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Glamour And Glitz



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse One: Q-Tip] [诗一:棉条]


Yup yup yup 烨烨烨

To the North to the South to the East to the West 北南东到西

I don't discriminate boy I bring it to your chest 我不歧视男孩,我把它带到你的胸部

If you oppose, then your soul will decompose 如果你反对,那你的灵魂会分解

Strive to get money and I'm not no hoe 争取拿到的钱,我不是没有锄头

Fresher than the air that you're breathing through your nose 比你的呼吸用鼻子在空气清新

Fuller than the kicks that you're puttin on your toes 比你puttin在你的脚趾踢富勒

You can ask Bo but yo that nigga don't know 你可以问,但博哟黑鬼不知道

About the dominant factor the accurate rapper 公司的主导因素准确的说唱歌手

Here's the next chapter, page ninety-five 这里的下一章, 95页

Niggaz so hard it's a wonder they alive 兄弟们这么辛苦这是一个奇迹,他们还活着

But yo we still survive through the danger that lurks 但是,哟,我们通过潜伏的危险仍然屹立不倒

My eyes remain wide while you ask like Urk 我的眼睛依然很大,而你问这样的乌尔克

and yo my Family Matters, so all you mad hatters 哟我的家庭事务,所以你疯帽商

Put your thinking caps on and motherfuckin brainstorm 把你的思维帽上他妈的头脑风暴

Cause I got the plan that wins and can't lose 因为我得到了胜不能输的计划

Your man knows who's nice say Tip he'll say "True" 你的男人知道谁是很好的发言权提示,他会说“真”

A lot of these jokers out here is blase 很多这样的笑话在这里是偷着乐

I'll be rockin mikes until a horse says hey 我会摇滚咪,直到马说:哎

Some are preoccupied with glamour and glitz 有些人忙于魅力和浮华

Actin all boogee and making big movies 肌动蛋白的所有boogee和大制作电影

But I'll be in the cut call me Incognito 但我会在切叫我隐身

Busy makin joints that will bump for my people 繁忙的马金接缝的凹凸会为我的人民

You're listening to a man who was something for nothing 您正在收听的是一个人谁是不劳而获

Stay in me forever head, never be frontin 留在我永远的脑袋,永远廷


[Chorus: x2] [合唱: X2 ]


Once in a while we have fun in the mix (never ever) 有一次,我们有乐趣的混合(永远)

In to good living, but some be into glitz (true dat) 在良好的生活,但有些是为浮华(真DAT )

Everybody knew, all the fellas and the chicks (trigga E) 大家都知道,所有的伙计们和小鸡( trigga E)

Gotta wear a shoe that fits 得穿适合的鞋

...to all my peoples ......我所有的人民


[Verse Two:] [诗二: ]


C'mon word, check it out now (you out there?) 来吧字,现在检查出来(你在那里? )

Uh, uh, check it out now (you out there?) 嗯,嗯,现在检查出来(你在那里? )

What? Uh, check it out now (louder! louder!) 什么?呃,检查出来了(大声!大声! )

(louder! louder!) Uh, check it out, yo (大声!大声! )嗯,检查出来哟


Peace to the girl named Hurricane G 和平命名飓风克的女孩

Peace to my girl named Dawn Paris 和平到我的女孩叫黎明巴黎

Peace to the Organzied Kon-fus-ion 和平的Organzied杆- FUS-离子

Peace to all my shorties that be dying too young 和平给我所有的矮仔说快死太年轻

Peace to both coasts and the land in between 和平东西海岸以及它们之间的土地

Peace to your man if you're doing your thing 平安你的男人,如果你做你的事

Peace to my peoples who was incarcerated 和平到我的人民谁被关

Asalaam alaikum means peace, don't debate it Asalaam alaikum意味着和平,不要进行辩论

Devouring, and towering over fools 噬灵,而矗立在阿斗

Your mic is broke and my shit's cool 你的麦克风是破了,我的屎的清凉

The black man with the understandin of 黑人男子的相互理解

The three wise men and the theories of Zen 三个智者和禅宗的理论

Yo I get inside the crevice like a dentist 哟,我得到这样一个牙医的缝隙里

Disrupt, the block, like Dennis, the Menace 扰乱,块,像丹尼斯的威胁

Shaheed is on the needle, the shit it won't weeble 沙希德是在针,狗屎也不会weeble

or wobble, your rhymes is mixed up like Boggle 或摆动,你押韵混合像惊奇

Bingo! That was the damn dog's name 宾果!那是该死的狗的名字

But yo I know another one with much more fame 但是,哟,我知道另一个与更多的名利

The Phife Dawg, and that's my word to the cipher 该Phife耶,那是我的话的密

About to bring it to your chest and cause strife check it out 关于把它带到你的胸部,引起纷争检查出来

You're doubling back, to your rhyming pad 你加倍回来,你押韵垫

What I represent is MC's gone mad 我代表的是三菱商事已经疯了

In a perfect world there's imperfect acts 在一个完美的世界里是不完善的行为

We've come like a God to redirect alla that 我们已经走过像神阿拉重定向的

So people with a gift can just flaunt and get money 所以人们的礼物可以只标榜和骗钱

So much, we in the bank that the shit ain't funny 这么多,我们在这狗屎不好笑银行

Money is invested in real estate and stocks 投资于房地产和股票

But not inside the glamour cuz all of that stops 但里面没有的魅力的Cuz所有这一切停止


[Outro: Consequence] [尾奏:结果]


Yo dis the Cons to the Quence 哟存款保险计划的缺点到Quence

up in ya like a stiff one, knowhatImean? 在雅喜欢硬的, knowhatImean ?

It's nine-five, you got to live it or rip it 这是九十五,你一定要活着,或撕

So if you step on the streets keep it movin, knowhatImean? 所以,如果你踩在大街上保持居无定所, knowhatImean ?


[Chorus] [合唱]

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Kamaal Ibn John Fareed


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