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Doggy Dogg World



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[Intro:] [简介: ]


We'd like to welcome y'all to the fabulous Carolina West 我们想欢迎你们都来了神话般的卡罗来纳州西

I own this motherfucker and my name is Taa-Dow 我自己这个混蛋,我的名字是TAA -道

Y'all niggaz know who I am y'all niggaz tearin up shit 兄弟们你们都知道我是你们的兄弟们了,撕裂狗屎谁

But we got somethin old, and somethin new for y'all tongiht 但是,我们得到了事端老了,新的事端你们都tongiht

Put your hands together for Snoop Doggy Dogg 把你的手一起史努比小狗Dogg

The Dogg Pound, and the fabulous Dramatics 在狗狗庞德和神话般的戏剧


[Verse One: Snoop Doggy Dogg] [诗一:史努比小狗Dogg ]


It's like everywhere I look, and everywhere I go 这就像我到处看,到处我去

I'm hearin motherfuckers tryin to steal my flow 我赫林怎么就试着偷我的流量

But it ain't no thang cause see my nigga Coolio 但它是不是没有胜的原因看到我的兄弟库里欧

Put me up on the game when I step through the do' 把我在比赛的时候我在做步骤

Ya know, some of these niggaz is so deceptive 你知道,有些兄弟们是如此的欺骗

Usin my styles like a contraceptive 全光照我的风格像避孕药

I hope ya get burnt, it seems ya havn't learnt 我希望雅被烫伤,似乎没有带雅学

It's the nick nack patty wack, I still got the bigger sack 这是尼克NACK帕蒂怪人,我还是得到了更大的麻袋

So put your gun away, run away, cuz i'm back (why?) 所以,把你的枪了,跑掉了,因为我回来了(为什么? )

Hit em up, get em up, spit em up, now 打举起手来,让时间了,吐了时间了,现在

Tell me what's goin on 告诉我什么是布莱恩

It make me wanna holler, cuz my dollars come in ozones 这让我想大声叫喊,因为我的美元进来ozones

Lone for the break-up, so take off your clothes 孤独的分手,所以脱掉你的衣服

and quit tryin to spit at my motherfuckin hoes 并退出试着吐在我娘锄头

Seakin of hoes, I'll get to the point Seakin锄头,我会去点

You think you got the bomb cuz I rolled you a joint 你以为你有炸弹因为我滚你联合

You'se a flea and i'm the big Dogg Youse跳蚤,我的大狗狗

I'll scratch you off my balls with my motherfuckin paws 我要从头开始,你把我的球,我的娘爪子

Y'alls, niggaz, better recognize Yalls ,兄弟们,更好地识别

And see where I'm comin from it's still East Side till I die 而看到我马上就要从它仍然是东城,直到死

Why ask why? As the world keeps spinning to the D-O-Double-G-Y 为什么要问为什么?随着世界都在旋转到D -O-双G -Y


[Chorus:] [合唱: ]


It's a crazy mixed up world, it's a Doggy Dogg World 这是一个疯狂的混合起来的世界,这是一个小狗Dogg世界

It's a Doggy Dogg World, it's a Doggy Dogg World 这是一个小狗Dogg的世界,这是一个小狗Dogg世界

The Dogg's World 在狗狗的世界


[Verse Two: Kurupt] [诗二: Kurupt ]


Well if you give me ten bitches then I'll fuck all ten 那么,如果你给我10母狗然后我就他妈的所有10

See my homey Snoop Doggy sippin juice and gin 看到我的家一样的史努比小狗还在喝果汁和杜松子酒

Don't slip, I'm fo' to set trip, to get papers 不滑,我为设定的行程,让论文

Styles vary, packin flavor like Life Savors 风格各不相同,包装;味道就像生活品味

Ain't that somethin, talk shit and I'm dumpin 是不是事端,说话狗屎,我dumpin

I had your whole fuckin block bumpin 我有你的整个他妈的块bumpin

Don't sweat, but check the tecnique, I'm unique like China 不出汗,但检查tecnique ,我唯一喜欢中国

