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Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen of Earth and all native intelligences 问候女士们,地球先生们,所有智能机

of the forty planets, satellites, moons, stars, 第四行星,卫星,月亮,星星,

and any other inhabited orbs 和任何其他居住宝珠

with contestants entered in the annual Grande Trex, 在一年一度的大Trex公司进入选手,

the only inter-galactic race. 唯一的跨星系的种族。

This year's event promises excitement to surpass all previous races. 今年的活动充满刺激,超越以往所有的比赛。

As many of you fans already know the route or track of the orbits, glides, etc. 正如你们许多球迷已经知道了轨道的路线或轨道,滑轨等。

has been increased by 5,000 million kilometers 已经增加了5000万公里

thus enabling Grande Trex to include the B'Arc System, 从而使大Trex公司以包括BArc系统

in our present event and for all succeeding GT races. 在我们目前的情况,并为所有后续的GT赛事。

Dragonfly Dragonfly 蜻蜓蜻蜓

Satellite 卫星

Strike and fight 罢工斗争


Laser light shot tonight 激光灯打出今晚

Target nullified 目标无效

Gyro subdivide 陀螺细分


Latitude longitude 经纬度

Satellite 卫星

Solid substitute 固体替代


What's a drag race? Can't you see those dragons 什么是拉力赛?你没看见那些龙

Speeding up the street 加快街道

But I learned they weren't real 但我知道他们是不是真正的

Figments of the ancient fear 古老的恐惧虚构


Rapid scan radians 快速扫描弧度

For the chance 对于机会

To win the Grande 为了赢得大


Maneuvers preprogramme 演习preprogramme

Windage 风阻

Won't operate 不会操作


Negative bearing swell 不利的影响膨胀


Dragons fly they symbolize in myth and saga breathing fire 龙飞翔,他们在神话和传奇故事喷火象征

Look up there's one flying higher 查一查有一飞得更高

Faster than the SCC 比SCC快

Is science hiding witchery? 是科学躲在巫术?


Grande Trex fans throughout the universe are well informed 大Trex公司风机在整个宇宙消息灵通

on the risks pilots take in entering this race, i.e. 飞行员参加参加比赛,即风险

re-entry into some of the alien atmospheres is tricky business 重新进入一些陌生的气氛是件棘手的事

which can cause a craft to implode, explode, melt, 这可能会导致一门手艺内爆,爆炸,融化,

lose automatic structure, etc., while en route. 失去自动结构等,而在途中。

The craft are scheduled to surface launch 0700.5100 飞船定于表面发射0700.5100

Greenwich time and are assembled on one of our very own stars, 格林威治时间,组装在我们自己的明星之一,

Neutron Einstar EV 9. 中子Einstar EV 9 。

The excitement is at a fevered pitch as the countdown approaches zero. 兴奋之余正处于白热化的倒计时趋近于零。

These hypersonic inertial transition ships 这些高超声速惯性过渡船

can calculate the negligible quantity of spherical differential for tight orbit, 可以计算出球差的量可以忽略不计的紧轨道,

are sonar-radar balanced and translate windage occurrence, 有声纳,雷达均衡,翻译偏差的发生,

offset verniers, retrieve, execute prepare, 偏移verniers ,检索,执行做准备,

delay code and report astrogational error in a micro-second. 延迟代码,并在微第二份报告astrogational错误。

Naturally these specialized craft are equipped with apparatus capable 当然这些专业工艺均配备装置,能够

of highly sensitive maneuverability. 高度敏感的可操作性。

They can dive, sweep, run random parallel paths, 他们可以潜水,扫,运行随机并行路径,

alternate axes, circumnavigate for rapid survey, spin, 另一种轴,绕行快速调查显示,旋转,

count milibaricly while simultaneously displaying an accurate diagram grid 算milibaricly ,同时显示一个精确图格

for safety measures, not to mention the quanta limitation fixtures for sea level, 安全措施,更何况量子限制装置海平面,

ground level, level off, and hover bearings. 地面平整,平整,和悬停轴承。

We have retained as an added feature to stimulate more thrills, 我们保留了作为一个额外的功能,以刺激更多的刺激,

the computer over-ride for a three and one half hours to two gens during 在电脑上骑了三年半小时到2一族

which pilots and co-pilots manually control free-fall, latitude, 其中飞行员和副驾驶手动控制自由落体,纬度,

longitude, protact gravity, revise dimensional equations, 经度, protact重力,修改二维方程,

run programme checks, submerge in the wild oceans of Jonrin 22, 运行程序检查,淹没在Jonrin 22的野生海洋,

to photograph as much territory as they can in addition 拍摄尽可能多的领土,因为他们可以在除

to the requisite three thousand automatic shots. 在必要三千自动拍摄。

The postulate for mischance runs high but not as high as the tension 该假设的不巧高涨,但并不如张力

and competitive spirit right here on Earth and all over 和竞争精神在这里地球和遍布

the 4 galaxies represented in this Seventh Grande Trex. 4个星系中的第七大Trex公司表示。


Dragonfly rations glide 蜻蜓滑翔口粮

In free fall slide 在自由落体的幻灯片

System nullify 系统废掉


Satellite dragonfly 卫星蜻蜓

Surface launch 表面发射

Radio silence 无线电静默


Hover high level off 将鼠标悬停高度关


The time space tactics saved us then 时间空间的战术拯救了我们,然后

Display report present, urgent 报告显示目前迫切

Sequence counting surface launch 顺序计数的表面发射

Dragonfly destroying all 蜻蜓摧毁一切


Science claiming newest findings 科学声称最新调查结果

Chanting calling flying dragons 诵经调用飞龙

Aboard all systems optimum 船上所有的系统优化

Nova scheduled war continued 新星计划的战争继续

Half the continental shelf burned by interval 一半的时间间隔烧毁大陆架

Interval 区间


Dragonfly Dragonfly 蜻蜓蜻蜓

Beacons aim 信标目标

Space game 太空游戏


Satellite computerized 卫星电脑

Mighty flight 强大的飞行

Hypersonic glide 高超声速滑翔


The countdown is minus two hundred (-200) 倒计时是零下200 ( -200 )

and I am turning you over to the control room 而我把你交给控制室

at command central Sia Lan for the launch. 在指挥中心死啊兰的推出。

Good luck to all the racers and especially to our ship Dragonfly; 好运来所有的车手,尤其是我们的船蜻蜓;

onward to victory. 向着胜利前进。

(Remember comdirect and radio silence will temporarily be in effect.) (记住comdirect和无线电静默将暂时生效。 )


Win the race calibrate 赢得比赛校准

Re-entry place 再进入的地方

Multi fail safe 多故障安全

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