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Draped Up



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[Intro - Lil' Keke] [简介 - 律咳咳]

Big terrible Texas, where legends are born 大的可怕的得克萨斯,传说出生

Lil Keke the don, original Screwed Up Click 律咳咳唐,原搞砸了点击

This dedicated to DJ Screw, Fat Pat, Big Mellow, Big Steve 这个专门为DJ螺丝,八发,大圆润,大史蒂夫

Bun... 太平清醮...


[Chorus - Lil' Keke] [合唱团 - 律咳咳]

Draped up and dripped out, know what I'm talking bout 褶皱起来,滴出,知道我在说什么布特

Draped up and dripped out, know what I'm talking bout 褶皱起来,滴出,知道我在说什么布特

Draped up and dripped out, know what I'm talking bout 褶皱起来,滴出,知道我在说什么布特

Draped up and dripped out, know what I'm talking bout 褶皱起来,滴出,知道我在说什么布特


[Bun B] [海滨乙]

Well it's big Bun B now, baby, Mr. Woodgrain 那么它的大包子B现在,宝贝,木纹先生

With diamonds up against them balling through your hood mayn 用钻石来攻击他们泥包通过你的引擎盖迈恩

And I'm smoking on some good mayn, the color purple 而且我吸烟对一些好的迈恩,紫色

Not the movie, but the kind that have you going in a circle 不是电影,但你在一个圆圈去的那种

Chrome, looking more classy than the Transco Tower 铬,看起来比在输电铁塔更优雅

Car drippin' candy paint like it just came out the shower 汽车drippin “喜欢糖果漆刚出来的淋浴

Like 'Face I got the money, the power and the finesse 像脸我拿到了钱,权力和技巧

To roll around one deep with hundred-thousand round my neck 推出约一深,百年千年在我脖子

I'm looking real shiny; you can see me from a mile away 我在寻找真正的光泽;你可以看到我从一英里远

Thought you was doing it, until I came and took your smile away 还以为你在做它,直到我来了,把你的微笑离开

Pull up on your side in the turning lane 在你的身边,在转弯车道上拉

Pop my trunk, break you off, chunk a deuce, and I'm Cadillac turning mayn 突然我的树干,打破你了,堆块A平手,而我的凯迪拉克转向迈恩

Little swang to the left, big swang to the right 少动了的左侧,大动了向右

My plates scraping and I'm sliding the pipe, it's super tight 我的刮痧板,我滑管,它的超紧

So don't try to knock us baby, don't try to hate 所以,不要试图敲我们的宝贝,不要试图去恨

That's how we do it in that Lone star state; get it straight (we be...) 这就是我们如何做到这一点在孤星之州;得到它直(我们是...)


[Chorus - Repeat 2X] [合唱团 - 重复2倍]


[Bun B] [海滨乙]

Now if you never been to Texas, there's a picture to paint 现在,如果你从来没有到过德克萨斯州,有一个画面画

Cause we doing it real big, in case you thinking we ain't 因为我们做的是真正的大,如果你认为我们是不是

It's lots of money on these streets, being spent and being made 这是很多钱在这些街道上,花在和正在

All it take is one look to see these boys getting paid 它所采取的一看就看到这些孩子们得到报酬

They living laid in big houses, with pools in the backyard 他们活在铺设大房子,在后院游泳池

Certified gangsters so you never see us act fraud 通过认证的歹徒,所以你永远不会看到我们的欺诈行为

With iced out watches, bracelets, chains 用冰镇了手表,手链,脚链

Pieces, teeth, mayn we throwed in the game 件,牙齿,迈恩我们扔在游戏中

We got screens in that headrest, visors in the ceiling 我们在天花板上了银幕的头枕,遮阳板

On chrome 83's and fours and Vogue peeling 在Chrome 83年代和四肢和时尚脱皮

With bumpers and belts across the back of my trunk 凭借在我的树干后面保险杠和带

Push a button, and my car is waiving bye to you punk 按下一个按钮,我的车是免收再见了朋克

We from the land of sippin' on syrup and (banging the Screw) 我们从啜饮着的“对糖浆的土地, (敲打螺丝)

We slab swangin' comin down and through, I thought you knew 我们板坯swangin 坠落下来,并通过,我以为你知道

Back in the days, all they ever did was doubt us 早在天,所有他们曾经所做的疑问我们

Now the South is in the house, and they can't do nothing about us (we be...) 现在南方是在屋子里,他们也奈何不了关于我们(我们是...)


[Chorus - Repeat 2X] [合唱团 - 重复2倍]


[Bun B] [海滨乙]

One time for my trill niggaz reppin the block 有一次,我的兄弟们颤音reppin块

The real soldiers on the frontline is keeping it cocked 在前线的实兵是保持它翘起

They hold it down for they hood, throw it up, let 'em see it 他们按住他们罩,把它扔了,让我们让他们看到了

So they can know how you G it, if they hating, so be it 这样他们就可以知道你G信息,如果他们讨厌,就这样吧

We ain't playing where I'm staying cause it's way too real 我们是不是在玩,我要呆在这里的原因,而是太现实

No matter the situation, we gotta keep it trill 不管的情况下,我们得保持颤音

Got the steel on my side when I ride cause I'm ready 得到了钢铁在我身边的时候我骑,因为我已经准备好了

I got 20/10 vision and my trigger finger steady 我得到了20/10眼光和我的扳机指持稳

I'm an Underground King homeboy, and not a simp 我是一个地下国王巨蟹座,而不是简体

And I gots to represent 'til they decide to free the Pimp 我全球有机纺织品标准来表示,直到他们决定释放皮条客

I'm down for my click, just like I'm down for my block 我下来为我一下,就像我下来为我块

And I'm a stand up for my partner 'til they let him off of lock 我就是一个站起来为我的合作伙伴,直到他们让他断锁

So go on, body rock, Southside or lean back 这样下去,身体的岩石,南边或往后靠

Two-step with your boy if you about your greenbacks 两步你的男孩,如果你对你的美钞

This here is a Texas toast so raise your glass 这在这里是德州吐司等等举起酒杯

Because the whole dirty South fittin' to show they naked ass (we be...) 因为整个肮脏的南管卡“ ,以显示自己的裸体屁股(我们是...)


[Chorus - Repeat 2X] [合唱团 - 重复2倍]

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