Ya never find the bomb-a-rama then this Nigga behind ya 雅从来没有发现炸弹一个剧场那么这个黑鬼雅的背后

So peek-a-boo, clear the way, I'm coming through 所以偷看-A- BOO ,开道,我来过

One-two, three, you can't see me 一,二,三,你看不到我

I'm a G like that strapped with hit hard tactics 我是A G一样,背负沉重打击战术

A fuckin menace, usin hoes like tennis rackets 他妈的威胁,全光照锄头像网球拍

It's on again, it's on and poppin 这再次,它是在和屁股

All I see is green, so there ain't no stoppin 我看到的是绿色的,所以不是没有阻止这

I wanna see some panties droppin 我想看到一些内裤灌篮

I'm comin from L.A., she used to chill with Dre up in Compton 我从洛杉矶坠落,她与肛门指诊在康普顿寒意

(All I ever did was just use that hoe (所有我做过的只是使用锄头

Show her my dickies, get with these, and kick flows)  她看看我的Dickies ,这些得到的,和踢流)

I'm dishin out blues, I'm upsetting like bad news 我dishin了蓝调,我喜欢打乱坏消息

Cut off khakis, french braids, and house shoes 切断卡其裤,法国辫子,家的鞋

Kurupt, the name's often marked for catchin slugs Kurupt ,这个名字常常被标记为捉蛞蝓

and I smoke weed for the fuck of it 我抽烟杂草为它的他妈的

Ruff and rugged shit, it's unexplanitory how I gets wicked 拉夫和坚固的,妈的,这是unexplanitory我怎么得到缺德

but it's manditory that I kick it 但它的manditory ,我踢它

Check it, I'm runnin hoes in 94, now must I prove it 检查一下吧,我飞奔在94锄头,现在我必须证明这一点

Hoes call me Sugar Ray for the way I be stickin and movin 锄头叫我糖光芒的方式,我是朵朵和居无定所

Prepare for a war, it's on, I'm head huntin 准备一场战争,这是对的,我的头打猎

Hit the button, and light shit up like Red Dawn 按下按钮,光拉屎像赤色黎明

Peep, the massicre from a verbal assassin 窥视,从口头刺客massicre

Murderin with rhymes packin Tec-9's for some action Murderin与押韵包装; TEC- 9的一些行动

You really don't know, do you, you fuckin wit a hog 你真的不知道,你,你他娘的机智猪

You can't do me, I'm goin out looney like O-Dog 你不能做我的,我要出去发疯像O型犬


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse Three: Daz] [诗三:哈根达斯]


Tha Dogg Pound rocks the party (all night long) THA狗狗庞德岩石党(整夜)

Tell when (till the early morn) 知道什么时候(直到黎明初)

It don't stop (and uh) it don't quit (for the) 它不停止(呵),它不退出(为)

The Dogg Pound clique (to drop the cavvy Dogg shit) 在狗狗庞德集团(砸cavvy狗狗拉屎)


Diggity Daz out of the motherfuckin cut once mo' 自由?哈根达斯了娘的剪一次莫

So grab a seat and grab your gin and juice and check out the flow 所以,抢座位,抢你的杜松子酒和果汁,并检查了流

I flip flop and serve hoes with a fat dick 我不停地翻转触发器和服务锄头与脂肪家伙

Till I die I'm still screamin that (bitches ain't shit) 直到我死,我还尖叫了(母狗不拉屎)

Now i'm the mack daddy, had he, not known about 现在我已经是万人迷,他已经不知道关于

the city where I'm from, dum diddy dum 在那里,我从,达姆老爹达姆是城市

As you groove to the gangster shit 当你槽的黑帮狗屎

The D-O-Double-G the P-O-U-N-D, the gangsta clique 在DO -双G英镑的黑帮集团

Now as the Pound break it down with the gangsta funk 现在,随着英镑打破它与匪帮临阵脱逃

I can see and I can tell that's what the fuck you want 我可以看到,我可以告诉大家,就是你想要什么他妈的

So I blaze up the chronic, so I can get high 于是我走出了慢性,这样我就可以得到高

I promise I'll smoke chronic till the day that I die 我保证我会抽烟慢性直到我死去的那天


[Chorus] [合唱]

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