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Dirty Game



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

Life, pain 生活中,痛苦


[Hook] [钩]

It's so hard to survive in this world of pain 它是如此难以在这个世界上痛苦的生存

I feel like I'm goin' crazy so I'ma shell my brain 我觉得像我如此痴迷所以我是贝壳我的大脑

My niggaz out here droppin' off over rocks and thangs 我的兄弟们在这里丢下了岩石和thangs “关闭

Mama never told me life was such a dirty game 妈妈从来没有告诉过我的生活就是这样一个肮脏的游戏


[Lifty Stokes] [ Lifty斯托克斯]

I hold my glock to my chest, yes my steel is cold 我认为我的格洛克到我的胸部,是我的钢铁冷

I pray to God to come to rescue me and save my soul 我祈祷上帝来拯救我,拯救我的灵魂

I reminisce on my past life í回忆我的过去的生活

Ever since I was a young shorty I didn't act right 自从我是一个年轻的矮个子我没有行动的权利

Live for the street life 住的街道生活

Yellin', "What it be like?" 喊“ , ”这是什么样的? “

Nigga we Folks 兄弟们,我们乡亲

Money makin' hustlaz from the Westside and it shows 钱钱钱从西边,它hustlaz显示

In these past years, shit it's been a hell of 25 在过去的这些年里,拉屎它已经25地狱

Back in '91, I didn't even think I'd be alive 早在91年,我什至不认为我会活着

I was sellin' jewelry to rocks, and rocks to weed 我是出卖首饰岩石和杂草石头

Off at the comfort zone G with a fifth of T's and B's 关在舒适区G带T的和B的五分之一

Ready to do whatever, young with a pocket full of cheddar 准备做什么,年轻,有一个完整的切达口袋

No thoughts of stackin' just ballin', picture me fallin' nigga never stackin “只是劈腿,没有思想的想象着我落下的兄弟们从来没有

In this lifetime 在此生

But I had to grieve for awhile 但我不得不伤心一段时间

Cause a nigga fell off hard but I got my ass back on the grind 造成黑人摔了下来很难,但我得到了我的屁股后面的磨

And hit the streets like a mad man, goin' against the grain 并创下像个疯子一样,要去对粮食街头

With dried tears on my face from the pain of this dirty game 随着擦干了泪在我的脸上,从这个肮脏的游戏的疼痛


[Hook 2x's] [钩2倍的]


[Todd Nitty] [托德基本事实]

Fresh out the pen and can't maintain 新鲜出笔,不能维持

Wanna go and hit the block, be on the same thang 想去和撞块,在同胜

Tryin' to serve some cain up in this dirty game 试着去满足一些该隐在这个肮脏的游戏

Cause you did a lil' bit, think ain't shit changed 因为你做了一个可爱的小一下,觉得不拉屎改变

You wrong boy, these shorties out here misled 你错了的孩子,这些矮仔在这里误导

You fuck around and catch a bullet in yo forehead 你他妈的左右,赶上子弹哟额头

Ya heard me? 雅听到我吗?

This ain't the 80's where you get a nickel sack and a hoodrat 在这里,你会得到一个镍口袋,而不是80的一款hoodrat

A 40-ounce of Red Bull and blow yo wig back 一个40盎司的红牛吹哟假发回来

Nigga fuck that, this the year 2-G 他妈的黑鬼说,这一年2 -G

Where the toughest muthafucka get left 6-feet deep 其中最棘手的muthafucka被甩在6英尺深

So don't sleep, cause the scariest nigga'll pull the trigga 所以,不睡觉,会导致可怕niggall拉trigga

Put 2 in 300 pounds, so that makes you a killa 把2 300磅,这样就使得你Killa的

Oh really, could you be that silly 哦,真的,你能不能说傻

To think you gon' take over a block where I be ?? nigga forget it 以为你会去接管块,我是?黑人忘记

Don't make me have to blow yo brains 不要让我不得不吹哟大脑

In this fucked up world, this fucked up life, this fucked up game 在这个搞砸了世界,这一团糟的生活,这一团糟的游戏


[Hook 2x's] [钩2倍的]


[Twista] [特斯塔]

Hey nug, for some reason at night I can't sleep 嘿猪兔的,由于某种原因,我晚上无法入睡

When I lay down, I keep tossin' and turnin' 当我躺下,我把“搜查和撇开

There's somethin' wrong but I don't know what's wrong with me 有事端错了,但我不知道什么是我错了

Eyes burnin' 眼睛燃尽的

Cause sometimes I burst into tears when ain't nobody home with me 导致有时我泪流满面的时候是不是没有人跟我回家

Stress from thoughts of survival just rushed my dome quickly 从生存的思想压力刚刚冲到我的快速球机

Y'all better come on get me 你们都好来吧让我

Cause I bout to do somethin' so muthafuckin' drastic 因为我差不多要办事端让的muthafuckin 激烈

Instead of writin' essays like grabbin' SK's 相反,以创作的“杂文像抓着 SK的

With one of the best ways that I know to feed my family 随着我知道养活我的家人最好的方法之一

Cause y'all ain't foolin' me 因为你们是不是愚弄我

Y'all people plannin' a way for my people to read my eulogy 你们的人规划中“的方式为我的人阅读我的悼词

I see what y'all bogus ass doin', y'all plannin' on hurtin' me 我明白你们都假屁股干什么,你们都规划中“对hurtin 我

Used to be crucifyin' or burnin' me 曾经被crucifyin “或燃尽的我

Now you eliminatin' paper currency 现在你eliminatin 纸币

Terrorizin' with technology Terrorizin 与技术

And that Y2K shit, I don't know why you play with the chosen guys 而且千年虫狗屎,我不知道为什么你所选择的人玩

The wool ain't no longer pulled over my eyes 羊毛是不是不再拉了我的眼睛

Gots to get some scratch and I gotta get it soon 全球有机纺织品标准得到一些划伤,我得马上得到它

We about to be doomed 我们要完蛋了

Do somethin' for the kids before I go to my tomb 做事端的孩子之前,我去我的坟墓

Gotta bust this thang and maybe then thangs gon' change 总得胸围此胜,也许再thangs坤变化

Tryin' to check mine, cause all of it on y'all I can't blame 试着去检查煤矿,造成这一切的你们,我不能责怪

Maintain, it's a strange game 维护,这是一场奇怪的比赛

At times you gotta throw blows for the gold 有时,你得扔打击了黄金

It's a long road, some of us do shit despite losin' our soul 这是一个漫长的道路,我们有些人做的狗屎,尽管失去感到我们的灵魂

Got cold flows but it's strange, I still can't get no change 得了感冒流,但很奇怪,我仍然无法得到任何改变

Bout to be insane 布特是疯了

Tryin' to pay the bills but still straight causin' pain 试着去支付账单,但仍直causin的痛苦

It's a dirty game 这是一个肮脏的游戏


[Hook 2x's] [钩2倍的]


Dirty - dirty - dirty game 脏 - 肮脏 - 肮脏的游戏

Dirty game 肮脏的游戏

Such a dirty game 这样一个肮脏的游戏

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