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I Got Love (Remix)


歌词相关歌手:NATE DOGG

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[Intro: Nate Dogg (Kurupt)] [简介:奈特狗狗( Kurupt )


I got love 我得到的爱

(Yeah for all y'all unaware) (是所有你们不知道)

(Kurupt!)Fab-u-lous ( Kurupt ! )的Fab -U- LOUS

(Smash through, do whatcha do, and whatcha want to) (冲破,做你会怎样做,并且你会怎样想)

Gang-sta Nate 纲站内特

(Nate Dogg, remix with Bink) (奈特狗狗,混音与宾克)

(Doin what we wanna...) (杜安我们想...)

Young Got-ti 年轻的GOT- TI


[Fabolous] [非常棒]

Ok, that's right, Ghetto! (F-A-B) 好吧,这是正确的,贫民窟! (F - A-B )

With the D-O double G, three fo' bubblies 用D -O双G ,三为 bubblies

Three fo dubs and trees 三FO配音和树木

Chinky eyes, B-Low double G's Chinky眼睛, B超低压双G的

Hit three fo' clubs and breeze 命中三分FO俱乐部和微风

The tree flow double trees 树流量双重树

Don't speak, the deez host publicly 不要说话, deez主机公开

Dee low rubber knees, ski-o's double D's 迪伊低橡胶膝盖,滑雪邻的双D的

Don't know what these broads trouble grief 不知道这些湖区烦恼忧伤

For these roll double V's, please no slugs to squeeze 对于这些辊双V的,请不蛞蝓挤

(F-A-B) Told you I'm a rider, but you can thank the green ( FAB)告诉你我是一个车手,但你可以感谢绿

For the gangsta lean, when I roll through in a rider 对于匪帮瘦,当我在骑车经过滚

You lookin at a "coast to coast G" 看着你在“东海岸到西海岸G”

I got love, but I still stash the toaster closely 我得到了爱,但我还是紧紧藏匿的烤面包机

We bailin on police rides, cuz Nate 我们柏林警察乘车辩论,因为内特

Got some sticky so strong you could smell it on the Eastside 有一些粘如此强烈,你可以闻到它的上东区

Please believe it, believe it please 请相信它,相信它,请

You gon' see arms come out, like sleeveless T's 你就能发现怀里出来,就像无袖T的


[Nate Dogg] [奈特狗狗]

I got love 我得到的爱

I got love for, my homies who be rollin with me 我得到了爱,我的兄弟们谁可以跟我罗林

Play no games 玩任何游戏

Play no games cuz, ain't nobody playin with me 玩任何游戏的Cuz ,不是没有人在玩我

I got love 我得到的爱

I got love for, my niggaz on my family tree 我得到了爱,我的兄弟们对我的家谱

Down with the ghetto, down for whatever 打倒的贫民区,下来什么

If you was down before then you still gon' be down with me 如果是以前,那么你仍然会去下“与我失望


[Kurupt] [ Kurupt ]

Format ya doormat 格式雅门垫

Stomp and stampede on emcees like doormats (Yeah) 践踏和踩踏像门垫司仪(是啊)

Contriceptic, unload and get swallowed like anestheptic Contriceptic ,卸载并获得吞噬像anestheptic

Step up and accept it 加强和接受它

You wanna see the shells shift 你想看到的炮弹转移

Wiggle ya torso or make ya bottom or ya hips slip 雅扭动躯干或使雅底部或亚臀部滑

like a slick disc and twist 就像一个漂亮的光盘和扭曲

Buster boy Bobby, sockin all y'all is a hobby 巴斯特男孩鲍比, sockin所有你们是一个爱好

Got 'em loungin in the lobby 有时间loungin大堂

Automatic tacts automatically cause tragedies and catastrophies 自动触点自动导致悲剧和catastrophies

Suckers! (I got love) 冤大头! (我得到的爱)

And all the homies round up, throw the pound up 和所有的家人都圆了,扔了一斤

Kurupt out to show y'all how to strut like what (I got love) Kurupt出去,告诉你们如何支撑像(我得到的爱)

Pros - they adore me, I keep all pros lookin for me 优点 - 他们崇拜我,我把所有的优点看着我

Alive to tell this story, and I 活着讲述这个故事,我

And who am I, be the agostra Gotti 我又是谁,是agostra高帝

Sinatra sloss sling, soldiers 西纳特拉斯洛斯吊带,士兵


[Nate Dogg] [奈特狗狗]

Cap-tain Save 盖覃保存

Captain Save A, Hooker cuz she hangin on me 船长保存,胡克因为她犹豫不决的我

She can't hang 她不能挂

She can't hang cuz, I ain't lookin for a wifey 她不能挂的Cuz ,我是不是看着一个wifey

Just in-case 就在情况

Just incase I, better take a weapon with me 只是柜面我更好地利用武器与我

When these hoes 当这些锄头

When these hoes get clever, down for whatever 当这些锄头弄巧,同比下降了什么

If she stress me some more 如果她强调我多些

I'll leave the heffer down in the street 我会离开的赫弗倒在路边


[B.R.E.T.T.] [ B.R.E.T.T. ]

(I got love) For chucktailors and Converse (我得到的爱)对于chucktailors和匡威

C'mere let's con-verse, I mean where you heard those words first Cmere让CON-诗句,我的意思是,你第一次听到这些话

(I got blunts) .. My niggaz put in hard work (我有钝器) 。我的兄弟们把实干

Twenty four hours and packs go like front work 二十四小时,包去像前工作

(I got love) Crips and Bloods, chick who'll split'cha mugs (我得到的爱)瘸子和布卢兹,小鸡谁就会splitcha杯

Same bitches that strip for bucks 这剥夺了雄鹿母狗一样

(Got no love) For half these dudes spittin (有没有爱)对于一半的帅哥吐口水

Other half don't live it see.. I talk about it bitch 另一半不活它看..我讲了婊子

(I got slugs) Play Brutus, Popeye your ass, reach for my spinach (我有蛞蝓)播放布鲁特斯,大力水手你的屁股,端起我的菠菜

You see how I'm eatin contenders 你看怎么样,我eatin竞争者

(I'm grown up) Y'all children, I'm more original (我长大了)你们的孩子,我更多的原创

more lyrical, plus dogg.. 更抒情,加上狗狗..

(I got hugs) For fans wavin they hands, repeatin my sentence (我得到的拥抱)对于球迷飘扬,他们的双手, repeatin我一句

My times now, eat when I'm finished 现在我的时候,吃饭的时候我完成

(As for y'all) You?? You oppose no threat (至于你们说)你?你反对任何威胁

Got your chick hollering B.R.E.T.T.! 有你的小鸡喊叫B.R.E.T.T. !


[Nate Dogg] [奈特狗狗]

I got love 我得到的爱

I got game cuz, the game was given to me 我得到了游戏的Cuz ,游戏给了我

Say my name 说我的名字

Say my name cuz, ain't nobody tighter than me 说我的名字的Cuz ,不是没有人更严格的比我

Give it up 放弃吧

Give it up if, you like the way I'm rockin this beat 放弃吧,如果你像我这样的摇滚节拍的方式

I don't know 我不知道

Know nothin better, chasin my cheddar 知道没有什么更好的,追赶我的切达

If you ain't lovin the boy, you ain't never listened to me 如果你不是爱着男孩,你是不是从来不听我的

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