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Good Man



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Very few thoughts 'ill bring a tear to my eye, 很少有想法“生病带来撕裂我的眼睛,

But the thoughta dyin' without tellin' my baby good-bye, 但我想过快要枯萎没有在告诉我的宝贝再见,

Explainin' why, Daddy had to go, 地介绍一下“为什么,爸爸走了,

Believin' that's the only way she'd ever really know, Believin 那是她曾经真正知道的唯一方法,

I wish I could stay with you, 我希望我能和你在一起,

See you graduate school, 看你毕业的学校,

Grow old 'n' gray wit' you, 白头到老N灰色智慧你,

See your babies 'n' their babies too, 看看你的宝宝N自己的孩子也是如此,

Baby you the only proof I ever existed, 宝贝你,我曾经存在过的唯一证据,

'N' there was nothin' more addictive, “N”有没什么更容易上瘾,

Than your hugs 'n' your kisses, 比你的拥抱N你的吻,

You know how much I'm gonna miss this, 你知道我有多会想念这个,

I wish this bliss could be endless, 我希望这种幸福可以是无止境的,

But that's just senseless, 但是,这只是毫无意义的,

It seems as though this is the business, 它好像是这样的企业,

Daddy was a leader 'n' people followed, 爸爸是一个领导者N人紧随其后,

I stay so caught up in the game, I seldom see tomorrow, 我留这么赶上了在游戏中,我很少看到明天,

A desperado, who changed diapers 'n' warmed bottles, à亡命之徒,谁换尿布N回暖瓶,

Perhaps I could of been a more positive role model, 也许我可以过的更积极的示范作用,

But DooWop I'll always love you, 但DooWop我会永远爱你,

Don't let nobody tell you, 不要让任何人告诉你,

Your pops wasn't no good dude, Naw Boo 你的持久性有机污染物是不是没有好哥们,诺嘘


[Chorus:] [合唱: ]

If the sun comes up, 如果太阳出来了,

'N' I'm not home, “N”我不在家,

Be strong, 要坚强,

There's a life inside you, 还有里面你一命,

Do your best to, carry on, 尽最大努力,坚持下去,

Tell the kids about me, 告诉孩子们了解我,

When there old enough to, understand, 当有足够老,明白了,

Tell them that there daddy was, a good man, 告诉他们,有爸爸是一个好人,

A good man... 一个好人...


I don't know where your head was when you, 我不知道你的脑袋是当你,

Just said “Forget us,” then you, 刚才说的“忘记我们”,那么你,

Took my baby, home to your mamas house, 带着我的宝贝,家里的妈妈们的房子,

Can't even cry no mo', 'sect the fact it's over now, 甚至不能不哭不武 , 邪教的事实,它已经结束了,现在,

I'll I can do is thank God you a good mama, 我将我所能做的就是感谢上帝,你是个好妈妈,

Apologize 'cuz I put you through so much drama, 道歉, “因为我把你经历了这么多戏,

But I already give you half my doe, 不过,我已经给你一半我的母鹿,

You should have to write half my flows, 你应该写我的一半流量,

'N' do half my shows, “N”做到一半我的节目,

I keep the lights on, 我把灯上,

I bring the bacon home, 我把腊肉回家,

Count the contractions, 算上收缩,

Cut the cord, 剪切线,

Bring the baby home, 带宝宝回家,

Three and a half karats, 三年半克拉,

'N' if you except my proposal, “N” ,如果你只是我的建议,

I'll be that person you been searchin' 我会是那个人,你一直Searchin的

And the whole pursuit is over, 而整个的追求已经结束,

I got a show outta town, 我有一个节目离开这座城市,

Get my doe outta pounds, 让我的母鹿失控斤,

Rock my baby till she fall asleep, 摇滚我的孩子,直到她入睡,

Take her and lay her down, 把她打下了下来,

Tell her mama I'm goin', 告诉她妈妈我要去,

'N' go and sing songs, “N”去唱歌,

The sun come up 'n' I'm not home, 太阳出来N我不在家,

Somethin' musta went wrong, 有些事一定是和哪里出了问题,

So be strong, 所以,要坚强,


[Chorus] [合唱]


This is for the good men, 这是好男人,

That went to die in Iraq, 这又在伊拉克死亡,

My drug lord veterans, 我的毒枭退伍军人,

That died over crack, 那死了裂纹,

Convenience store clerks that get killed for nothin' more, 便利商店的店员说被杀了没什么更多,

Than the measly contents of a register drawer, 比寄存器抽屉的可怜内容,

I work to feed my seed, 我的工作养活我的种子,

Protect my offspring, 保护我的后代,

I stand here between nothin' an' everything, 我站在这里,没什么的一的一切,

On the verge of failure and success, 在成功与失败的边缘,

But I have done you an injustice, 但我做了你不公平,

If I don't do my best, 如果我没有尽我所能,

Daddies don't get to rest, 爸爸没有得到休息,

Daddies just gotta work, 爸爸只是爱的工作,

If my back begins to ache, 如果我的背开始疼痛,

I guess it's just gonna have to hurt, 我猜它只是要去有伤,

Cuz daddies gonna make it through the work day, 的Cuz爸爸再去经历一天的工作做好,

Just so I can be a hero on your birthday, 只是这样我就可以成为英雄在你的生日,

I believe the worst days almost over, 我相信最糟糕的日子就要结束了,

In case I never told you baby, you my little solider, 如果我从来没有告诉你,宝贝,你是我的小士兵,

Damn girl so cute, so strong, so smart, so free, 该死的女孩太可爱了,那么坚强,那么聪明,那么自由,

So hard headed, yo lil' ass's just like me, Uhn 好难当家哟律的屁股就像我, UHN


[Chorus x3] [合唱X3 ]

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