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Crimes Of The Heart



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

Yea I turned 21 in prison locked up at night 是啊,我转身在监狱里21锁定在夜间

Now I walk around free seems like another life 现在我走动自由似乎是另一种生活

Another roll with some other dice 与其他一些骰子另一辊

Another ho or a loving wife 另浩还是贤淑的妻子

People come and go some really you never know 人们来来去去,有些真的是你永远不知道

Intellectual midgets that really never grow 智力侏儒真的永远长不大

Fake love that holds on like"can I hold you though?" 假爱,拥有像“我可以抱你有关系吗? ”

And old friends will look at you like "yo, yea I told you so" 老朋友会看着你像“哟,是啊,我告诉过你”

A toast to the broken hearted 敬的心碎

Who never finished what they fuckin started 谁没有完成他们他妈的开始

People who go out and try to be a rebel at night 人谁出去,并尝试成为一个反叛晚上

Try to make up for the fact that they settled in life 尽量弥补他们在生活安定的事实

It's like a fight between the devil & Christ over the limelight 这就像在风头魔鬼与基督之间的斗争

Spiritual celebrity boaker 精神名人boaker

But the whole deck is full of jokers 但整个甲板充满了笑话

And every year that you get older 而每一年你变老

The stakes get higher 赌注获得更高的

Gambling with a bunch of fakes and liars 一堆假货和骗子赌博

Real talk 'cause the real New York 真正的谈话“使真正的纽约

Is the pain and the suffering of lost love 是痛苦和失恋的痛苦

Staring off into the distance in the midst of the club 凝视着远方,在俱乐部之中

Depression and emptiness that lead to suicide 抑郁和空虚,导致自杀

And the struggle inside of yourself that keeps you alive 和自己内部的斗争,保持你还活着

Survived and medicated stalked by sobriety 存活,药缠扰清醒

The life that you live now tortured by memories violently 你住现在回忆折磨剧烈的生活

I pray in sodomy that one day you could be forgiven 我祈祷在鸡奸,有一天,你可以原谅

For murdering the beautiful world we used to live in 谋杀美丽的世界,我们以前住在


[Chorus] [合唱]

Crimes of the heart [2X] 心脏的罪行[ 2倍]


Love...doesn't need a complicated metaphor 爱...不需要复杂的隐喻

And sometimes nothing needs to be said at all 有时没有什么需要的都可以说

Sometimes a person you with is not your one and only 有时候,你一个人的,不是你的唯一

And you just fuck with them because you afraid to be lonely 而你只和他们他妈的,因为你害怕孤独

And when you come back its too late 而当你回来的太晚了

So you overcompensate 所以,你矫枉过正

Like victims of rape 就像强奸受害者

Full of self hate 完整的自我仇恨

Lost in the affection to strangers around you 失去了亲情给你身边的陌生人

Instead of the only person that ever gave a fuck about you 而不是曾经给一个他妈的你唯一的人

Thought you were happy so you didn't come check me 还以为你是幸福的,所以你没来查我

But then when he cheated or treated you incorrectly 但后来当他骗或不正确对待你

You conveniently realized you could never forget me 您方便地实现,你永远无法忘记我

And tried to crawl back in my life unexpectedly 并试图爬回到我的生活意外

These are my indictments 这些都是我的起诉书

Of those who claim to be righteous 那些谁声称自己是义人

And leave a trail of broken hearts on their way to enlightment 并留下破碎的心的痕迹途中的启示

But I cant give into hatred or pass judgment 但我不能放弃憎恨或作出判决

Even towards every allusion I've been in love with 甚至对每一个典故,我已经爱上了

'cause the heart that portrays itself willingly 因为那心甘情愿地描绘自己的心脏

Is like a nation that trades freedom for stability 就像是一个国家的自由交易稳定

Its so seductive to be cold and corrupted and isolated and try to be an independent republic 它如此诱人的是寒冷和损坏的和孤立的,并尝试成为一个独立的共和国

But liberty to be loved on the surface is worthless 但自由被爱表面上是毫无价值

The sacrifice of revolution with no purpose 革命的,没有目的的牺牲

Take it from a criminal searching for his redemption 把它从刑事寻找他的救赎

Cursing at God desperately trying to get his attention 咒骂上帝拼命想引起他的注意


[Chorus] [合唱]

Crimes of the heart [2x] 心脏的罪行[ 2倍]

Looking for the shining light 寻找闪亮的光

Who's it gonna be? Who'll walk the line with me tonight? 谁是它会是什么?谁就会走线今晚跟我?

Round we go (won't cross?) climbing through the endless night 圆我们去(不会生气吗? )通过无尽的黑夜登山

Who's it gonna be? Who'll walk the line with me this time? (me this time oooh oooh oooh) 谁是它会是什么?谁就会走符合我这个时间呢? (我这一次哦哦哦)

Climbing through the endless night (endless night, endless night) 通过无尽的黑夜登山(无尽的黑夜,无尽的黑夜)

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