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I Think They Like Me (Remix)



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[In background] YUP! [在背景] YUP !

[scratch] 1, 2, 3 as this is plain to see [刮] 1 ,2,3 ,因为这是显而易见

I go by the name of Jermaine Dupri 我去了杰梅因 - 杜普利的名字

Dopeman fresh in the place to be Dopeman新鲜的地方是

And uhh 和侏儒


[chorus] [合唱]


[JD:] [ JD : ]

Oh I think they like me when they heard me on the other one 哦,我觉得他们喜欢我,当他们听到我的另一个

So its only right that I hit you with another one 因此,它的唯一正确的,我打你一个又一个

[Repeat 2x] [重复2倍]


[Verse 1:] [诗歌1 : ]

Yea these niggaz like me, haters want to fight me 是啊,这些兄弟们和我一样,仇敌想打我

Yea these niggaz mad cuz I came up over night B 是啊,这些兄弟们疯了因为我来到了一夜乙

Yea I switched it up I got 9 kuffed tightly 是啊,我换它,我得到了9 kuffed紧

So you betta do the right thing like Spike Lee 所以,你斗鱼做正确的事像斯派克·李

Yep I'm super clean rock jeans wit a white tee 是的,我超洁净岩机智的牛仔裤白T恤

Niggaz round here soft but like niggaz want to bite me 这里的兄弟们圆柔状的兄弟们要咬我

If you had some figures you would be just like me 如果你有一些数字,你会只喜欢我

Yea these niggaz mad cuz I shining like a light B 是啊,这些兄弟们疯了因为我喜欢闪亮的光乙

Niggaz talking bout yep in there muthafuckin throwback 兄弟们说话回合没错在那里的muthafuckin倒退

It ain't real you know dats muhammadz where dey sold that 这不是真正的你知道警muhammadz人家那里卖的

We stepping on these niggaz like a muthafuckin door mat 我们踩着这些兄弟们像的muthafuckin门垫

When I hit the scene they take pictures call me Kodak 当我打他们采取现场照片给我打电话柯达

These hoes goin crazy like think they need some prozac 这些锄头布莱恩发疯似的想他们需要一些百忧解

We the hottest thing in tha market and you no dat 我们最热门的东西塔市场,你没有DAT

Yo bitch chose us and she don't want to go back 哟婊子选择了我们,她不想回去

We stackin big faces cuz we still spending throwbacks 我们stackin大脸cuz我们还是花返祖


[JD:] [ JD : ]

Now when I do it its something like thrilla and manilla man 现在,当我做了类似thrilla和马尼拉人

Known as a killa man fresh from the dealer man 被称为Killa的男子从经销商的男人鲜

So So niggas aint no crew illa than 所以,所以黑鬼是不是没有船员利亚比

10 acres of land and I got about a million 10英亩的土地,我有一百万

Dollars worth of cars in my front yard 美元的车在我家前院

I'm from a place in ATL where young niggas stomp hard 我是从ATL中的地方小黑鬼硬踩我

Ooo I think they like me when they heard me on the other one 噢噢我觉得他们喜欢我,当他们听到我对另一

So its only right that I hit you with another one 因此,它的唯一正确的,我打你一个又一个

Remix we get busy over here 不怕,我们忙起来在这里

No sleep niggas stay up on they grizzie over here 无眠黑鬼熬夜对他们grizzie看过来

We young (young), we fly (fly) 我们青年人(年轻的) ,我们飞(飞)

And we gon stay flashy till the day that we die 而我们坤留下华而不实,直到我们死去的那天


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 2] [诗歌2]

They don't want 2 fight me I'm snatching ya ass up 他们不希望2打我,我抢雅屁股

First nigga act up first nigga get bust 首先黑鬼行为了第一黑鬼GET胸围

Majestic, gettin shredded while I'm twirlin n switchin up 大气磅礴,开始报撕碎,而我twirlin Ñ switchin了

T-shirt stravaganza (franchize the white tee boyz) T恤stravaganza ( franchize白色T恤BOYZ )

