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I'm Bout to Explode



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[hook] [钩]


I'm bout to explode 我就要爆炸

I don't know when I'm gonna go, I got so much been on my mind 我不知道什么时候,我要回去了,我得到了这么多一直在我的脑海

Every time I look around, I try to prevent going down 每当我环顾四周,我尽量避免下降

From locked up or even dying 从锁定了,甚至奄奄一息


I can dig the problem 我可以挖的问题

I can see whats going on, its a fucking warzone 我可以看到什么事情,它是一个他妈的战区

With the thieves in the hood don't look good 随着油烟机的盗贼不看好

Never ever thought she could jump off like that now 从来没有想过她会跳下来一样,现在

O.G.'s done backed down, you eased a step down 乌龙球的做了让步,你缓和了降压

Everybody wanna have the crown 每个人都希望有冠

Every breath you benefit the sin 每一次呼吸,你受益的罪

We gonna have to keep fighting them mugs within 我们要去必须继续战斗他们的杯子内

Now it is killing before whats killing you niggas that started out friends 现在是杀什么杀了你黑鬼的开始了之前朋友

You win, the wrong for what you doing 你赢了,错了你在做什么

You need to start snatching, kick out the mob 你需要开始抢,踢了暴徒

Can't show no love at all, don't even turn back 无法显示没有爱可言,甚至不回头

Anyway homie wasn't all that 反正哥们是不是所有的

If he was real he wouldn't even have caused him that 如果他是真实的,他甚至不会引起他

I hum to Allah, I'm wanted by far, and he disinfected that ì哼哼真主,我目前想的,他说消毒

So long I been known, don't think its the law in the loves of loves 这么久,我已经知道,不认为它的法律,爱的爱

In a positive demonstration 在积极的示范

That we could never conquer shit and defend no more 我们永远无法征服狗屎和捍卫不多


[hook] [钩]


High-Tech young niggas with a little scratch, could be richer 高新技术年轻黑鬼带着些许划痕,可能是更丰富

Hustling to make enough to buy the shit I need 忙乱做够买我需要的狗屎

Like a bag of weed, I was blind now a nigga see everything 像一袋杂草,我是个盲人,现在一个黑人看到的一切

Brothers strapping up on this thang, timing's off, feel the pain 兄弟在此胜捆扎起来,定时的关闭,感到痛苦

Let the hood done laid out, shits way out, no way out 让油烟机进行布局,妈的出路,没有出路

Murder to the lunatics, them the tricks that was talking that shit 杀人的疯子,他们的技巧,在说的那些事

Took the test to the brain, rip em' off, vest off, pull the mask off 考了大脑,撕裂他们的人了,背心关,拉断面具

Smoke that bitch, what a mess 抽烟那个婊子,什么乱七八糟的

I suggest, we suggest, fuck each other up 我建议,我们建议,他妈的相互备份

Look into the mind of a Flic' born westside 寻找到一个的Flic的“头脑出生西区

Mount Sainai in the flesh bless my 安装Sainai在肉体保佑我

Niggas with the bottle, get the top 黑鬼用瓶子,让高层

Then pour out the back door when its war 然后,当它的战争倒出后门

Armor to your brothers stay clean 护甲你的兄弟们保持清洁

Watch your back young brothers I mean 看着你的背影年轻的兄弟我的意思


My hood is burned up, and burned up is my hood 我的引擎盖被烧毁,烧毁我的引擎盖

We ?kicked bout' a foot?, don't own a hood 我们?踢回合“一只脚?,没有自己的油烟机

I took too much then too much, now I don't know where to turn 我把太多的话太多了,现在我不知道该往哪走

Or who it may concern, life and death all I've learned 或者谁可能关注,生死所有我所学到

I've earned my respect in the hood, but the shiesty still pulling moves 我已经赢得了我的尊重引擎盖,但shiesty还是拉动作

You a man for the man, thats another point he was trying to prove 你一个人的男人,那是另外一个角度,他试图证明

Got your own mind, might as well use it for yourself 有你自己的想法,不妨用它为自己

Cause you'se your own man to the right, to the left, all is well 原因youse自己的人的权利,向左,一切都很好

And it's one thing I believe in, don't ever leave and retrieve 而且它是一件事,我相信,永远不要离开,并检索

Killers jumping off by the evenings now 凶手跳下了晚上,现在

97' just another hunting season 97只是一个狩猎季节

Niggas in it 6 feet deep and no reason dying freely 在这黑鬼6英尺深,没有理由死去自由

Why? 为什么呢?


