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Hang Out And Hustle



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The C-R-U-D-D-Y, the C-L-I-C-K 在C-R -U - D- D- Y,那么C-L - I-C -K

It's texture pure terror a street professor aggressor scale and measure 它的质地纯净的恐怖街上教授侵略者规模和措施

clever compressor stretching salary stacks be running blocks as a 聪明的压缩机拉伸工资协议栈运行块作为

factory 工厂

structure capture the raw product I manufacture, fracture critic chatter 结构捕获的原始产品,我制造的,断裂的批评数落

nigga catcher as I blast a cop matter capsule shatter scatter midnight 黑人捕手我午夜爆炸一名警察不管胶囊破碎飞散

disasters clips I rather gather then flip for what I'm after now and 灾害剪辑我宁愿聚集然后翻转了我之后,现在我和

forever money makes things better at a regular gets me jewelry, bitches, 永远有钱好办事在例行更好地打动了我的珠宝,母狗,

bankcards, cars and competitors proposed threats wreck necks and puff ya 银行卡,汽车和竞争对手的威胁,提出了沉船的脖子和雅吞云吐雾

puzzled see trouble muzzles when I hang and hustle. 疑惑的看问题的枪口时,我挂和喧嚣。


Booda Bop, Boom, Bam, Bink, Bick Bow Bookow, Ratatat, Klack Klick, Klick Booda防喷器,动臂,巴姆,宾克,比克弓Bookow , Ratatat ,咔Klick , Klick

Kow, Klick Kow put brains with muscle. Hear a crew of guys utilize they 汉口, Klick汉口把大脑与肌肉。听到工作人员的人利用他们

skills. Bang out hang out slang out work and hustle. Flip techniques 技能。嘣出来挂出俚语失去工作和喧嚣。翻转技巧


boogie bangin' beats. A street fleet with Moet, dank and freaks in 布吉bangin “甘拜下风。街头舰队与酩悦,潮湿和怪胎的

twenty separate suite I'm servin' dope lyrics holding weight, just like 20个独立的套房,我塞尔涂料的歌词抱着体重,就像

Chris Webber a warrior from Golden State, and I conjure up raps I bet 克里斯·韦伯从金州勇士,我想起了斥责我敢打赌


don't know any they be hitting like that brick that smacked Reginald 不知道有没有,他们被打一样,那砖砸到雷金纳德

Denny. 丹尼。

Collects cash n' checks on a jet to meet the next client as I arrive at 收集现金N支票上飞机,以满足下一个客户端,因为我在得出

L.A.X. L.A.X.


I'm up early so I catch my phlegm spit step then stash the stem 10 clips 我起得很早,所以我抓住我的痰吐一步,然后藏匿干10夹

in ten shit bottles are sectioned in wit a clip thick a block stocked 在10狗屎瓶切片的机智剪辑厚的块放养

wit 机智

protection see X again tools ta fry and unified like Mexicans but if 保护参阅X TA再次炒工具和统一的像墨西哥人,但如果

shit 狗屎

is slow in comin' a fiend that's one thing thats when you see twenty 在科曼恶魔的一件事这就是当你看到20慢

niggas running to one fiend. 运行一个恶魔黑鬼。

Yo black tops I got that yellow high for hours buy from me now or next 哟黑色上衣我得到了黄高了几个小时,从我现在买还是明年

time I swear I'll sell you flour I got dreams of getting a 98 or a Caddy 一次,我发誓我会卖给你粉我有得到一个98或球童的梦想

living fatty plus I got a little man calling me daddy my lady and little 活的脂肪加上我有一个小个子叫我爸爸我的夫人和小

man they need me and I need 'em I gotta see em and please 'em but first 男人,他们需要我,我需要时间我得看看EM和取悦时间,但第一


all clothe & feed 'em so we can see freedom even if I jeopardize my time 所有衣物及饲料时间,所以我们可以看到自由,即使我破坏我的时间

and life while I'm in this game I'm making sure that mine is right from 和生活,而我在这场比赛中,我要确保我的是正确的

the beginning to the end its dividend to the end so I like to hang out 一开始到结束的红利到底,所以我想挂出


hustle wit my friends. 喧嚣机智我的朋友。


Well it's Friday night and the weekend's here. All that partying shit 那么它的周五晚上和周末在这里。所有的聚会狗屎

must take a seat to the rear. 必须采取一个座位的后方。

Instead of fuckin' wit those phony ghetto chicks I'd rather be movin' my 相反,他娘的机智那些虚假的贫民窟小鸡我宁愿被往前我

clips with my homies on the bricks my fingers stay hard. My hands stay 与我的家人对砖夹我的手指停留辛苦。我双手撑

full of ash. My fingenails stay dirty that's from burying my stash. 全灰。我fingenails留脏那是从埋葬我的藏匿处。

Fiends are bummin', money's comin' to say the least, but I'm out there 恶魔被bummin “ ,钱的坠落,至少可以说,但我在那里

flippin' clips feeding the belly of the beast. It's first of the month 弗利剪辑饲养野兽的腹部。这是第一个月

money's comin all day all night and too many going for theirs I'm 钱的科曼整天整夜和太多的去为他们的我

cuttin' cuttin

sales off with my bike. Now with my niggaz in session we freestyle 销售掉了我的自行车。现在,我在会议上,我们自由泳的兄弟们

rhyme. 韵。

Reminiscing moving that shit 20's of clips at a time. 回忆搬家的那些事20的剪辑的时间。

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