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Days Of Our Livez



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[Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony] [骨歹徒正和谐]

Bone (xalot) 骨( xalot )

Wasteland soldier, These are the days of our lives 开荒的战士,这是我们生活的日子


I be struggling & hustling & thugging it forever 我算是挣扎与忙乱和永远thugging它

Come & look deeply in my eyes [x3] 快来和深深看我的眼睛[ X3 ]

I be struggling & hustling & thugging it forever & ever 我算是挣扎与忙乱和永远的永远thugging它


Bone (xalot) 骨( xalot )

we gotta prepare [x3] for eternal warfare 我们得做好准备[ X3 ]永恒的战争

[repeat 3] [重复3 ]


Only time will tell who dies, these are the days of our lives 只有时间会告诉我们谁死了,这些都是我们生活的日子

Come look deeply in my eyes, these are the days of our lives 进来,我的眼睛看起来很深,这些都是我们生活的日子

See the murder mortalise, see the murder mo, these are the days of our lives 看到杀人mortalise ,看到杀人MO ,这些都是我们生活的日子

These are the days of our lives, these are the days of our lives 这些都是我们生活的日子里,这些都是我们生活的日子


[CHORUS: 2x] [合唱: 2倍]

Now come into my world and you can see that we are more than thugz 现在,走进我的世界,你可以看到,我们比thugz

We more than thugz, more than thugz, more than thugz 我们以上thugz ,超过thugz ,超过thugz

With just a little twist of harmony we smokin' lethal warriors 有了和谐的只是一点点的扭曲,我们戒掉“致命武士

We warriors, We warriors, we warriors 我们的战士,我们的战士,我们的战士


[Layzie Bone] [ Layzie骨]

Eternally thugz here i come telling them soldier stories 永远thugz我来告诉他们士兵的故事

Been daily collecting my lessons, without any questions 被每天收集我的经验,没有任何问题

Without any questions, stressing no restin, we journey this blessin' 如果没有任何问题,强调没有的休眠,我们的旅程这个blessin

Shift in the game rearrange ya thangs 此消彼长的博弈重新雅thangs

cause once the world was bringin' me down 导致曾经是世界是bringin 我失望

Mesmerized controlled by the other side, but the devil was in my town 被对方迷住了控制,但魔鬼在我镇

looking for me 找我


[Wish Bone] [许愿骨]

But he won't find me in time, fucking with Bone and he liking these rhymes 但他不会找我的时候,骨他妈的,他喜欢这些童谣

We rhyme better believe it all the time, nigga we live 我们韵最好相信这一切的时候,兄弟们,我们生活

We straight up soldiers, Betta nigga done told ya, told ya 我们直上的士兵,贝家的兄弟们做了告诉你,告诉过你

We raw before we go broke, nigga we robbin you all, all of you all, all you 我们生在我们破产,兄弟们我们罗宾你的一切,所有的你的一切,你


[Krayzie Bone] [ Krayzie骨]

Yo my dawgs if you call or you fall 哟我dawgs如果你打电话,或者你跌倒

You depend on that nigga wherever then I will be there, lean on me 你依赖于黑人的地方,然后我会在那里,靠着我

But let us get rid of the enemies be staying a while, while 但是,让我们摆脱敌人来住了一段时间,而

But if you think you can hang, hang, hang 但如果你认为你可以挂,挂,挂


[Chorus (x2)] [合唱团( X2 ) ]


[Layzie Bone] [ Layzie骨]

Finally in the studio, you all know we roll hydro everytime we rhyme 最后,在片场,大家都知道我们推出水电每次我们韵

I'm high, look at me deeply in my eyes, I rise to the top of my game 我高,我的眼睛深深地看着我,我升到我的巅峰

No way that I had to run, no way that I had to turn 没办法,我只好跑了,没办法,我只好把

Sherm, but a lot of these niggas won't learn Sherm ,但很多这些黑鬼不会学习

But the money I earn won't burn So come again 但我挣不烧钱所以再来


[Wish Bone] [许愿骨]

Betta watch that Mack 10 nigga this one's for me and my friends 斗鱼手表马克10黑鬼这一个对我和我的朋友们

We steadily rollin', I told ya keep bringin' home platinum and gold ones 我们不断罗林 ,我告诉过你一直bringin 家铂金的人

pap pap, put it all in the ground, yeah Bone, Yeah we used to get down 爸爸爸爸,把它全部在地下,是骨头,是的,我们使用趴下

With the clack, back, put it on the ground, now get down 随着瓣,背部,把它放在地上,现在趴下


[Bizzy Bone] [ Bizzy骨]

Well it must be dawse, hydro, wanna roll my indo 那么它必须dawse ,水电,想我滚印

Sittin all alone in ah my window, little Eazy bless his soul, It's so cold 坐在独自一人在啊我的窗前,小EAZY保佑他的灵魂,它是如此寒冷

Little Eazy got stress for the peeps, the streets 小EAZY有压力的一瞥,街道

And none of these phonies hardly knew him 而所有这些骗子的几乎不认识他

But still wanna pop the bitch locing bitch locing. 不过还是想跳出母狗母狗locing locing 。


[Chorus (x2)] [合唱团( X2 ) ]


[Bizzy Bone] [ Bizzy骨]

And it ain't no mystery the pistol'll be and i better put it under my seat 它不是什么神秘的pistolll是和我最好把它放在我的座位

Betta read the scriptures sister, reach any or all of my readers 斗鱼读经文的妹妹,达成我的读者或全部

Said it ain't, it maybe double me up and get one foe my friends 说不是,就可能翻倍了我,并得到一个敌人,我的朋友

Twenty, twen, twen, we biddin' on bud the bids at a fin 二, TWEN , TWEN ,我们对芽biddin “的出价鳍

So who wanna bag? Who wanna bag? 那么,谁想要的包吗?谁想要的包吗?

You wanna bag? You wanna bag? You got a bag, sold! 你要包吗?你要包吗?你有一个袋子,卖!

So I'm sending my dawg to the liqour store for the blunts to roll 所以,我要送我的耶的liqour店为钝器推出

Only the Lord can tell who dies 只有上帝能告诉谁死

So pick up the puzzle and pieces and put it together my love 于是拿起魔方滴滴,并把它连同我的爱


[Krayzie Bone] [ Krayzie骨]

My lody Lord, maintain, it's hard cause I'm a soldier at war 我lody主,维护,很难因为我是一名军人,在战争

Cause everbody wanna try to bring out the devil in me 引起感到沉沦想尝试带出魔鬼在我身上

But the evils ain't better than me, weed keeps me at ease 但弊端是不是比我好,杂草让我放心

Take notes cause here it comes 记笔记引起说到这里

The murder mo comin' to carry you, oh you oh 谋杀莫坠落携带你哦你哦

Wake up and they sittin and pulling their gauge out, Murder 醒来后,他们呆坐着,拉他们的计了,谋杀

And they put it up to your temple and we blow your brains out, Die 他们把它给你的圣殿,我们吹你的脑袋,模切


[Chorus (x4)] [合唱团( 4个) ]

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