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Homies & Thuggs



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse 1:] [诗歌1 : ]

Ghetto niggas remain violent while the killers remain silent 贫民区黑鬼仍然激烈,而凶手保持沉默

niggas strapped with 45's and ain't smiling 黑鬼绑有45的,不面带微笑

And I'm driving to a place they're all warrin' 而我开车去他们都warrin 的地方

the lake we build houses but its the hood we call home 湖边,我们建造房屋,但其引擎盖,我们给家里打电话

In the ghetto the only place a motherfucker will keep it real 在贫民窟的唯一地方娘将保持真实

we focused on the dollar bill, still 我们专注于美元的钞票,还

The outsiders tend to disrespect the place 外人往往不尊重的地方

where niggas do thier struggling die with a straight face 其中黑鬼做Their授权修建的挣扎死去着脸

Surviving, under conditions demons dinin' 生存,条件下的恶魔狄宁

you can run it but can't hide it so step aside 你可以运行它,但无法掩盖这么靠边

Its the nigga that makes music for the streets 它使音乐的街头黑人

cause I love this motherfucker like pussy with no sheets, 因为我爱这个混蛋喜欢猫,没有床单,

cause its deep 造成其深

Some niggas make it out the neighborhood and won't surface 一些黑鬼做出来的附近,也不会浮出水面

and let the money make them nervous, what's the purpose? 让钱让他们紧张,有什么目的?

A motherfucker sitting on fat 娘坐在脂肪

he came up in the hood but he can't come back 他想出了在引擎盖,但他不能回来

Fuck that, I remain in the street game frame 他妈的,我留在街上游戏帧数

on a mission to maintian me and take aim 的任务是清理维护极其方便我和盯准

In position to let my opposition know my life 在适当的位置,让我知道反对我的生活

cause off in these streets I keep it real but what's right? 在这些街道引起了我把它真实的,但什么是正确的?

Surviving, sitting on a key doing business on a beeper 幸存的,坐在一个关键的蜂鸣器做生意

I'm sinking in this motherfucker deeper 我那颗在这混蛋更深

Fear the reaper that no man born or woman harm me 恐怕没有人天生还是女人害我收割

fuck being a nigga in your army; though I'm a killer 他妈的是你的军队中黑人;虽然我是一个杀手

Enter the ghetto so that you can see 进入贫民窟,这样就可以看到

what I mean when I say I love this cause it love me 我的意思是,当我说我喜欢这个事业是爱我

Let it be, stop looking at this motherfucker strange 让它去吧,别再找这个混蛋怪

and talking 'bout a motherfucking change 和说话布特他妈的变化

This is for my thug niggas 这是我的暴徒黑鬼


[Chorus x6] [合唱5233 ]

This is for my homies and my thug niggas (uuuuugh) 这是我的家人和我的暴徒黑鬼( uuuuugh )


[Verse 2] [诗歌2]

'Face, picture us working at McDonald's “脸,想象我们在麦当劳工作

and me and you selling fucking toasted up (?) 我和你卖他妈的敬酒了( ? )

Gold slug, a car full of thug niggas 金塞,满满一车的暴徒黑鬼

twenty inch wheels candy paint so we drug dealers 20英寸的轮毂糖果漆,所以我们的毒贩

No Limit soldiers to the fullest 无极限战士发挥到淋漓尽致

see I was raised on some red beans the size of some bullets, huh 见我提出了一些红豆一些子弹的大小,呵呵

