歌词 "I Know What You Want" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

I Know What You Want



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Busta Rhymes speaking] [ Busta押韵说]

Yeah 是啊

Shorty I know what you need 矮个子,我知道你需要什么

I got everything you need 我有你需要的一切

I promise I ain't gonna hold out either 我保证我不会抱任何

I'ma give it all to you baby 我是把它全部给你的宝宝

It's on, bust it 它的上,它胸围


[Chorus: 1- Busta Rhymes 2- Mariah Carey] [合唱: 1 Busta押韵2玛丽亚凯莉]


[1] - Baby if you give it to me [1] - 宝贝,如果你把它给我

I'll give it to you 我把它送给你

I know what you want 我知道你想要什么

You know I got it 你知道,我得到了它

Baby if you give it to me 宝贝,如果你把它给我

I'll give it to you 我把它送给你

As long as you want 只要你想

You know I got it 你知道,我得到了它


[2] - Baby if you give it to me [2] - 宝贝,如果你把它给我

I'll give it to you 我把它送给你

I know what you want 我知道你想要什么

You know I got it 你知道,我得到了它

Baby if you give it to me 宝贝,如果你把它给我

I'll give it to you 我把它送给你

As long as you want 只要你想

You know I got it 你知道,我得到了它


[Verse 1: Spliff Star] [诗歌1 : Spliff星]

We been together for a few years 我们已经在一起几年

Shared a few tears 分享了几滴眼泪

Called each other nicknames 互称绰号

Like Sugar Plum and Poo Bear 如糖梅浦熊

I'm always on the road 我总是在路上

I'm hardly ever home 我很少回家

Always busy this busy that 总是忙这忙那

Can't talk on the phone 不能讲电话

I know you aggrevated 我知道你aggrevated

Walk around frustrated 逛完受挫

Ya patience gettin' short 雅耐心刚开了短

How long can you tolerate it 多久你能忍受

Listen ma I'm just motivated 听马我只是出于

I do this for us 我这样做对我们

Step on the grind tryin' to elevate it now 在研磨试着一步,现在来提升它


[Verse 2: Baby Sham] [诗2 :婴儿深水]

Hey yo to really be honest 嘿哟真的说实话

You stuck with me through my whole struggle 您可以通过我的整个斗争坚持了我

Can't express the words 无法表达的话

How much the kid loves ya 有多少孩子爱雅

I'ma stand as a man never above ya 我是站在作为一个男人永远不会高于雅

I can tell that you different from most 我可以告诉你从最不同

Slightly approach you 稍微接近你

And that ill shit about it 而且患病狗屎吧

We gon' sex every day 我们仍然天天“性

But when we sex we tease 但是,当我们做爱,我们逗

In a passionate way 在一个充满激情的方式

I love the way you touch it 我爱你触摸它的方式

Those little elaborate ways 这些精心设计的小方法

Got the guard feelin' released 得到了后卫感觉发布

To relax for the day 想要放松的一天

It's on you ma 这是你妈


[Chorus 1- Busta Rhymes 2- Mariah Carey] [合唱1 Busta押韵2玛丽亚凯莉]


[Verse 3: Busta Rhymes] [第3节: Busta押韵]

Shh, mami listen 嘘,听妈咪

I feel ya love for me baby 我觉得雅为我的宝宝爱

And how it move through you 移动通过你怎么了

I been longin' for the moment 我一直在龙津的时刻

To talk the truth to you 说说实话,你

Listen, I'm never home 听着,我不在家

I always get up and go 我总是起床去

Puttin' you through the unnecessary rigga-ma-ro Puttin “您完成了不必要的Rigga酒店-MA -RO

I never meant to put a thousand pounds 我从未想过要投入一千英镑

Of stress on ya head 强调雅头

I love the way we sleep 我爱我们的睡眠方式

And how we always cuddle in bed 我们怎么总是偎在床上

Baby, I stay embracin' ya patience 宝贝,我依然embracin 雅耐心

Sheddin' ya tears with me Sheddin “雅眼泪陪我

I ask you my mami 我问你我的真身

Please continue to bear with me 请大家继续多多包涵


[Verse 4: Rah Digga] [第4节:拉赫DIGGA ]

We started out broke 我们开始了破产

Constantly on a roll 不断卷

Cuttin' up in the streets like we would never get old Cuttin 在街上就像我们永远不老

Went from Lucy's and buses to fifty cent sodas 从露西的和公交车去了50 %的苏打水

And Novas to Hondas to Lexus to Rovers 和诺瓦斯到本田雷克萨斯为流浪者

Mad years passed 疯狂岁月的流逝

Still got each other back 还是得到了对方回

Word is bond never screw none of these industry cats 字键永不螺丝没有这些产业的猫

We like Scull and Mulder 我们喜欢斯卡尔和穆德

Walkin' shoulder to shoulder 沃尔“比肩

Milkin' this game watchin' our seeds gettin' older Milkin 这个游戏在看着“我们的种子刚开了旧的


[Chorus 1- Busta Rhymes 2- Mariah Carey] [合唱1 Busta押韵2玛丽亚凯莉]


[Verse 5: Busta Rhymes] [第5节: Busta押韵]

Yes you know I'll die for you 是的,你知道我会死给你看

And ya know I'll ride with you 而且你知道我会与你同行

I will always try with you 我会一直尝试与你

And give ya my love and cry with you 并给你的我的爱和我唯一的爱人


[Verser 6: Mariah Carey] [ Verser 6 :玛丽亚凯莉]

I will climb a mountain high 我会爬上高高的山顶上

Until I was up to touch the sky 直到我能触摸到天空

So baby come and get more close to me 所以宝贝来获得更多的靠近我

This is where your love is supposed to be 这是你的爱情应该是


[Verse 7 : Rampage] [第7节:狂暴]

I pull up to the house in a yellow Lamborghini 我拉起来的房子在一个黄色的兰博基尼

It's been a few months in PA you haven't seen me 这是一个几个月的PA你有没有看到我

Ya lookin' good in that Gucci bikini 雅看着他在Gucci的比基尼好

38 carats ya ring lookin' freezy 38克拉雅环锭查找 freezy

No matter what I do in the world you never leave me 无论我做什么,在世界你永远不会离开我

Fall back ma I'll make ya lifestyle easy 依傍马我会让雅的生活方式容易

I appreciate the things ya do to please me 我很欣赏的东西雅也请我

Lookin' at my daughter you'll never do me greasy 在看我的女儿,你会不会做我腻


[Chorus 1- Busta Rhymes 2- Mariah Carey] [合唱1 Busta押韵2玛丽亚凯莉]


[Busta Rhymes speaking with Mariah ad-libs] [ Busta押韵讲了玛丽亚的即兴表演]

Flipmode Records, J Records Flipmode记录, J唱片公司

Def Jam Records Def Jam公司记录

Busta Rhymes...Mariah Busta押韵......玛丽亚

Flipmode Squad, yeah Flipmode队,耶

So beautiful 如此美丽

Ah-ha I knew you was gon' give me that high note 啊,哈哈,我知道你是会去给我高昂着头

Mariah 玛丽亚

Ah-ha-ha yeah 啊,哈啊

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