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[Verse One:] [诗一: ]


Close your eyes 闭上你的眼睛

Visualize 可视化

Space and I verbalize 空间我用语言表达

You chastize 您chastize

But can't stop my enterprise 但也不能阻挡我的企业

Put your rhymes in a line 把你的押韵一条线

Put your raps in a stack 把你的斥责中的堆叠

I'll break you and your singer like Jinga 我会打破你和你喜欢的歌手紧夹

I mean um 我的意思是UM

I spit like knee 我吐如膝

On you this tight thing 你在这个紧张的事

Space nine enferno 空九号enferno

One verbs be frightening 一个动词是可怕的

And for the sword fights tonight 而对于剑的战斗今晚

My entourage is in camoflauge 我的随行人员在camoflauge

Remove your mask 卸下你的面具

Let down your visage 放下你的容貌

But don't slip up 但是,不要滑倒

Cause when I was in my ship 因为当我在我的船

That's when I get ripped up 这时候,我被敲诈了

The whole world 整个世界

Fuck it 他妈的

G-S-E committee G- S-E委员会

Got your panties shitty 得到你的内裤低劣

Click you sick 点击你生病

Callosso with itty bitty Callosso与itty片断

Space and Missy 空间和大小姐

Sip my style till your pissy 啜饮我的风格,直到你的pissy

Virgina bitch galactic 弗吉尼亚婊子星系


[Chorus] [合唱]


I be writing, writing, writing rhymes everyday 我算是写,写,写儿歌的日常

Don't you say no more you don't want to battle 你不说那么多了,你不想战斗

Said I'm writing rhymes, writing rhymes everyday 说我写的儿歌,童谣创作日常

Don't you say no more you don't want to battle 你不说那么多了,你不想战斗


[Verse Two:] [诗二: ]


Mama, Daddy, you ain't, ready 妈妈,爸爸,你是不是准备好

Act like you know me 像你认识我

Fly, as friends be 飞,因为朋友是

Sizzling, I'm chilling 炒热,我很寒心

Man, you twisting 男人,你扭

You sissy, you dis me 你娘娘腔,你我的存款保险计划

You wish we was fucking tight 你想我们是他妈的紧

Auntie, Papa, Smoke lala 阿姨,爸爸,烟拉拉

Hallah, fala, don't bother to swalla Hallah ,法拉,也懒得swalla

This bottle of remmy, got plenty 这瓶remmy的,有很多钱

Of weed 杂草

So give me, give me, give me, give me, give me, please 所以给我,给我,给我,给我,给我,请

See's, no one, fly like these 见的,没有人,像这样的飞

Bees from over seas, we scratch our knees 来自海洋的蜜蜂,我们划伤了膝盖

Please, little one, please 求你了,小家伙,请

You know my rhymes get tight 你知道我的童谣获得紧

When I smoke all night (chorus comes in) 当我抽了一夜(合唱进来)


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse Three:] [诗三: ]


We high tech like Timbo's 我们高科技如天宝的

Slap faces of dirty hoes 肮脏的锄头巴掌脸

N-Y-M-B-A Ñ ​​-Y -M - B-A

Dirty combo when we play 当我们玩脏组合

Swirl like the milky way 漩涡像银河系

Deep like my black hole 深深的喜欢我的黑洞

I oppose, to expose 我反对,揭露

Chemical gases up your nose 化学气体你的鼻子

Fade away like ozone 消逝如臭氧

Quazars, moves and shit Quazars ,移动和狗屎

Hey yo Missy, where da clip? 嘿哟大小姐,阿凡达剪辑?

I think I need a hit 我想我需要一击

Shitty bees up in da place 低劣的蜜蜂在大的地方

Wanna be down with whoever 想和谁下

Be all up in his face but aint even on the level 全部在他的脸上,但是,从水平是不是连

I pull your wig back 我拉你的假发回来

Let of steam like nasty pools 让蒸汽一样讨厌池

That heat be to hot 这热是热的

Melt down, now up in pot 熔化,现在在锅里

Count down, 3-2-1, lift off 算下来, 3-2-1 ,抬离

Now over tize, Venus we circlize 现在在tize ,金星我们circlize

And mars we tantalize 和火星,我们吊胃口

Comatize like Hale-Bopp Comatize像海尔 - 波普

Smoking trees non stop 吸烟的树木不停

Then I send a televize from satelite on Nightline 然后,我送televize从卫星上夜

Yeah, wouldn't you like to get away 是啊,难道你想脱身

To the moon 月球

We shine like stars 我们闪耀如星

Lock down like metal bars 锁定像金属条


[Chorus] [合唱]


My style is a one-in-a-million 我的风格是一中是万

I flow on and on and on 我流和和上

My rhymes give you a really good feeling 我的儿歌给你一个很好的感觉

All day long 整天

[repeat] [重复]

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