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Class On Sunday



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse 1: Tiara Thomas] [诗歌1 :皇冠托马斯]

If anybody asks, yeah we got class 如果有人问,是的,我们得到了类

We dressed up to party like trash 我们盛装派对就像垃圾

Then we hit the spot with the overnight bag 然后,我们打的旅行袋现货

We woke up act like nothing ever happened 我们醒了什么样的行为没发生过


[Hook: Tiara Thomas] [钩:皇冠托马斯]

Because we got smoked up 因为我们得到了熏

Homies on the floor get doped up 在地板上的家人获得掺杂向上

I'm in the back gettin' choked up 我在后面刚开了哽咽起来

And everybody got thrown up 而且每个人都拿到泛起


[Verse 2: Tiara Thomas] [诗2:皇冠托马斯]

If anybody asks, yeah we got bags 如果有人问,是的,我们有袋

Cops came runnin', they drivin' up fast 警察来了天边,他们赶回了快

Lights go shining, in my back dash 走灯的照耀下,在我的背上冲刺

Never pull over, cause we don't know what happened 从来没有拉过,因为我们不知道发生了什么


[Hook: Tiara Thomas] [钩:皇冠托马斯]

Because we got smoked up 因为我们得到了熏

We in the car gettin' doped up 我们在汽车刚开了掺杂了

In the back seat gettin' choked up 后座刚开了哽咽起来

And everybody got thrown up 而且每个人都拿到泛起


[Verse 3: Tiara Thomas] [诗歌3 :皇冠托马斯]

Yeah, I met this girl the other day 是啊,我遇到了这个女孩的一天

She said, "Hi my name is Grace 她说:“大家好,我的名字叫格雷斯

I love your music, I love your face 我喜欢你的音乐,我喜欢你的脸

And I normally don't say this 我一般不说这个

But if I could take you home 但是,如果我能带你回家

Bet I'd switch teams up like Peyton 打赌,我会转队像佩顿

But please don't take this wrong 但请不要采取这种错误的

Cause I promise I'm not gay and 因为我答应我不是同性恋,并

I just been known to play with 我已经知道了打

Some girls back from the states and 有些女孩回来从美国和

Some girls I went to school with 有些女孩我去上学

Some girls back from the way 有些女孩在回来的路上

Said, "Hey girl, hey, whatchu say? 他说:“嘿女孩,哎, whatchu说什么?

I don't give a fuck if you're gay or straight" 我不给他妈的如果你是同性恋者还是异性恋“

Bi or high, don't blow my 毕或高,不吹我

I wish you would, birthday cake 我希望你,生日蛋糕

And I'm always baked, I don't mind 而我总是烤,我不介意

I get wasted, y'all waste time 我被浪费掉了,你们都浪费时间

Put that Mary all in that barrel 把玛丽所有的桶

Then smokin' all on that nine 然后吸都在那九

Smoke all in my eyes, smoke all in my face 烟在我的眼里,所有的烟在我脸上

Blowin' all of that white boy, and I ain't talkin' race 吹的是那白色的小男孩,我是不是在说“种族

No I ain't talkin' runnin', presidential debate 不,我不是在说飞奔 ,总统辩论

Yeah we got class, like on MLK day 是的,我们有一流的,像MLK天


[Verse 4: Black Cobain] [第4节:黑色科班]

Kush clouds, I'm on nine of them 库什云,我对其中的9

Just ponderin' like, should I let my conscious in 只是ponderin 就好了,我应该让我的意识中

Go put your feet up on the ottoman 去把你的脚在奥斯曼

Arsonist I burn all of this, I wish I didn't give your heart a kiss 纵火犯我烧了这一切,我希望我没有给你的心脏一个吻

You call my phone, I call it quits 你打电话给我,我把它退出

[?] that shit you [?] [?]狗屎你[?]

Man I'm gettin' stoned, Rosetta 男人我刚开了砸死,罗塞塔

Why don't you leave me alone, need a Michael Jackson leather 你为什么不留下我一个人,需要一个迈克尔·杰克逊的皮革

Cut from a different texture 从不同的纹理切

Fuck with all your questions 他妈的你所有的问题

Damn a nigga faded, I just ran the intersection 该死的黑鬼褪色,我只是跑的交集

I was rushing to that, uh 我抢着说,恩

Rushing to that you know 抢着要知道

Yeah she talkin' freaky when I put it in her culo 是啊,她说古怪,当我把它放在她的culo

Ooh, don't put no ashes in my shit 哦,千万不要把没有骨灰在我的屎

She was on my mind, now she on my dick 她是在我的脑海,她现在在我的鸡巴

Fuck all night, then she roll that shit 他妈的一整夜,然后她推出的那些事

She ain't even know I was cold like this 她甚至不知道我是感冒这样的

Call a nigga dope when she on that shit 叫了一个黑人涂料时,她的那些事

Got mind-fucked now I own that bitch 搞到现在心态性交我自己是婊子

Heard TT now she love that shit 听说TT现在她喜欢的那些事

Might go down cause I do that shit 可能会往下走,因为我做的那些事

I'm on a few drugs but I'm on my shit 我在一些药物,但我对我的屎

She ain't really have a real love like this 她是不是真的有一个真正的爱情是这样

So we gettin' high 'til it all make sense 因此,我们刚开了高,直到这一切意义


[Outro: Black Cobain] [尾奏:黑色科班]

Right here where I'm supposed to be 在这里在那里我应该是

And it's too far, hope this'll get you close to me 它太远了,希望这会让你靠近我

Let the windows down, let the smoke out 让窗户下来,让出的烟雾

We hotbox, she got choked out 我们轴温,她得到了哽咽

She was precipitatin' my kush cloud 她precipitatin 我都库什山脉的云

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