歌词 "Dollaz + Sense" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Dollaz + Sense

Dollaz +感

歌词相关歌手:DJ QUIK

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词


Now let's get down to business, bitches 现在,让我们言归正传,母犬

Cause it seems like y'all just keep on tryin to diss this 因为好像你们都还是想继续试着迪斯本

Nigga that you know that's been down for years 你知道,兄弟们一直走下坡路

I've clowned for years, and y'all could never fade my peers 我clowned多年了,你们都永远无法褪去我的同龄人

One two three four five six seven 一二三四五六七

Nine, ten, Eiht you can't win 九,十, Eiht你赢不了

Cause all the way around nigga I gets respect 导致各地黑人的方式,我得到的尊重

and youse a nigga that can't even get no props in your set 和忧色一个黑人甚至不能得到任何的道具在您所设定的

Tragniew Park you say huh Tragniew公园,你说是吧

Wanna be rippin, but now it's time to do some set trippin 想成为rippin ,但现在是时候做一些设定践踏

So listen close, cause I don't want y'all to miss 所以,仔细听,因为我不希望你们都错过

That I'm bout to break it down for this bitch, check it 那我就要打破它的这个婊子,检查

Acacia, Poplar Maple Spruce Cedar Elm 合欢,杨树枫云杉雪松榆树

Westside trees sprayin all the fleas 西边的树木sprayin所有的跳蚤

that's from the three and four hundred block P-Funk riders 这是从三四百块P畏缩车手

(So niggaz watch yo' ass at that center divider) [gun blast] (所以,兄弟们看哟屁股在该中心分) [枪爆]

Now Aaron Tyler, tell my why you seem so tame 现在亚伦泰勒,告诉我你为什么显得如此温顺

When I caught you at the airport, shakin like a crap game 当我发现你在机场,颤抖像一个垃圾游戏

You looked up and you seen my niggaz comin 你抬起头来,你看到我的兄弟们科曼

And you looked like your bitch ass was bout to start runnin 而你看起来像你的母狗屁股回合开始奔跑

But all I wanted to do was kick a little coversation (yo whatup) 但我想要做的是踢小coversation (哟whatup )

And see if we can fix this little situation ,看看我们是否能够解决这个小状况

But would I fuck you up was what you wondered 不过,我会他妈的你是什么,你想知道

Yeah, that's probably why you changed your little pager number (punk ass) 是啊,这可能是为什么你改变了你的小寻呼机号码(朋克屁股)

But bitches like you don't grow 但是像你这样骂不长

You can't even look me in my eye, let alone go toe to toe 你甚至不能看着我的眼睛,更别说去脚趾到脚趾

And callin me skinny, youse a clown 并呼唤我瘦,忧色小丑

I'ma call you Theo, cause you weigh ninety-two point three pounds 我是叫你西奥,导致你的体重92点3磅

Wack ass actor, movie script killer 怪人屁股演员,电影剧本杀手

Fool don't you know, Quik is still the nigga 傻瓜难道你不知道,快客仍是黑鬼

Compton psycho, boy you oughta quit 康普顿的心理,小子你现在应该辞职

Your records don't hit, and bitches don't jock your shit 您的记录不打,而母狗不股癣你的屎

You need to stay down you Compton clown 你需要保持你下来康普顿小丑

and get off of the nuts of the niggaz with guts 下车与胆量​​的兄弟们的坚果

Because I'm down with the Trees, I'm down with Death Row 因为我下来的树木,我下来了死囚

I'm down with Black Tone, and I'm down with the fo' 我与黑色色调下来,我的FO降“

So when we cross paths and I hope that's soon 所以,当我们穿越的路径,我希望不久的

I'ma boot your motherfuckin ass to the moon 我是一个引导你娘的屁股月球

You need to quit bangin under false pretense 您需要在虚假借口退出bangin

Cause if don't make dollars, it don't make sense 因为如果不作块钱,这没有任何意义


[chorus] [合唱]

If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense 如果不作块钱,这没有任何意义

So don't kill game, let the pimpin commence 所以,不杀的游戏,让潘潘动工

If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense 如果不作块钱,这没有任何意义

So don't kill game, let the people, commence 所以,不杀的游戏,让人们,开始

If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense 如果不作块钱,这没有任何意义

So don't kill game, let the pimpin commence 所以,不杀的游戏,让潘潘动工

If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense 如果不作块钱,这没有任何意义

Because you gotta give it up to the crown prince 因为你总得给它的皇太子


Now I'ma swing it to the right and, right into the left hand 现在,我是一个摆动它的权利,右进左

Take a deep breath and, cook it like a chef and 深吸一口气,煮它像一个厨师,

this is dedicated to the C-P-T 这是专门为C -P -T

No better yet T-T-P, or the niggaz that look up to me 没有更好的TTP ,或仰望我的兄弟们

I make it my business, to be that true forever 我让我的生意,永远是真的

and whenever I can come clever well that's my endeavor 每当我能来也巧这是我的奋斗

so whether or not you understand, that there's only one DJ Q-U-I-K 那么你是否知道,那只有一个DJ QUIK

with no C still you can't be me 有没有C仍然不能成为我

Because I'm floatin in my Lex and, depositin fat checks and 因为我莲花灯在我的Lex和, depositin脂肪检查和

gettin mad sex while I floss the NSX and 刚开疯狂的做爱,而我的牙线和NSX

doin what I wanna, and youse a goner nigga 上来就是我想和忧色á完了黑鬼

for thinkin that you can catch me slippin on a street corner 对于在想,你可以追我跌到街角

Remember Compton's in the house, and Quik is in the hood 记住康普顿在家里,快客是在引擎盖

Sippin yak with all my niggaz cause it's tooted good 牦牛啜饮着我所有的兄弟们的原因,而是tooted好

So don't knock it til you try it, cause Eiht he tried to knock it 所以,不要敲它,直到你试试吧,会引起Eiht他试着敲

