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High Noon



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Red 1] [红色1 ]

Yo yo 哟哟

We rude bwoys Van-city outlaws 我们粗鲁bwoys范城亡命之徒

Yo, the Red reaper, bust back your street sweeper 哟,红收割机,胸围回到你的清道夫

Call Mr. Martin and the preacher 叫马丁先生和布道者

To the saloon, the showdown high noon 以轿车,摊牌如日中天

Men dressed all black, yo pon cock platoon 男子身着全黑哟PON公鸡排

Outlaws, shedding blood by the liter 响马,流血的升

Saddle up, ride into the sun, done defeat ya 鞍,骑进阳光,做失败雅

Ride out and scout a safe hideout 利民及童军一个安全的藏身之处

With a bounty on my head, that's the word of the moth 随着我的头赏金,这就是蛾的话

Misfit and Red, wanted alive or dead 失配和红色,想要活着还是死了

But Billy bad on the draw, cowboy ninja dread 但比利坏的平局,牛仔忍者恐惧

Retreat to the bush where the Indians live 撤退到那里的印第安人生活在丛林

To survive off the land, recuperating 土地生存了,休养

Yo, walk the warpath like a brave Mohican 哟,走路像一个勇敢的莫希干人坚持强硬立场

Then scalpel the tongue chief rocker speaking 然后手术刀舌头长摇臂讲

Young gun, bust and murder the sound boy 年轻的枪,胸部和谋杀男孩的声音

Anything in my way, no choice but to destroy 凡是我的路,无奈地摧毁


[CHORUS] [合唱]

[Inspectah Deck] "Hold my ground like it's high noon" [ Inspectah甲板]“握住我的理由喜欢它的正午”

[scratched by Kemo] [通过凯莫划伤]


[Misfit] [不称职]

Trigger happy, blazing these mics to this undoubtedly 触发幸福,走出这些话筒这无疑

Unanimous that we the champ, to center your cipher 一致认为,我们的冠军,要集中你的密码

And blow up the ship, just to get a rep, that’s the way we step 炸毁的船,只是为了获得一个代表,这是我们加强的方式

Droppin rhymes, so clean out the top 丢下押韵,所以清理掉顶

You think I had a violent 你以为我有一个暴力

Naughty locks chopping you down like box cutters 淘气锁斩你下来像美工刀

Spreading this lyric on the ideo like butters 像黄油的IDEO传播这个歌词

Gripping neck, keeping next, the style that you missing 扣人心弦的脖子,保持旁边,你错过了风格

But you be getting it from the rendition 但是你可以从再现得到它

Hitting this rap game with some tight shit to remain 打到这个说唱游戏有些吃紧狗屎留

'Cause it's only the quicker the dead and I must remain “因为它是唯一的越快死了,我必须保持

You know the name, Misfit, speed of the mantis 你知道这个名字,不称职,螳螂速度

Rhymes will split your wig at ten paces, show down shit 韵会分裂你的假发在十步,显示下行狗屎

So bring it, you had your warning 所以,带上它,你有你的警告

Mr. Martin, is on his way with an open coffin 马丁先生,是他的方式以开放的棺材

Talking your way out of this, won't happen 谈到自己的方式离开这里,不会发生

We taking it to the front of the stage with a gun clapping 我们把它的台前与枪拍手

And when we done with your, we run your crew out of town 而当我们与你做的,我们运行人员出城

Dis that shit, stomp your wack lick sound DIS是狗屎,踩你的怪人舔的声音

Never come around or let us catch you on the rebound 千万不要过来还是让我们抓住你就反弹

We pound suckers like cats who can't rap, who want to clown 我们砸向喜欢猫谁也不能说唱,谁想要小丑吸盘


[CHORUS] [合唱]


[Red 1] [红色1 ]

Yo dressed and ready to shoot, in my bad boy suit 哟穿好衣服,准备拍摄,在我的坏男孩西装

Pistol grip on the hip like these cowboy boots 在这样的牛仔靴臀部手枪式握把

Ready to rip, some running judgement day coming 准备撕裂,有的跑审判日到来

When we clack and reload like Kardinal done it 当我们瓣和重装一样KARDINAL做到了

And ban it from the ground to the roof 而从地面禁止它在屋顶

'Nuff chat dem rats, se we leave no proof 纳夫聊天DEM的大鼠,本身我们没有留下任何证据

As we move, rarely got nothing to prove 随着我们的,很少有什么可证明

Rough ride and abide by none of the rules 坎坷不平,并没有遵守规则

Work our vibe, watch the hand read the eyes 我们的工作氛围,看手看眼睛

Quick draw, nobody moves nobody dies 快速平局,没有人没有人移动模

Yo, we in control let the story be told 哟,我们在控制让故事告诉

By the Rascal outlaws from the north coast 从北部海岸的流氓歹徒

[Misfit] [不称职]

What, you didn't know, FitnRed handle them foe 你不知道是什么, FitnRed处理它们的敌人

Take of the them soul, hang 'em out, let them die slow 就拿他们的灵魂,挂时间了,让他们死慢

And account of who the best was when they roll 而当他们推出的帐户谁是最好的了

Granted by the hand passage who afraid to explode 的手通过授予谁怕爆炸

Yeah yeah, that's the way it goes 是啊是啊,这是不言而喻的方式

Anti-??? behold, we lay down tracks while the rest of be told 抗 - ?看哪,我们放下的轨道,而其余被告知

So best move and gets go, act like you've been told 所以,最好的做法,并得到去,像你一直在说

By the heat of the sun or the tongue, when we let go 由太阳或舌头的热量,当我们放手


[CHORUS] [合唱]


[Misfit (Red 1)] [Chorus continues in background] [不称职(红1)] [合唱团将继续在后台]

Word, see what I'm saying 一句话,看我在说什么

Rascalz, straight up we ain't playing Rascalz ,直线上升,我们是不是在玩

North west side of things 东西北西侧

The Outlaws laying it down 响马奠定下来

The story's already been told 故事的已经被告知

Rascalz, is the way we come brother Rascalz ,是我们来到弟弟的方式

(Word up) (字了)

Word [repeated] 字[重复]

(From the mountain top to the valley below) (从山顶到下面的山谷)

(Let the story be told my man, let it be told) (我们的故事告诉我的男人,让它告诉)


[???] "That sound, is there time for hope?" [ ? ] “这声音,有时间希望吗? ”

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