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Food, Clothes, Medicine



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"Fuck me!" “操我吧! ”

[Aesop Rock:] [伊索岩: ]

Two shoes chewed up, colluded with the feuds, rogue, veterans 两只鞋子咀嚼起来,勾结仇恨,流氓,退伍军人

Food, clothes, medicine 食品,服装,医药

Wheeled it out the smoke stack factory trained to capture in the zoo's ghost predators 被推出来训练捕捉动物园的幽灵大鳄烟囱工厂

Food, clothes, medicine 食品,服装,医药

I think I thunk a bunk colony could possibly amuse grown delegates 我想我咚双层菌落可能会逗大人代表

Food, clothes, medicine 食品,服装,医药

Peace, the whipper-snapper generation greet 'em with a full blown pistol pull 和平年代,搅打鲷代问候时间与一个完全成熟的手枪拉

Food, clothes, medicinal 食品,服装,医药

Variety, for every plastic orange bottle 品种繁多,每一个塑料瓶的橙色

The tarnished pharmacy labels chafed in abrasive pockets 擦伤磨料口袋玷污药房标签

Suit the hell hounds with blades and chain lengths 适合地狱猎犬用刀片和链长

For the dead walk a little less clumsy than you think 对于死者的步行路程比你想象的少一点笨拙

Hunger pain, chump change tell it to how his belly get 饥饿的痛苦,小钱告诉它怎么他的腹部得到

When bourgie hopes hellions, 当bourgie希望恶徒,

Food, clothes, medicine, alumni, 食品,服装,医药,校友,

Bum, I got the skin on the teeth between my fingertips and stellar 范,我得到了皮肤在我的指尖和恒星之间的齿

Let's bet it melts together 让我们来打赌它融化在一起

Let's get these men some shelter 让我们这些人有些避难所

Three hots and a cot with Quaaludes 三白热化和Quaaludes婴儿床

On a pillowcase left on an ultimately cordial gesture by the staff, (Staff) 由工作人员留下了一个最终的亲切姿态枕套, (职员)

It's a bath house for brave soldiers 这是一个澡堂子的勇敢战士

When they coordinate to fornicating whores in maid's clothing 当他们协调,以通奸妓女在女仆的服装

Sip a hot mocha, kick-up-chug up to the apple box, 抿一口热摩卡,踢起来,突突到苹果箱,

Frankie says, "Relax", 20 says he snaps, safe wager, 弗兰克说, “放松”,20说,他扣,安全的赌注,

Hell, 90 percent sensitive jubilee, 丫的, 90 %的敏感禧年,

Never returned to brag about that fish bigger than you and me 再也没有回到吹嘘鱼大于你和我

Walk on glass, cruise cloaked residents 走在玻璃,巡航隐形居民

Bang on doors, food, clothes, medicine 邦的门,食品,服装,医药

United we stand to all our parties click, 让我们团结起来,我们所有的政党点击,

I divide and conquer cause frankly I'd rather sit í分而治之的原因坦率地说,我宁愿坐

We saw them rat races, machine or man, sprocket or fat laces 我们看到他们的种族鼠,机器或人,链轮或脂肪鞋带

Hatchback of flashbacks from a heyday full of bad blazers 从全坏开拓者的鼎盛时期两厢倒叙

Now Major Aes route the following order 现在主要爱依斯路线如下顺序

To all his crew's chromed generals, 他的所有船员的镀铬将军,

Food, clothes, medicine. 食品,服装,医药。

Walk on glass, bang on doors, 走在玻璃上,砰的门,

Talk all trash, hang on whores 聊了垃圾桶,挂在妓女

Walk on cash, bank on wars, 走现金,对战争的银行,

Like food, clothes, medicine, it's yours 如食品,衣服,药品,它是你的

It's yours, it's yours, it's yours 这是你的,它是你的,它是你的

[Aesop Rock:] [伊索岩: ]

We role tape protocol on a ring finger neighbor to peruse gross negligence 在无名指的邻居,我们的角色磁带协议细读重大过失

