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I Miss My Homies


歌词相关歌手:MASTER P

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

I want ya'll to play this at funerals in the hood. 我想你们大家要在引擎盖葬礼玩这个。

Til all this black on black crime stop. 直到这个全黑的黑色犯罪停止。

Some say the blind lead the blind. 有人说,瞎子领瞎子。

But in the ghetto you never know, 但在贫民区,你永远不知道,

When it's gon be yo time. 当它的坤哟时间。


[Sons of Funk, Mo B. Dick, O'dell] [恐怖之子,莫二迪克,奥德尔]

Sittin at the ghetto thinkin bout 在好好坐着想着贫民区的较量

All my homies passed away (uuunnnggghhh!) 我所有的家人都去世了( uuunnnggghhh ! )

Candy painted cadillacs and triple gold 糖画凯迪拉克和三金

That's how me and my boys rolled 这是我和我的孩子们怎么滚

How could it be? 这怎么可能?

Somebody took my boy from me 有人从我身边带走了我的孩子

My best friend's gone 我最好的朋友走了

And I'm so all alone 我很孤单

I really miss my homies 我真的很想念我的家人

Even though they gone away 即使他们走了

I know you in a better place 我知道你在一个更好的地方

And I hope to see ya soon someday 我希望很快再见总有一天


[Master P] [大师P ]

I used to hang with my boy even slang with my boy 我用挂带我的孩子甚至俚语都与我的孩子

Used to bang with my boy, goddam I miss my boy 用一声我的孩子,该死的我想念我的孩子

We started out youngstas in the park throwin birds 我们开始了youngstas在公园肆意鸟

In your hearse, damn it's sad to see my nigga in the dirt 在您的灵车,该死的是伤心,看到我的兄弟在土里

The game got me workin, got me perkin, never jerkin 这场比赛让我干活,让我珀,永不外套

Still blowin dolja fo ya cause I know you up there workin 依然飘荡dolja FO雅因为我知道你在那里干活

Ya little baby's cool and ya baby's mama straight 雅的小宝宝的冷静和雅宝宝的妈妈直

But today's a sad day to see the t-shirt with ya face 但今天是一个悲伤的日子,看的T恤你的脸

From the cradle to the grave, from the streets we used to fall 从摇篮到坟墓,从街头我们经常跌倒

In the park you liked to ball, put yo name upon the wall 在你喜欢的球公园,在城墙上把名字哟

In the projects you's a legend on the street you was a star 在该项目中,你是你是一个明星的街头传奇

But it's sad to see my homeboy ridin in that black car 但是,这是可悲的,看我的巨蟹座坐车在黑车

A lotta soldiers done died, a lotta mothers done cried 洛塔士兵做死了,洛塔做母亲哭了

You done took yo piece of the pie but you was too young to retire 你做了哟分一杯羹,但你太年轻退休

Why soldiers ride for yo name leave it vain 为什么战士骑溜溜的名字让它白白

Some Gs never change, damn they killed you for some change 有些GS永远不会改变,该死的,他们杀了你的一些变化

Smile for my homie Kevin Miller my boy Randall 微笑对我亲密的凯文·米勒我的孩子兰德尔

The ghetto persons that lost they loved ones to these ghetto scandals 失去贫民窟的人,他们对这些贫民窟的丑闻所爱的人


Take a minute to smile for the dead (uuunnnggghhh!) 花一分钟笑对死者( uuunnnggghhh ! )

Smile for the dead (RIP 2Pac, Makaveli) 微笑死者( RIP 2Pac的, Makaveli )

All my homies who done made it to the crossroads 我所有的兄弟们谁做去到十字路口

(Biggie Smalls) (大不了小商品)


[Sons, Mo B. O'dell] [父子,莫二奥德尔]

How could it be? 这怎么可能?

Somebody took my boy from me 有人从我身边带走了我的孩子

(It's like I can't believe you gone) (这就像我不能相信你走了)

My best friend's gone 我最好的朋友走了

(Sometimes I feel like I can't go on) (有时候,我觉得我不能去)

And I'm so all alone 我很孤单

(Everytime I see something you done left (每次我看到你做了左

I really miss my homies 我真的很想念我的家人

(It just remind me, more and more of you, dawg) (这只是提醒我,越来越多的你,耶)

Even though they gone away 即使他们走了

(I just keep reminiscin) (我只是不停reminiscin )

I know you in a better place 我知道你在一个更好的地方

(Cause I know you alright) (因为我知道你还好吗)

And I hope to see ya soon someday 我希望很快再见总有一天

(And I keep smilin, knowin I'm a see you in the crossroads) (而且我一直微笑着,深深地知道我是看到你在十字路口)


[Pimp C] [ Pimp C的]

