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Far Side Of The World



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Ramadan is over, 斋月结束后,

The new moon's shown her face, 新月的显示她的脸,

I'm halfway round the planet, 我中途一轮的行星,

In a most unlikely place. 在最不可能的地方。


Following my song line 下面我的歌路线

Past bamboo shacks and shops 过去竹棚屋和商店

Behind a jitney packed like sardines, 后面的jitney挤得像沙丁鱼,

With bananas piled on top. 香蕉堆在上面。


I ran away from politics, 我是从政治跑掉了,

It's too bizarre at home. 这太奇怪的家里。

Away I flew, tuned into Blue 离开我飞,调成蓝色

"Maybe Amsterdam or Rome" “也许阿姆斯特丹和罗马”


Awakened by a stewardess, 由空姐吵醒,

With Spain somewhere below. 与西班牙下方某处。

On the threshold of adventure, 在冒险的门槛,

God I do love this job so. 上帝我爱这份工作让。


So while I make my move 所以,当我让我的举动

On the big board game 在大棋盘游戏

Up and down a Spanish highway, 上下西班牙公路,

Some things remain the same. 有些事情保持不变。

Girls meet boys 女生男生见面

and the boys tease girls 和孩子们逗女生

I'm heading out this morning, 今天早上我也得走,

For the Far Side of the World. 对于世界的另一边。


Oh I believe in song lines 哦,我相信歌曲线

Obvious and not 明显的,而不是

I'd ridden them like camels 我已经骑他们像骆驼

To some most peculiar spots. 一些最奇特的景点。


They run across the oceans 他们漂洋过海运行

Through mountains and saloons 通山和轿车

And tonight out to the dessert 今晚出的甜点

Where I sit atop this dune. 在那里我坐在这上面沙丘。


I was destined for this vantage point 我注定了这样的高度,

Which is so far from the Sea 这是迄今为止来自海

I've lived it in the pages of Saint-Exupery 我在圣艾修伯里的页面住它


From Paris to Tunisia 从巴黎到突尼斯

Casablanca to Dakar 卡萨布兰卡达喀尔

I was riding long before I flew 我是骑多久,我飞了

Through the wind and sand and stars. 通过对风沙星辰。


Caravan 大篷车

Ride that hump 骑在驼背

And Timbuktu's a jillion bumps 和廷巴克图是一个jillion颠簸

Sleeping bags and battle flags 睡袋和战旗

Are coiled and furled 盘绕和收拢

That's the way you travel 这是你的出行方式

To the far side of the world! 到世界的另一边!


A Sunset framed by lightening bolts 由闪电螺栓陷害夕阳

Burns a lasting memory 烧伤永久的记忆

And a string of tiny twinkling lights 和微小闪烁的灯串

adorn the sausage tree. 装饰的腊肠树。

While the embers from the log fire 虽然从壁炉的余烬

Flicker, fly, and twirl 闪烁,飞和捻转

Then drift off toward the cosmos 然后昏昏走向宇宙

From the Far Side of the World. 从世界的另一边。

Well it's Christmas and my birthday 那么它是圣诞节和我的生日

and so to that extent 所以到那个程度

The Masai not the wise men 马赛人不是智者

Are circling my tent. 盘旋我的帐篷。

I teach them how to play guitar 我教他们怎么玩吉他

They show me how to dance 他们告诉我如何跳舞

We have rum from the Caribbean 我们有来自加勒比海朗姆酒

And Burgundy from France. 勃艮第和法国。


New Year's Eve in Zanzibar 除夕在桑给巴尔

With Babu and his boys 与巴布和他的孩子们

High up on the rooftop 高高的屋顶

You can relish all the noise. 您可以品尝所有的噪音。


They are dancing on the tables 他们在桌子上跳舞

People bouncing like gazelles 人们喜欢弹跳瞪羚

Two 0-0-1 is ushered in 两个0-0-1是迎来了

With air raid horns and bells. 随着空袭喇叭和铃铛。


Time to sing time to dance 一次唱歌时跳舞

Living out my second chance. 活出我的第二次机会。


Cobras and sleeping bags are coiled and curled 眼镜蛇和睡袋盘绕卷曲

That's the way it happens 这是它发生的方式

On the Far Side of the World. 在世界的另一边。


Back at home, it's afternoon 回到家里,这是下午

Six thousand miles away. 六千里之外。

I will still be there when I get through 我仍然会在那里,当我打通

Attending this soiree 参加本次晚会


There are jobs and chores and questions 有工作和家务和问题

And plates I need to twirl, 和盘子我需要捻,

But tonight I'll take my chances, 但今晚我会带我的机会,

On the Far Side of the World. 在世界的另一边。

That's the way it happens 这是它发生的方式

On the Far Side of the World. 在世界的另一边。

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