But he's still walkin round with my nuts in his pocket (beyotch) 但他仍然走着一轮我的坚果在他的口袋里( beyotch )

So put tha P in it represent and sip that Miller 因此,把塔p在其声明并品尝米勒

And for those of y'all concerned, this is still Eiht Killa [gun blast] 而对于那些你们来说,这仍然是Eiht Killa的[枪爆]

Let me take a load off my scrotum little pest 让我来压在我的阴囊小害虫

If it don't make dollers nigga, you know the rest 如果不作dollers黑鬼,你都知道了


[chorus] [合唱]


Now I done sold my fuckin soul to the shit that I kick 现在我做了卖出我他妈的灵魂,我踢了狗屎

While you groupie ass niggaz keep on ridin the dick 当你骨肉屁股的兄弟们继续坐车的家伙

You oughta know that DJ Quik ain't your average everyday motherfucker 你现在应该知道的DJ Quik的是不是你的平均每天娘

(hah) Slick like a snake cause I stuck ya (哈)光滑如蛇,因为我坚持雅

Now, I never had my dick sucked by a man befo' 现在,我从来没有我的鸡巴吸被一名男子befo

But you gon be the first you little trick ass hoe 但你坤是第一个,你的小把戏屁股锄头

Then you can tell me just how it taste 然后,你可以告诉我刚才怎么了味

But before I nut I shoot some piss in your face 但是,在我的螺母我拍了一些尿在你的脸上

you fuckin coward, tremblin like a nervous wreck 你他娘的胆小鬼, tremblin就像一个神经崩溃

Cause when I caught your ass, you put yourself in check 因为当我看见你的屁股,你把自己的检查

And when you left my presence, you left expedient 而当你离开我的存在,你离开的权宜之计

You ain't no fuckin killer, youse a comedian, beyotch 你是不是没有他妈的杀手,有色喜剧演员, beyotch

Tell me why you act so scary 告诉我,为什么你的行为太吓人了

Givin your set a bad name wit your misspelled name 得到安宁你一个坏名机智的名字拼错

E-I-H-T, now should I continue E-1 - H-T ,现在我应该继续

Yeah you left out the G cause the G ain't in you 是的,你离开了对G事业的G不在你

Remember that time you was rollin on the Westside 记住,你是罗林在西边那个时候

And a little brown bucket pulled up on your side 和一个棕色的小水桶拉升就在你身边

Caught at that light in your Camry in the midst of a 在一个中间抓到那个光在你的凯美瑞

REAL killer, tell me did you feel a little nervous (hell yeah) 真正的杀手锏,告诉我,你觉得有点紧张(地狱啊)

You was in the shadow of death 您是在死亡的阴影

With two trey-five-sevens pointed at your chest, hmm 用两个三分球五七人榄球赛指着你的胸部,嗯

Whatchu gon do, where was your niggaz that kill at Whatchu坤做的,这里是你的兄弟们杀的

You ain't got no killers so kill dat 你是不会得到任何杀手所以杀DAT

Holdin up your hands and beggin for a pass 牵着你的手和beggin了一通

You lucky they didn't just to get to dumpin on yo' ass 你很幸运,他们不只是去dumpin哟屁股

Cause this game you think is funny is some real shit 造成这个游戏中,你觉得搞笑的是一些真正的狗屎

So you need to be more careful who you fuckin wit, beyotch! 所以,你需要更加小心谁,你他妈的机智, beyotch !


[chorus] [合唱]

[line 4] I'm through playin with your punk ass [ 4号线]我通过你的屁股朋克弹唱


Shouts goes out, to my well known road dog 喊声出去,我熟知的道路狗

What's up Dozun Tru, they don't understand it baby 这是怎么回事Dozun超铀,他们不明白它的宝宝

they can't fade us out here on these Compton streets (beyotch) 他们不能淡出我们在这里对这些康普顿街( beyotch )

It's bigger than they can imagine 它比他们想象

To the whole entire Death Row family 整个整个死囚家庭

Both sides, whassup niggaz 双方whassup的兄弟们

And my nigga big Suge, known for keepin shit poppin 和我的兄弟们大菅着称的坚持着屁股狗屎

To my nigga Big J, my little nigga Hi-C, little straight G 我的兄弟们大Ĵ ,我的小兄弟们的Hi- C,小直轴G

And that little singin ass nigga Danny Boy 而这一点嬉蠢货丹尼男孩

Y'all don't understand, y'all can't fade this 你们都不懂,你们都可以不褪色本

I'M the first nigga that was "Bangin on Wax" 我就是被“ Bangin蜡”的第一个黑人

Yeah if you remember, nineteen eighty-seven underground tapes 是的,如果你还记得,一九八七年地下带

And it don't stop, and it won't stop 而且它不停止,也不会停止

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