We used to grip on the grain and flip them candy toys 我们曾经握在粮食和翻转它们糖果玩具

But I'd give up all that bullshit if I could get back my boy 不过,我会放弃所有的废话,如果我能找回我的孩子

Off in the club smokin weed til 3, hollerin at the hoes 关在俱乐部斯莫杂草直到3 ,纷纷抱在锄头

Spendin $4000 on me on gators and clothes 赵本山4000美元在我的鳄鱼和衣服

When I turned to rap, he had to chase the game 当我转过身来,说唱,他不得不追逐游戏

Nigga told me, "C, leave that dope, cause rappin is yo thang" 兄弟们告诉我, “C ,离开了涂料,原因是说唱哟胜”

I ain't gone even lie, some nights I ride and cry 我是不是走了,甚至谎言,有些晚上我骑和呐喊

Wonderin why the real niggas always the ones to die 迷惘,为什么真正的黑鬼总是那些死

So I just smoke my weed and try to clear my mind 所以,我只是抽着大麻,并试图清除我的脑海

I wish that I had the power to turn back the hands of time 我希望我只好往回走的时候手中的权力

I wonder if there's a heaven up there for real Gs 我在想,如果有一个天堂在那里真正的GS

For all the niggas in the game that be sellin keys 在游戏中所有的黑鬼这是出卖键

I keep my memories, try to keep my head stromg 我把我的回忆,尽量保持我的头stromg

But baby it's hard to be strong, when yo main homie gone 但是亲爱的,很难保持强势,当哟主亲密的走了


[Sons, Mo B. O'dell] [父子,莫二奥德尔]

Even though you gone away 即使你走了

(Even though you gone, you ain't never gon be forgotten) (即使你走了,你是不是从来坤被遗忘)

I know you in a better place 我知道你在一个更好的地方

(Cause as long as I'm here (原因只要我在这里

You gon live through me and other TRU playas) 您可以通过我和其他超铀帕拉斯活坤)

I really miss my homies 我真的很想念我的家人

Even though they gone away 即使他们走了

I know you in a better place 我知道你在一个更好的地方

And I hope to see ya soon someday 我希望很快再见总有一天


[Silkk] [ Silkk ]

I'm just sittin here dazed thinkin bout all the times we had 我只是在这里呆坐着茫然想着回合所有我们必须与时俱进

Thinkin the past, some was good and some was bad 想着过去,有些是好的,有些是坏的

Remember Dante? 记住但丁?

It was a group of us, just a group of five 这是我们一群人,只是一组五个

Now three dead, one in jail, it seem right now I'm the only one alive 现在三尸,一个在监狱里,似乎现在我是唯一一个活着

To all my soldiers before me, may ya'll rest in peace 对我来说,在我所有的士兵,可以使你们安息

When He took three, took my soul, just the bodies 当他花了三年,花了我的灵魂,只是身体

He at the crossroads guide us out to the rest of me 他在十字路口引导我们走出来了我的休息

Wishin I could rewind time like demos 许愿我可以倒带时间像演示

Me and you gettin girls, writin down numbers like memos 我和你刚开的女孩,以创作下来的数字像备忘录

Makin million dollar bets, makin all our money stretch like limos 马金数百万美元的赌注,做个所有的钱一样舒展豪华轿车

Even though I smile, it's sad, but they say gangstas can't cry 即使我微笑,这是可悲的,但他们说帮派分子不能哭

But if I close my eyes and visualize me together 但是,如果我闭上双眼,想象我在一起

Then I suddenly wanna smile 这时我突然想笑

To see you laid down when it's yo time, when your time was up 看你放下时,它的哟时候,当你的时间到了

You never seen your child, but he's here to remind us 你从来没见过你的孩子,但他在这里要提醒我们

Even though you was wrong, I never could belive that that was true 即使你错了,我从来就不会相信的是,这是真实的

You was with me forever, you could check my rest in peace tattoos 你是我永远的,你可以查我在和平纹身休息

See me and C and P forever gon be ridin and thuggin 看到我和C和P永远坤是坐车的,并般的暴徒

Rest in peace to all the ones that didn't make it 安息所有那些没能成功

And rest in peace to my brother 和安息我的兄弟

We gon miss you 我们会去想念你


(I love these fools) (我爱这些傻瓜)

I know you in a better place 我知道你在一个更好的地方

(Every time I get on my knees) (每次我在我的膝盖)

And I hope to see ya soon someday 我希望很快再见总有一天

(I pray for you, I'm glad you in a better place (我求你,我很高兴你在一个更好的地方

I hope I see ya soon, ain't no more killin 我希望很快见到你,是不是没有更多的杀人

Ain't no more fights, and ain't no more tears) 是不是没有更多的战斗,而不是没有更多的眼泪)

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