Self made self paid we lounge around in our white tee 自制自付款,我们周围的休息室在我们的白T恤

Ashy black shirt well get down in ya brown tee 呈灰黑色衬衫以及趴下雅棕色T恤

Muhammed throwback who'd sport a jersey by Ali 穆罕默德倒退谁愿意炫耀球衣阿里

And if he make one (hell naw dat dont excite me!) 如果他做一个(地狱瑙DAT不要使我兴奋! )

I'm all about my cash ride around wit a nice peace 我所有关于我的身边机智一个很好的和平的现金搭

Ear piece icy they straight up like me 耳片冰冷的,他们直上像我这样的

You heard pimpin playa (they shine so brightly) 你听到潘潘滩(他们万分明亮)

Don't stand so close vision blurs when ice blings 不要站在这么近的视觉模糊,当冰blings

Respect my whole squad kno you can't even touch us cuz 尊重我的整个阵容硝酸钾,你甚至不能接触我们的Cuz

Role out the red carpet high 5 and show us love 角色了红地毯的高5和展示我们的爱

Carry barretas count cheddar we transedda 携带barretas数切达我们transedda

I'm a franchize niggga have a mil or betta 我是一个franchize niggga有MIL或斗鱼


[Da Brat:] [大顽童: ]

Check it out! 看看这个!

60644694 blow dro with the windows up on duece four's 60644694打击DRO在Windows上duece 4的

Purple candy paint brand new think I aint 紫色糖果漆全新想我是不是

Same chick same click mo bricks in the bank 在银行同小鸡一样点击莫砖

No now no hoe rounds no down like brat 现在没有不锄轮状小子不下来

It aint no showdown for no crown I'm holding that 它不是没有摊牌无冠,我拿着那

Face all over VH paid great till this day 面对全国各地的VH十分,直到这一天

Been in love with the mic since Run DMC walk this way 一直深爱着话筒,因为运行的DMC走这路

Talk this way cause I'm gangsta, a chi-town legend 这种说话方式,因为我匪帮中,智镇的传说

I'm not ordinary people its a star in yo presents 我不是普通人了哟礼物的明星

So icy that my earlobes hurt 所以,冰冷的,我的耳垂受伤

But what its worth 但它的价值

Dont test me I got the four fitfth under the skirt 不要考验我,我得到了裙下的四个fitfth

Thick in the thighs can tuck that I stay on my grind 厚的大腿可以掖,我留在我的磨

I buss back if I must act I empty the sack í巴斯回来,如果我必须采取行动,我空麻袋

Its b to the r-a-t trust that I'm crazy 其B与R- A-T的信任是我疯了

JD pays me I'm such acting lady JD付我,我这样的演技小姐


[Bow Wow:] [宝娃: ]

I'm bow weezy prince of the o-town 我低头邻镇weezy王子

Just got the wheels clean so I'm riding slow now 刚拿到车轮干净所以现在我骑慢

I'm in a fast car something like a nascar 我在速度快的汽车有点像NASCAR

If you wanna know how much it cost you should ask pa 如果你想知道多少成本你应该问PA

As far as the rocks in chain I dropped some change 至于岩链我放弃了一些变化

Its easy for me to copped them thangs 它容易让我copped他们thangs

And I dont stop I got rocks in rings 而且我不阻止我圈了岩石

You know the same size as a boxing ring 你知道同样大小的拳击场

Swimming pool in the front and the back yard 游泳池前,后院

I aint got to act hard 我是不是得了行事硬

I'm under 21 with a black card 下我21我用黑卡

Yea I know that was kind of a low blow 是啊,我知道那是怎样的一个小的打击

But the dough for the so so dont come slow 但面团的那么那么不来慢


[Chorus] [合唱]


[JD:] [ JD : ]

Oh I think they like me when they heard me on the other one 哦,我觉得他们喜欢我,当他们听到我的另一个

So its only right that I hit you with another one 因此,它的唯一正确的,我打你一个又一个

[Repeat 2x] [重复2倍]

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