Food, clothes, medicine 食品,服装,医药

Martyrs leak faster if the carver tweaks the dagger, 90 moves choked citizens 烈士查漏更快,如果卡佛扭捏的匕首, 90移动哽咽公民

Food, clothes, medicine 食品,服装,医药

Well y'at's a quick example accept as commitment's castle, cool, dope, excellent 嗯yat是一个简单的例子作为接受承诺的城堡,酷,涂料,优良的

Food, clothes, medicine 食品,服装,医药

It's tough to legislate when scum tongue down a dinner plate of booze, coke, heroin 这是艰难的立法时败类舌头伸进酒的餐盘,焦炭,海洛因

... ......

I'll bite the hand that feeds 我会下蛋的鸡手

Chew the steak and spit the knuckles back 嚼牛排和吐关节背

Stitch 'em up and give em dap, before his brother's rubberneck 十字绣举起手来,给新兴市场DAP ,他哥哥的rubberneck前

Iron chef Lithuania christen kitchen stadium 食神立陶宛克里森厨房球场

With chicken and mass serotonin drifting into gravy-dom 鸡肉和质量的血清素飘向肉汁, DOM

Save me some, scallywags hold your breath 救我一些, scallywags屏住呼吸

The curmudgeon's gun dusty like the road to death 的倔老头的枪像尘土飞扬的道路死亡

Bag a pin stripe my lizard kisser no kill switch, 包包的细条纹蜥蜴我接吻没有杀死开关,

Just a guilty gizzard wanna recommend a pill slip 只是犯肫想推荐一丸滑

I wipe placenta off my face in the height of the disco era 我擦胎盘过我的脸在迪斯科时代的高度

Cruise through liquid bubble gum, fever, death, and Christmas sweaters 通过液体的泡泡糖,发烧,死亡和圣诞节毛衣巡航

Through juice saccharin fast food studied holdin' cliff's notes vendors 通过果汁糖精快餐研究牵着悬崖的笔记厂商

Now holds a bachelors in training ninjas to tip toe better 现在拥有学士培训忍者给小费脚趾更好

These are them sham city kidney kicks to the loose bolts 这些都是他们假城肾脏踢的螺栓松动

Belly ache-killins for claim who stand iffy on food, clothes, medicate 谁站在玄乎的食物,衣服,用药肚子疼, killins的索赔

Pollywog, hug a spot lit with bigger lizards 蝌蚪,拥抱点燃大蜥蜴现货

In the land of hot milk and honey with stingers in it 在热牛奶和蜂蜜,在它的毒刺土地

Zinger! 辛格尔!

Jimmy to jist up, check ya tip cup 吉米JIST ,检查亚小费杯

Mother's watching babies near to preachers keen on fist fucks 母亲看着孩子到附近的传道人热衷于拳头乱搞

Keep your schnoz clean, ears open, chopper zipped up! 保持你的schnoz干净,耳朵打开,菜刀压缩了!

Food, clothes, medicine, cause hungry, naked, sick, sucks! 食品,服装,医药,引起饥饿,赤身露体,病了,太差劲了!

Collide with worker ants, with autobahn inertia dance, 碰撞工蚁,有高速公路惯性舞蹈,

And curb them harp love bugs by the cursive final curtain clamp 遏制他们弹琴的爱错误的草书谢幕夹

Another savior with his foot, cold, stuck in his mouth 用他的脚的另一个救星,冷,粘在他的嘴里

I played that who knows, food, clothes, fuck it, I'm out 我打了,谁知道,食物,衣服,他妈的,我走了

Walk on glass, bang on doors, 走在玻璃上,砰的门,

Talk all trash, hang on whores 聊了垃圾桶,挂在妓女

Walk on cash, bank on wars 走现金,在银行的战争

Like food, clothes, medicine, it's yours 如食品,衣服,药品,它是你的

It's yours, it's yours, it's yours 这是你的,它是你的,它是你的

Food, clothes, medicine 食品,服装,医药

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