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Drivin' Em



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Mannie Fresh] [曼妮新鲜]

Drivin in a Benz, in the nest 驱车在奔驰,在巢

Coming in this motherfucker, turning motherfuckin necks 即将在这个混蛋,把娘的脖子

Going back in the superstretch 回去的superstretch

Just checkin how many fly bitches I can catch 刚签了多少飞母狗我能赶上

Ride motherfucker and you gonna know 骑娘,你一定要知道

Seeing some ladies hanging out the window 看到一些女士们挂在窗外

Let the interior look reign 让内饰看起来王朝

18 inches whippers look like so much pain 18英寸搅打看起来像这么多的痛苦

I'ma mac like Moley the one and only 我是MAC像莫利独一无二

I'm a fuck like daddy look pretty like Tony 我就像爸爸一个他妈的漂亮像托尼

See a hoe, bitch, shit 看到锄头,婊子,狗屎

You gotta stop on the corner when you see a state cop 你必须停在角落里,当你看到一个警察国家

For the niggas in the night they call drag, I'ma fool and be cool 对于他们称之为阻力夜黑鬼,我是个傻瓜和冷静

With an automatic click clack 具有自动点击瓣

I wanna fuck and how to fuck you bigger 我想他妈的,以及如何你他妈的大

Mama gonna dress and you all be better 妈妈要去礼服和大家更好

In the middle of the night it's on 在半夜它是在

It's hot call Frank and meet you at the spot 它的热呼叫弗兰克与你相约在现场

Cash Money rules every thing around 现金块钱左右规则的每一件事

If you represent U.P.T. your downtown 如果您代表U.P.T.你闹


[Baby] [宝宝]

Bitch I thought knew they call me Baby 母狗我想知道他们叫我宝贝

Hoes drive me crazy 锄头我发疯

Money is a must, coats slanging 钱是必须的,大衣slanging

Plus I never duck when niggas bust in cars 另外,我从来没有烤鸭的时候黑鬼汽车胸围

I mini Benz, expeditions and other cars í迷你奔驰,探险等车

I look so pretty, and I'd fuck these hoes 我看起来这么漂亮,而且我他妈的这些锄头

On the grill with a mouth full of gold 在全黄金口格栅

Bitches know, I'll let cha know on tape enough shit 母犬知道,我就让茶知道磁带上足够的狗屎

Those lamborgini niggas know shit 这些lamborgini黑鬼知道狗屎

And I love these hoes that suck dick 我爱这些锄头吸吮家伙

Big Tymers for life enough g's on my rolex 大Tymers生活够G公司对我的劳力士

From acorn the magazine 从橡子杂志

And she was seen homie giving brains behind it homie 她被认为是亲密的亲密背后给大脑

It's was nice with the ice, they call me Baby 它是很好用的冰,他们叫我宝贝

These bitches know my game is tight 这些母狗知道我的比赛很紧


[Larell] [ Larell ]

Who can file for most of the squash 谁可以立案大多数壁球

Blast through the door and get your ass tossed 高炉通过门,让你的屁股扔

Every nigga on the map on acasion lose every nigga in them hallways 在acasion在地图上的每一个黑人失去每一个黑人在他们的走廊

Nuthin but truth is behind the peace treaty is the best decision 废柴,但事实是背后的和平条约是最好的决定

Cuz you don't want them to hit cha bitcha 因为你不希望他们打茶bitcha

Me in the coop, ya'll in the hall 我在鸡舍,使你们在大厅

Ya'll on the crawl so I gots to ball 你们大家就爬,所以我全球有机纺织品标准球

I'm in the yearbook 我在年鉴

When I was at booker t party of the year 1993 当我在登记人T在1993年的党

My satisfaction is, I've never been a problem 我满意的是,我从来就不是一个问题

See my advirsaries were suspended and I hide em 看到我advirsaries被停职,我躲EM

When I'm stuck in the club niggas will let you know 当我停留在俱乐部黑鬼会让你知道

On the door start looking for sure 门开始寻找确定

And if you want to start something 如果你想创业的东西

With my kliq it's cool cuz chop off all your dicks 与我kliq它的好因为砍掉所有的迪克斯

Uptown baby the Big Tymers know where I live 住宅区宝宝大Tymers知道我住的地方

The third door from the hum drums 从嗡嗡声鼓的第三个门

Your dumb if want some rowdy boy we'll some 你的愚蠢,如果想要一些吵闹的孩子,我们一定会

You won't see us in the tinted old car 你不会看到我们在有色老车

Won'tcha ass be all fallin behind Wontcha屁股全部坠落的背后

But you got luck thats why you got behind 但你有运气这就是为什么你有背后

Time is running out for you fools 时间已经不多了,你上当

Chickens I was at your girls house with the lights out 鸡我在你家的女孩与熄灯

And slash your fuckin leather 和斜线你他妈的皮革

Get a seperate shit better, whether 获取一个单独的狗屎更好,无论是

Win, lose, or draw, still losing my clip 赢,输或绘制,还失去了我的剪辑

Cuz uptown for life is the motherfuckin shit 住宅区的Cuz的生活是他妈的狗屎


[Lil Wayne] [律韦恩]

I'm the little one with the skrilla thats off the rilla 我的小家伙与skrilla这就是断瑞拉

Cuz killas get punked on the start of pilas 的Cuz killas得到punked上顶针的开始

Nigga it's me Hot Boy show 兄弟们是我热男孩秀

Head tilted to the right, I'll be right next store 头向右倾斜,我马上下一个店

Nigga you know me from the true store 兄弟你从真正的商店了解我

I die slow cuz the bullets, are old 我死慢的Cuz子弹,是老

Niggas fall to the floor, ain't a slug to touch 黑鬼掉在地板上,是不是有塞碰

Too bad little nigga say what 太糟糕了,小兄弟们说些什么

Your pants sagin and your head busts like a skittle 你的裤子sagin和你的脑袋萧条像九柱戏

I'm on fire so they tried to chill it 我在燃烧,使他们试图放松它

Tell em dogg, ain't nothin gonna shake 告诉EM狗狗,没什么会动摇

Creep like a slave and take all the bait 蠕变像一个奴隶,把所有的诱饵

Like a tape, I still rock the mack 10 如磁带,我还是摇滚麦克10

110 bullets twirl like a whirlwind 110发子弹捻如旋风

I tie up your boy and rape your girlfriend í占用你的男孩强奸你的女朋友

Come off the sex with the choppers twirlin in the wind 脱落的菜刀性twirlin在风中

Better watch your children, are they all in? 最好小心你的孩子,是他们都在?

I shoot twice, your crawling and I get disgusting 我拍了两次,你的抓取和我得到的恶心

The beef get ugly, start busting going uhhh, up in 牛肉变得丑陋,开始破坏会唔,在

Jesus please come see us in the speeder 耶稣请进来看看我们的调速装置

I jump out with gun in the freezer 我跳了枪在冷冻

Plus your boys won't go 再加上你的男生不会去

They must of heard of Big Tymers, act like you know 他们必须听到大Tymers的,像你知道的

Huh huh wha wha nigga 呵呵呵呵世界卫生大会WHA黑鬼

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