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Guns N' Razors



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[Intro: Ghostface Killah] [简介: Ghostface Killah的]

Oh shit, look at them, they running on foot 哦,妈的,看他们,他们的跑动

They picked the car up, they on some Flintstone shit 他们挑车了,他们对一些打火石狗屎

Oh shit... and them niggaz stuck together 哦,妈的......和他们的兄弟们粘在一起

On some Siamese shit... yo 在一些连体狗屎......哟


[Ghostface Killah] [ Ghostface Killah的]

Yo, classic murders, slick gun material 呦,经典的谋杀,光滑枪材料

Burnt up bodies that rock with no burial 烧毁的尸体没有掩埋的岩石

Hammers that hardly work, go to work 锤子是很难的工作,上班

Like a slave on a hot day, with no water 像奴隶一样对热的天,没有水

Blow you for props, in the cop's face, might get knocked up 吹你的道具,在警察的脸上,可能会被敲起来

Jakes that play hero, they can get popped up 杰克斯说玩的英雄,他们可以得到弹出

Face fallin' off they cheekbone, gotta take meat 面对跌倒过,他们颧骨,总得拿肉

From they ass, to sow it back, I'm a beast, holmes 从他们的屁股,母猪回来,我是个野兽,福尔摩斯

It's ground beef, in the streets, so we street's clone 它的牛肉,在街道上,所以我们街道的克隆

Like fresh fruit, from a tree, so the heat's blown 如新鲜水果,从树上,所以热量的吹

Your momma missing, your boys are crying 你妈妈不见了,你的孩子们都在哭

Cut ya balls out your nutsack, the chinks are buying 雅切球出你nutsack的缝隙购买

Shit bags is like gift bags, you get it for free 妈的包包就像是礼品袋,你得到免费的

If you master fronting, classic cutting 如果你掌握了前拖经典切割

You keep stunting, them gem star'll rip something 你不停的发育迟缓,他们的宝石starll撕裂的东西

Look homey, it's the bloody sweepstakes 看看家一样,这是血淋淋的抽奖活动

Glove club you down in the club, how you like that, sweet cakes? 手套俱乐部,你倒在俱乐部,你怎么这样的,甜甜的蛋糕吗?


[Trife Da God] [ Trife大神]

Yo, it was a minute after twelve, when the tragedy struck 哟,这是12后的一分钟,当悲剧降临

Niggaz emptied on son, and left 'em leaning right in Valerie's truck 兄弟们走光的儿子,离开了时间倚权瓦莱丽的卡车

The red Cherokee blood was pouring out his head heavily 红色切诺基血液大量涌出他的头

The only motive for murder was wetter, either jealousy 对于杀人的唯一动机是多雨,无论是嫉妒

The found him slumped over the wheel, horn blowing 在发现他呆呆的方向盘,喇叭吹

Bullet holes showing, property stolen, motor still going 弹孔显示,财产被盗,电机仍在继续

Driving side door, waves scoping, the window is broken 驾驶侧车门,海浪作用域,该窗口被打破

Glass back and shredded his grill, his collar was soaking 玻璃后面切丝他的烧烤,他的衣领被浸泡

He probably knew the killas, cause they jinxed him with ease 他大概知道killas ,因为他们倒霉了他轻松

Cops hold the perimeter, thirsty, looking for leads 警察按住周边,渴了,找线索

Knocking on doors, questioning tenants, the lieutenant 敲门,询问住客,中尉

Was the first to arrive on the scene, he knew he was finished 是第一个到达现场,他知道自己完成

DeWayne Roberts knew him in college, mid-twenties DeWayne罗伯茨知道他在大学里,二十多岁

Stopped being brolic, V.A. driver's license in his wallet 不再是brolic , V.A.在他的钱包驾照

The last call on his mobile phone was back to home 在他的手机最后一次通话是返回首页

Sorry, Miss Amonia's son was found dead with two in his dome 对不起, Amonia小姐的儿子被发现死了两个在他的圆顶


[Cappadonna] [ Cappadonna ]

This be the bird's eye view of things, look how we doing things 这是事物的鸟瞰图,看看我们是如何做的事情

We stick niggaz up and we take they rings 我们坚持的兄弟们了,我们把他们敲响

Mission Impossible, Theodore Unit, we unstoppable 不可能完成的任务,西奥多单位,我们不可阻挡

Spit razors out of our mouth and start chopping you 吐剃刀我们的嘴,并开始砍你

Bank robbers, blood jakes out with the obstacle 银行劫匪,鲜血杰克斯出与障碍物

Ropes hanging down from the roof, my parachute 绳索吊下来的屋顶,我的降落伞

Soaking water, heat smoking, we scrape and we Pillage, man 浸泡的水,热烟,我们凑和我们掠夺,人

Wherever we broke in, Theodore, pulverize 只要我们打破了,西奥多,粉碎

Boat rides and tours, smashed 'em in the crib with they coconut straws 乘船和旅游,砸了时间在婴儿床与他们椰吸管

Dudes step off the scene, black face and four-four 帅哥走下了现场,黑色的脸,四四

The CREAM that we stack up, cake and whores 我们叠起来,蛋糕和妓女霜


[Killa Sin] [ Killa的罪恶]

Cash in abundance, the cats that I run with 现金充裕,我用跑的猫

Got gats at a motel, and splashed by the hundreds 在一家汽车旅馆有服务贸易总协定,以及由数百泼

I don't ask if I want it, my attitude is running 我不问,如果我想要的话,我的态度是运行

I don't ask if I want it, my attitude is running, yup 我不问,如果我想要的话,我的态度正在运行,烨

Mega ice neck, with some fish, with some fish dishes 万冰的脖子,用一些鱼,有些鱼料理

Rakim gems, my mind shine is what my weight misses Rakim的宝石,我的脑海里闪耀就是我的体重失误

Anything else is uncivilized, send the kind of niggaz 还有什么是不文明的,送的那种兄弟们

A tremendous spy, you can see the venom by 一个巨大的间谍,你可以看到毒液

My nine leave a ten to buy, I don't need my men to ride 我的九个留下10买的,我不需要我的男人骑

I'm in the moshing squad, beside the car that's highly energized 我在moshing阵容,车子是高度带电的旁边

Been advised, before, that fucking with I, is genocide 被告知,之前,也他妈的与我是种族灭绝

Many men have died, from playing games from what they feel inside 许多男人都死了,从玩游戏,他们觉得里面有什么

Brawl with it in me, put it on my enemy 争吵与它在我身上,把它放在我的敌人

Be warned, defending me, like killing off a Kennedy 但是请注意,捍卫我,像杀了肯尼迪

I silly song M.C.'s get sent on base í傻歌曲M.C。的获取发送的基础上

Type of nigga spit the Remy or laugh in ya face 黑人类型吐雷米还是笑的你的脸

This dig in my waste, is mastery, step out of place 这在挖我的浪费,是精通,一步出位

Shatter that ass, like glass, and break fast like a neglige 打破那屁股,像玻璃,并打破疾如neglige

Play with the biscuit, dick, don't even risk it 玩饼干,家伙,甚至不冒这个险

I, snatch up my misses, and dash on the interstate 我抢了我的失误,而冲在州际公路上

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