那么老板

Sure you do, I hope that's not a story they told to you 当然你这样做,我希望这不是一个故事,他们告诉你

You need to pimp-slap that sick pup and maker who controllin' you 您需要皮条客巴掌有病的小狗和制造商谁controllin “你

You ain't runnin' NOTHIN'!, only you would go vote for you 你是不是天边没什么!,只有你会去投票支持你

Cuz my pockets got more G's, then a G-Unit quotable 因为我的口袋里有了更多的G公司,那么G股新书

G-G-G-G-G-G-Geez, you's a pee-on please G-G - G-G - G-G -吉兹,你是一个撒尿的请

Why is he here somebody please, tell this pee-on leave 他为何在这儿有人请,告诉这个撒尿休假

Air-condition on my wrist, I stay with free-on sleeves 空调在我的手腕,我留在自由的袖子

Ya stay on D, like defenders durin' three-on-three's 雅留在D ,像捍卫者durin “三对三的

My momma moved out the hood to a 5 bedroom home 我的妈妈搬出了引擎盖到5间卧室的房子

Rasaq moved off to solo and got a lil' crib of his own Rasaq移出,以独奏,得到了他自己的律婴儿床

Then I bought a Ninja bike and another whip on chrome 然后我买了一个忍者自行车上的镀铬另一个鞭

My money long, I stand on top of the world and spit on Jones 我的钱很长,我站在世界之巅,并吐在琼斯

Your album, so what we heard you was comin' soon 你的专辑,让我们听到你被科曼一声

Yeah the song with Alicia Keys, or maybe you said it was Loon 没错与艾莉西亚凯斯的歌曲,或者你说,这是龙

I can fit your crib inside my truck, and I'd still have leg-room 我可以适应你的床我的车里面,我仍然有腿室

Then I can park that whole truck inside my Master Bedroom 然后,我可以停在整车我的主卧内

Saw ya DVD you talkin' that ridiculous noise 看到雅的DVD ,你说是荒谬的噪音

Sister got kids with baby cribs bigger then yours 姐姐有孩子了婴儿床更大然后你

Danny DeVito duckin' down couldn't even fit through your doors 丹尼·德维托duckin 下来甚至不适合通过你的门

You gotta be Kiddin' me BOY!, is you Kiddin' you SURE! (SURE!) 你得开玩笑“我的小子!是你开玩笑:”你肯定! (当然! )


[T.I. Insert] [ T.I.插入]


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