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He Lay



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Chorus 3x's] [合唱3倍的]

He lay, he lay, he lay, he lay, he lay, he lay, he lay, he lay 他躺着,他躺着,他躺着,他躺着,他躺着,他躺着,他躺着,他躺在

In the grave he lay, he lay 在他躺在坟墓里,他躺在

In the grave he lay, he lay, he lay 在他躺在坟墓里,他躺着,他躺在


[Sko] [ SKO ]

L-E-G-I-T Ballaz L- E- G-1 -T Ballaz

Screamin' stop killin' for dollars 尖叫停止杀人对美元

From G-I, from the South to the Westside 从G-1 ,从南到西城

From the D-I and where I love, Darkside 从D -I和在哪里我的爱,阴暗面

I forever got my pride í永远有我的骄傲

Forever guide my guys to a better mindstate or phase 永远指引我的人更好mindstate或相

To replace all the wicked ideas erased 要更换所有被删除的鬼点子

All the fears about the payroll 关于工资的恐惧

What you say Lo about Sko 你说的对罗SKO

We representin' the Chi, do or die for real 我们representin 志,做或死的真

Niggaz caps gettin' twist off they tops for real 兄弟们盖刚开了拧断他们的上衣真

The conflict's in the hearts of many men for real 冲突在许多男人真正的心

The convicts in the Pen holdin' plenty steel 在笔的罪犯牵着很多钢

Niggaz know they house bigger but they play in the field 兄弟们知道他们更大的房子,但他们在场上发挥

Tabasco ain't gon' let it ride though 塔巴斯科是不是坤让它骑,虽然

Let my brother fat folk 让我哥发的民俗

I thrill for the kill í激动下杀手

Smoke me a ? 抽我?

Never runnin' from the mill boy I'm runnin' the field 千万不要“自磨机的男孩,我在天边场飞奔

It's the eternal Lord feel cemeteries revealed 这是永恒的上帝感觉墓地发现

Prophecies prophetcized stuff bein' fulfilled 预言prophetcized东西拜因“履行

And to another man I'll never kneel 而另一个人,我永远不会下跪

Until I see Allah, fate's comin' from the wheel 直到我看到真主,命运的科曼从轮

And baby girl, you can check it you can dig it here 而女婴,你可以检查它,你可以在这里挖了

If yo nigga try to test it, you can bet it he'll 如果哟黑鬼尝试测试它,你可以打赌它会他

Be in a grave he lay, he lay 在一个坟墓,他躺着,他躺在

In the grave he lay, he lay, he lay 在他躺在坟墓里,他躺着,他躺在


[Chorus 2x's] [合唱2倍的]


[Liffy Stokes] [ Liffy斯托克斯]

It's Liffy Stokes with the sticky smoke 这是Liffy斯托克斯与粘性烟

Quick to shoot a muthafucka down if he choke 快速拍摄muthafucka下来,如果他呛

Never see me in yo city broke 再也看不到我哟城破

In the club spendin' 50 notes 在俱乐部赵本山“ 50注意事项

Leave with 50 girls and 50 Folks 留下了50名女孩和50分毫不差

And we all tote scopes 我们都手提包范围

Guarded like the Pope cause we got that bomb on the dope 像守卫教皇的原因,我们得到了炸弹上的涂料

G-stacks in our coat G-堆在我们的大衣

Niggaz ask, we ain't hoes 兄弟们问,我们是不是锄头

Just to afloat with me, I'm livin' lovely 只是漂浮在我身边,我活着的可爱

Baby come on and relax with a Folk 宝贝来吧,放松身心民间

All my mackateers know why we ride down 我所有的mackateers知道为什么我们骑下来

Cliqued-up pick the bitch up bumpin' sounds, hurtin' the whole town Cliqued向上挑婊子了bumpin 的声音, hurtin 全城

With raw pound all around me ya dig, the sounds off like a live round 随着原材料一斤都在我身边雅挖,等活圆音关闭

