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Catch A Fade



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[Chorus: Kendrick Lamar (E-40)] [合唱:肯德里克 - 拉马尔(E - 40 ) ]

Jumping off the front porch with a new approach 用一种新的方法跳下前廊

Don't approach me with the bullshit 不要用废话接近我

I remote to a location where the broom sit ì遥控器的位置,其中坐在扫帚

Here I go, street sweeper 在这里,我走了,清道夫

Monday to Friday, if not though we can catch a fade 周一到周五,如果没有我们虽然可以搭乘褪色

(Catch a fade!) Catch a fade (钓褪色! )抓住褪色

(Catch a fade!) Catch a fade (钓褪色! )抓住褪色

(Catch a fade!) Catch a fade (钓褪色! )抓住褪色

(Catch a fade!) (钓褪色! )


[Kendrick Lamar] [肯德里克 - 拉马尔]

Pulling up and hopping out, shell, catch it popping out 拉起来跳了,贝壳,捉它突然跑出

And I ain't never been a Tom or a Jerry, pussy or a rat 而且我也不是没有过汤姆还是杰里,猫或老鼠

Pussy on my nut sack, carry plenty Kenny Tates 猫在我的坚果袋,携带大量大老肯尼

Give me that, give me plenty Feddi 给我,给我很多Feddi

Federales on my back, pack 'em in the cemetery Federales在我的背上,驮时间在墓地

Send a scary hit out on your messenger, I'm ignorant to wrestle a 发送一个可怕的打击了你的使者,我很无知跤

gorilla in the center of an Acura Integra 大猩猩在阿库拉型的中心

I'm pissed off, so I piss off rooftops 我生气了,所以我激怒屋顶

Drink it through a straw, fuck a rent-a-cop, I'm hot 用吸管喝,就他妈的一个租来的警察,我好热

I'm napalm when the beat slap like eight palms 我是凝固汽油弹的时候拍一巴掌像八掌

And I wear eight charms, every airport alarm 而且我穿8的魅力,每一个机场报警

go off till they tackle me, what I do wrong? 熄灭,直到他们对付我,我做错了什么?

Nigga, it ain't bout the chain, nigga, you the fucking bomb 兄弟们,这不是回合链条,兄弟们,你们他妈的炸弹

Bomb on a bitch nigga, then his bitch later 炸弹在一个婊子黑鬼,那么他后来母狗

Pull the tips on a bitch nigga, you a fucking waiter 拉母狗黑鬼的提示,你他妈的服务员

I don't even want a favor, I just want a fair one 我什至不想要的忙,我只是想要一个公平的

And it's like that till the sheriffs come 而且它是这样的,直到警长来


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Droop-E] [下垂- E]

Droop-E, look, problems we solved 'em, bout that action 下垂-E ,你看,我们的问题解决了他们,比赛的是行动

One less sucker nigga, that's subtraction 少了一个吸盘兄弟们,这就是减法

There's bosses, factors on the team 有老板,因素对团队

Real niggas, no actors on the team 真正的黑鬼,对球队没有任何演员

Not you, who Droop? He a good dude 没有你,谁下垂?他的好哥们

Put him in a bad mood, turn you into goon food 把他在心情不好的时候,把你变成呆子食物

I'm in the party feeling like me 我在和我一样的感觉方

S-I-C-K with T.D.E. S-I- C- K的T.D.E.

Your bitch on sacks, in my ear like wax 你的母狗在麻袋,在我耳边似蜡

and this Landy got her ready to get it hit from the back 这温岚让她准备把它从后面撞

She chose up chump, salute, give daps 她选择了小钱,敬礼,给​​DAPS

or get your face flat, you don't want that 或让你的脸平,你不想说

And get your nose tapped, you don't want that ,让您的鼻子挖,你不想说

Get your life fucked up all over a batch 让你的生活一团糟各地一批

Get cropped, get chopped 得到裁剪,得到切碎

on your head like a barber shop 在你的脑袋像一个理发店

Have it out in the parking lot 有它在停车场


[Chorus] [合唱]


[E-40] [E - 40 ]

Stay turned, super charged up, stoked 保持关闭,超级充电,火上浇油

Ghetto pass never revoked, mouthpiece faster than a speedboat 贫民窟通从来没有被撤销,喉舌比快艇快

Keep it one hundred like a C-note, pea coat 保持百像一个C音符,豌豆大衣

Popo tryna decode lingo 波波tryna解码行话

Not drunk, but I finna be hella twisted 不醉,但我FINNA是海拉扭曲

Lifted like a toilet seat, grown ass kid 举像个马桶,屁股长大的孩子

My bitch always telling me, I ain't shit 我的母狗总是告诉我,我是不是拉屎

She hate me, but she love my dick 她恨我,但她爱我的鸡巴

Trapper factor macker, having money like a rapper (rapper) 捕手因素macker ,有像说唱钱(说唱歌手)

Bumping local talent, pulling up with the blapper (blapper) 碰碰本地人才,与blapper拉起( blapper )

Partner want to challenge cause my pockets hella fatter (fatter) 合作伙伴想挑战的事业我的口袋海拉胖(胖)

But he gon' be unlucky like walking under a ladder (ladder) 但他坤倒霉像梯子下行走(梯)

Put hands on a man, fuck unity (fuck unity) 把手放在男人,他妈的统一(统一他妈的)

Ain't nothing between us, but space and opportunity (space and opportunity) 是不是我们之间什么都没有,但空间和机会(空间和机会)

Never been a sucker (sucker), never been a lame 从来没有一个吸盘(吸盘),从来没有一个跛脚

Stay in your lane, you can't see me like a stealth plan (like a stealth plane) 留在你的车道,你看不到我像一个隐形计划(如隐形飞机)

Biatch! Biatch !


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Kendrick Lamar (E-40) {Droop-E}] [肯德里克 - 拉马尔(E - 40 ) {下垂-E }]

(Where you from Droop-E?) {The West} (你从哪里来下垂-E ? ) {西}

(Where you from Kendrick? The West (如果你肯德里克?西

Aye 40, where you from though? (The West) 埃40 ,你来自哪里,但? (西方)

Who bring it to they front do'? (The West) 谁把它带到他们面前做 ? (西方)

Aye, where they get they game from? (The West) 是呀,在那里他们得到他们的游戏的呢? (西方)

Aye, where they get they slang from? (The West) 是呀,在那里他们得到他们的俚语吗? (西方)

Aye, where they get they strength from? (The West) 是呀,在那里他们得到他们的力量的呢? (西方)

Aye, where they get they greats from (The West, biatch!) 是呀,在那里他们得到他们的伟人(西, biatch ! )

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