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Crossing The Boundary



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

I never make songs to disrespect woman 我从来没有让歌曲不尊重女性

or to judge people about the way that they're living 或判断人们对他们所生活的方式

but the way I am is based on the life I was given 但我的方式是根据我得到了人生

like them white boys; +Losing My Religion+ 像他们一样白的男生; +失去我的信仰+

I used to be a Christian and a political pawn 我曾经是一个基督教和政治棋子

the bible is right and all your native culture is wrong 圣经是正确的,你的所有的本土文化是错误的

next thing you know you telling me 'bout making a song 你知道接下来的事情你告诉我什么做一首歌

come in the studio, and tell me that I'm making it wrong 进来的工作室,并告诉我说,我在做是错误的

pissed off 'cause reality is making us strong 生气,因为现实让我们更坚强

like the ghost of Timothy MC Veigh making a bomb 像提摩太MC Veigh的制造炸弹的鬼

'ey yo Marvin Gaye, what the fuck is going on “安永溜溜马文·盖伊,什么他妈的是怎么回事

these rap niggas made propaganda out of your song 这些说唱黑鬼做宣传你的歌

but it's the gong show, amateur night at the Apollo 但它的铜锣秀,业余晚上在阿波罗

my dick is like my music, but harder to swallow 我的家伙是喜欢我的音乐,但难以下咽

so children follow me, like the pot piper 让孩子跟着我,像吹笛锅

and sing the chorus in the air, with your blood in your lighter 同唱空的大合唱,用自己的血在你的打火机

(sing that shit nigga, right now) (唱那狗屎黑鬼,现在)


[Chorus X 2] [合唱×2 ]

You played yourself thinking your down with me 你打你自己在想你打倒我

I end your life nigga, don't fuck around with me 我结束你的生命兄弟们,别他妈的在我身旁

and if you kids can't listen, then your bound to see 如果你的孩子可以不听,那么你一定会看到

the way you get shot for crossing the boundary 你被枪杀的过境方式


[Verse 2] [诗歌2]

The second verse is worse than the first and disrespects 第二段比所述第一和不尊重更糟

script this specifically to keep people in check 脚本这个专门留人在检查

Harlem to Boston, real niggas spit with me 哈林波士顿,真正的黑鬼吐了我

but Landspeed, you ain't fucking shit to me 但Landspeed ,你是不是臭狗屎我

and underground labels know that I don't trust you 地下标签知道,我不相信你

your only independent till your major, so fuck you 你唯一的独立,直到你的专业,所以你他妈的

and if your pissed off 'cause you think that I dissed you 如果你生气了,因为你认为我dissed你

I rape your moms and we can make this a personal issue í强奸你的妈妈,我们可以使这个个人问题

+Dance With The Devil+ remember that your not on my level +舞蹈与魔鬼+记住,你不是我的水平

stupid your not ready, I won Disypher, Pragging Rights from Rocksteady 笨你没有准备好,我赢了Disypher , Pragging权利从Rocksteady

and practically every battle that they got in New York 和几乎所有的战斗,他们在纽约有

and I still murder rappers on the street for sport 我还是谋杀的说唱歌手在大街上的运动

Doctor Giateen cutting you short little man 医生Giateen切割你的短小个子

but you don't give me props 'cause I never won at Scripple Jam 但你不给我的道具,因为我从来没有赢过的Scripple果酱

well fuck you, I hope somebody you love dies, so fuck your crew 还有你他妈的,我希望有人爱你死了,所以你他妈的船员

and fuck your family too, Technique's said it bitch 他妈的你的家人也一样,技术的说,这婊子

What the fuck you gonna do 你要做什么,他妈的


[Chorus X 2] [合唱×2 ]


(Yeah, Wrap it up on these niggas, wrap it up, Yeah) (是啊,别说了这些黑鬼,把它包起来,是啊)


[Verse 3] [诗歌3 ]

Immortal Technique insinuate degenerate fags 不朽的技术影射堕落的fags

burn Trent Lott*, wrapped in his confederate flag 烧洛特* ,包裹在他的盟旗

I got the Beretta with my face wrapped in a rag 我得到了贝雷塔用我的脸裹着破布

so put the African slave jewelery in the bag 所以把非洲奴隶珠宝收入囊中

motherfuckers tell me, that a diamond is forever 怎么就告诉我,说钻石恒久远

but is it worth the blood of Malcolm and Medgar Evers? 但它是值得马尔科姆和Medgar埃弗斯的血?

house niggas get your head severed trying to be thug 房子黑鬼让你的头切断想成为暴徒

you don't concern me, I'm trying to hurt the people you love 你不关心我,我想伤害你爱的人

Word of Mouth is I'm in the club being sneaky 口碑是我在俱乐部是偷偷摸摸

I'm like the body snatchers in your girl as getting sleepy 我喜欢的抢尸在你少女般越来越困了

I murder you indiscreetly, right at the source í谋杀你轻率,就在源

like the roman leech and Anit stabbed Christ on the cross 就像罗马水蛭和ANIT刺伤基督在十字架上

this is about Judo, it ain't about Jesus 这是一个关于柔道,这不是关于耶稣

and you shouldn't fucking talk about telekinesis 你不应该他妈的谈心灵促动

nigga please, moving shit with your mind 请兄弟们,动狗屎你的心

try moving ya moms out the projects with your rhymes 尝试移动雅妈妈了项目的儿歌

and next time, I'm coming after 'cual quiera' profanity 而下一次,我 cual quiera “亵渎后来啦

fucking 'carajo maldita mierda' 他妈的 carajo maldita mierda “

roll up 'de hierva, i pasala, para la isquierda' 卷起“去hierva ,我pasala ,第拉isquierda ”

put the price up to listen to me pop shit 把价格高达听我的流行狗屎

'cause I got Martha Steward giving me stock tips “因为我有玛莎史都华给我炒股技巧

underground money with honeys up in the whip 地下钱庄与蜂蜜在鞭

Bangbus.com, nigga fucking your bitch Bangbus.com ,兄弟你他妈的婊子


Yeah, played yourself nigga 是啊,打自己的兄弟们

fuck all ya, you don't know shit about me 他妈的都雅,你不知道在乎我

why open ya mouth and discuss who the fuck I am 为什么开丫口,讨论谁是他妈的我

I thought I told ya niggas on volume one, I wasn't fucking around 我想我告诉过你黑鬼成交量为1 ,我是不是他妈的身边

you just slept, cause you sold a few thousand units in the golden era 你刚才睡着了,因为你在黄金时期售出几千台

when niggas would buy anything on the shelf 当黑鬼会在货架上买东西

but those days are through, and you are through with them 但那些日子已经过了,你是通过与他们


[Trent Lott - southern senator] [洛特 - 南部参议员]

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