We ghetto niggas can't be stopped 我们贫民区黑鬼不能停止

got me mixing up dope with little J down at Rap-A-Lot 让我混淆了涂料与小J下来RAP- A - 地段

My phone tapped the feds on my tail 我的手机窃听联邦调查局在我的尾巴

got me paying luxury taxes on everything I build 让我缴纳奢侈税的一切,我建

True to the ghetto that's my life 真到了贫民窟这就是我的生活

you see that house on the lake its for the kids and the wife 你看湖上的的孩子和妻子的房子

You can test me if you wanna 如果你想,你可以考我

cause I be dumping niggas off from New Orleans to California 因为我从新奥尔良倾销黑鬼关闭加州

Rowdy like a hurricane (uuuuuugh) 粗暴像飓风( uuuuuugh )

independant, black owned got them hooked on this cocaine 独立的,拥有黑得到了他们在这个可卡因上瘾

You used to see C in a suit and tie 你以前看到下在西装,打领带

but we young niggas in tennis shoes and diamonds 但我们年轻的黑鬼的网球鞋和钻石

Executive street millionaires 行政街百万富翁

niggas gonna be bout it bout till we gray in the wheel chair 黑鬼会是这一轮回合,直到我们在轮椅灰色


[Chorus x6] [合唱5233 ]


[Verse 3:] [诗歌3 : ]

What do you get from boosting? 你怎么从提高得到什么?

niggas coming out from california to represent them niggas from 黑鬼加利福尼亚出来代表他们的黑鬼

Houston 休斯顿

And now we rocking keep this shit popping 现在我们摇摆保持这种狗屎大跌眼镜

and all my niggas across the bay know L.A. keep the shit hot 和整个海湾我所有的黑鬼知道洛杉矶保持狗屎热

I keep my glock inside my pants , dont give niggas a chance 我把我的格洛克在我的裤子,不给黑鬼机会

to put me inside a casket you dirty bastards 把我一个棺材里面你肮脏的混蛋

Until the day I die you catch a nigga high off weed the police can't 直到有一天我死了,你赶上了一个黑人高过杂草,警方不能

find me 找我

My shit will drop and I'll sell five million 我的屎会下降,我就卖500万

while all the niggas enter the game get caught up in drug dealing 而所有的黑鬼进入游戏陷入毒品交易

How can I fall? how can I ball, how can I catch my enemies and murder 我怎么能落下?哪能球,我怎么能赶上我的敌人和谋杀

them all? 他们呢?

My word of flame burn niggas inside thier brain 我的火焰字燃烧Their授权修建的脑子里面黑鬼

niggas can't hang with me, and like it changes, uh 黑鬼不能挂我,并且喜欢它的变化,呃

Scarface got me on this shit 疤面煞星在这个狗屎让我

we laced it motherfuckers in thier body and face, uh 我们股价是贱人,在Their授权修建的身体和脸,嗯

Growing thicker, liquor made me daddy and nigga 越来越多厚,酒使我的爸爸和兄弟们

niggas don't wanna see me world wide mob figure 黑鬼不想见我世界各地的怪物图

M.O.B. and the leaf keep me weeded M.O.B.和叶让我淘汰

them niggas don't wanna see me when i got weed in my system 他们黑鬼不想看到我的时候,我得到的杂草在我的系统

Catch another victim, capture bodies 搭上另一个受害者,捕捉机构

bring a shottie to the fucking party, yeah 带来shottie给他妈的党,是啊

I party all night 一缔约方整夜

I do this shit cause its wrong but we were born right 我做这个狗屎造成其错误的,但我们出生的权利

And to the niggas in my zone we do it long ways 并在我区的黑鬼我们这样做还很远

'till these bitches understand nigga my song pay; cause I'm the man “直到这些母狗了解黑鬼我的歌付费;因为我是男人

Now these are my homeboys, we outlaws till the day we die 现在,这些都是我的homeboys ,我们不法分子,直到我们死去的那天

keep this shit rough and raw my 45 保持这个狗屎粗糙和原始的我45

Make sure that I survive to another day 请相信,我活到另一天

to bust rhymes which from I get paid 胸围从我得到支付童谣

Now that's the end of my freestyle but it was left for dead 现在,这是我的自由泳的结束,但它留给死

but the shit away you can hear it playing, westside 但狗屎远就可以听到它演奏,西城


[Chorus x8] [合唱X8 ]

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