[hook] [钩]


Back in the days on Chicago Avenue, (?) 早在芝加哥大道,天( ? )

Niggas used to bang for the kicks to slang cain 黑鬼用于砰的踢俚语该隐

Hustle and rain pain niggas 喧嚣的雨痛苦黑鬼

Once there was a little brother who ruled across the street with his crew 从前,有一个小哥哥谁在街对面统治与他的船员

Fast pacing everyday, facing murder situations 快速起搏日常生活,面对谋杀罪的情况

Gang affiliation makes you kill a nation 刚隶属关系让你杀了一个民族

Take another life a day, smoking, hoping just to get away 再举一个生活中的一天,抽烟,希望只是为了脱身

Put it in the raw, I'm 'bout to go boom 把它的原始,我回合去热潮

Y'all can't help but to talk, it's us against the law 你们都忍不住要说话,它在美国是违法

That shit backing people off from the gator alley in the whole 那些歌支持的人开来的鳄鱼胡同在整个

I don't know where the hell to go 我不知道到底去

Cause my life is like a pack of (?) 因为我的生活就像一包( ? )

Having brothers capping, it's a free for all in my motherfucking hood 有兄弟封盖,这是一个免费为所有在我他妈的罩

And it ain't good, if I got to die for my Flict' then I would 而且这还不是很好,如果我到死,因为我冲突,那么我会

Every day is numbing 每天都是麻木

If you didn't count your blessings boy then you really should 如果你没算你的祝福的孩子,那么你真的应该

Until the final tic 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 out 直到最后的抽动9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1出


[hook] [钩]


So much shit on my mind 在我心中这么多狗屎

I can't find the time to free myself from going down 我找不到时间来释放自己从下降

Best to antici-pains and pressure, no lesser than human situations 最好antici ,痛苦和压力,没有比人的情况下,较小的

Erasing, ruin doing time in the mind 擦除,毁了做一次心灵

Like to wild em' down, bullets flying, mommas crying, niggas lying 喜欢野外他们的人了,子弹乱飞, mommas哭,躺在黑鬼

Reason for the rhyme let the spirit climb 原因之韵,让精神攀登

You thinking different, defending for the real of it 你在想不同,卫冕为它的真实

Flic' in this forever, finally letting in Chicago, tear a little FLIC “在这个永远,终于让在芝加哥,撕开一点点

Never on a pedastool, want to jump up off it then let it go 从来没有一个pedastool ,要跳起来了它,然后让它去

Easy it's about to blow, like how much longer can I go 易是要打击,如多久,我可以去

How many situations before I just go below, catch up with my funeral 多少的情况之前,我只是去下面,赶上我的葬礼

Caught up and brought up in it into dimensions 追了上来,并提出了在成尺寸

The feeling like I can't take it no more 像我的感觉不能再继续

The mission is dealing with pressure 任务是处理压力

Pressure is the death certificate and that will get cha' 压力是死亡证明书,将得到茶“

Wet cha', leave you on a stretcher, I bet cha' 湿茶“ ,让你躺在担架上,我敢打赌茶”

He shook off and looking for shelter 他甩开,寻找庇护所

Help a man and give a helping hand, stand by the plan 帮助一个人,伸出援助之手,站在计划

Struggle the daily double, double trouble the mold 奋斗每日双倍,双倍的麻烦模具

I redoubled the O in the roll, let it go then explode í加倍的辊澳,放手后爆炸


[hook] [钩]

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