22's on Fleet, peep my shine now 22对舰队,偷看我现在闪耀

I got a whole fuckin' nation that'll ride out 我得到了整个该死的民族,会骑了

And put yo lights out in a matter of minutes young nigga 并把球熄灯以分钟为单位的年轻黑人的事

So it's best for you to be closin' yo fuckin' mouth 因此,它是最适合你的需要closin “哟他妈的嘴

Before I pull out and bust slugs in yo ass 之前我拉出来,胸围蛞蝓的屁股哟

You lucky yo bitch here, that's why I'm givin' you a pass 你很幸运在这里哟婊子,这就是为什么我得到安宁,你一通

Nigga haul ass before I up and blast with no mask I高达爆没有黑人面具长途屁股前

And blow off you bit of mustache with yo tough ass 而吹掉你的小胡子位哟艰难的屁股

Shit everybody's bustin' down 妈的每个人都在认真过下来

My niggaz fallin' off all around 我的兄弟们掉到了各地

Before I go, I got my 50-rounds 我走之前,我得到了我50回合

To blaze a nigga before I hit the ground 杀出了一个黑人之前,我撞到地面

He lay 他躺在


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Sko] [ SKO ]

It's really gettin' hot on the block 这真是刚开了热块上

Niggaz got they glocks, niggaz sellin' they rocks 兄弟们得到了他们glocks ,兄弟们出卖他们的岩石

But my mind prepared to get this muthafuckin' knot 但我心里准备让这个的muthafuckin 结

So a nigga ain't scared to put a nigga in the box 所以,一个黑人不害怕把一个黑人在框中

If I gotta drop him down in the grave 如果我要砸他下来的坟墓

In the grave he gon' lay-he 在坟墓里,他会去上篮,他

Cause this shit don't stop, I shut 'me down everyday 造成这一切,不要停,我关闭我失望的日常

Everyday anyway he, anyway he 反正每天他,反正他

If he grown or not, wrong or not 如果他长大与否,错误或不

Niggaz better shake the spot and praise Allah 兄弟们更好地摇晃当场赞美安拉

Don't let me see yo face nowhere by the peace Allah 不要让我看到哟脸无处通过和平安拉

A laundry mat, niggaz better have they glocks cocked off 洗衣垫,兄弟们更好地得到他们glocks翘起关闭

Ready to blast off and get yo ass popped off 准备升空,并得到哟屁股弹出

With 10 hot ones when I draw from ?? when I smash off over there 10热的人时,我从中汲取?当我在那里过粉碎

It's blood on the curb over there 这是血路边那边

And them niggaz that be actin' like nerds over there 和他们的兄弟们这是肌动蛋白就像书呆子那边

And my niggaz that be flippin' plenty birds over there 而我的兄弟们说是弗利大量鸟类在那边

For them niggaz that be gettin' on my nerves over there 对于他们的兄弟们是被刚开了我的神经在那里

For my brothers that be gettin' plenty dirt over there 对于我的兄弟是被刚开了大量的灰尘在那里

For them ?? broads with all that weave in they hair 对于他们?湖区与所有编织在他们的头发

Who ain't got no walls, pussy like bees in the air 谁没有得到任何墙壁,猫一样在空中的蜜蜂

She dropped them draws and then I zoomed outta there 她把它们吸引,然后我放大有失控

Cause I got my laws, I'ma stay strong to myself 因为我有我的法律,我是强留我自己

And I thought about y'all, that's why I ball by myself 我想到了你们,这就是为什么我的球我自己

I don't need no mob to make me feel like myself 我不需要任何暴民让我觉得像我这样的

I don't need no job, I'll make these G's by myself 我不需要任何的工作,我会自己做这些G公司

I'ma be aight, breakin' my hands to the left 我是被aight ,唱到“我的手到左侧

I can see aight, I smell death on yo brea-ea-ea-ea-eath 我可以看到aight ,我闻到了死亡的哟布雷亚-EA- EA- EA- eath


[Chorus 4x's] [合唱4倍的]

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