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[LaRoue Sample] [ LaRoue样]


[Verse 1: Cyhi Da Prynce] [诗歌1 : Cyhi大Prynce ]

I am bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet bulletproof 我是子弹子弹子弹子弹子弹的防弹

I done already did what they said I couldn't do 我做已经做了什么,他们说我不能这样做

Look at me? No, look at you 看着我?不,看看你

I'm one nigga that you shouldn't shoot 我算是黑鬼,你不应该拍

Cause I've been running with them killers since was a little nigga 因为我一直在运行他们的杀手,因为是一个小黑人

With a gap and the crooked tooth 有差距,歪牙

57 on me pull it too 57我把它太

Heat the pot slow just like I'm cooking soup 烧热锅内慢,就像我做饭煲汤

Got a bunch of bitches that've been playing on my bone 有一大堆的母狗thatve一直在玩我的骨

Always saying I'm wrong cause I wouldn't screw 总是说我错了,因为我不会拧

Oh well change my number 哦,好吧更改我的电话号码

Dick her too, I be slanging lumber 迪克她也一样,我被slanging木材

I get women by the season and I think my last girl's name was Summer 我得到女人的季节,我想我最后女孩的名字叫夏

Oh my bad it was Autumn, hit the cat and then I dog 'em 哦,是我不好那是秋天,打猫,然后我的狗时间

Never call 'em if I feel like it's going to eventually be a problem 从来没有叫时间,如果我觉得这将最终成为一个问题

All my enemies, I done fought 'em 我所有的敌人,我做打时间

All the Jays, I done bought 'em 所有的鸟,我做了买时间

Paid in full like them niggas who ran a slalom out in Harlem 全额支付他们一样黑鬼谁跑了激流回旋在哈莱姆

Cause I'm a hell of a writer, I think I deserve a column 因为我是一个作家的地狱,我想我应该得到一个列

That's why I'm the headliner and you herbs are at the bottom 这就是为什么我的顶篷,你草药是在底部

I got these suckers scared, got these pussies playing possum 我得到了这些吸盘害怕,有这些的pussies打负鼠

This the first thing I said when I saw 'em 这第一件事,我说,当我看到时间


[Hook:] [钩: ]

I heard you talking like you 我听见你说喜欢你

We all got guns my niggas so ain't nobody 我们所有有枪我黑鬼所以不是没有人

And we got enough funds to make bond my nigga so think about it 我们有足够的资金进行国债我的兄弟们这么想想

And be careful when you run up on my troops you catch a 而且要小心,当你在我的部队跑起来你抓

It's sad because it seems likes everybody from the hood die from a 这是可悲的,因为它似乎每个人都喜欢从从引擎盖模具

(CyHi, what's my name?) ( CyHi ,什么是我的名字吗?)


[Verse 2: Cyhi Da Prynce] [诗2: Cyhi大Prynce ]

You can talk about me all you want 你可以谈论我都想要

That don't matter cause my self esteem is bulletproof 这并不重要,因为我的自尊是防弹

My shit won't shatter 我的屎就不会动摇

I'm a find my way up to the top, I don't need no ladder 我是觉得我的方式到顶部,我不需要任何的阶梯

I already got these niggas pissed, I don't need no bladder 我已经得到了这些黑鬼生气,我不需要任何的膀胱

Fuck the chatter and the jabber 他妈的喋喋不休的闲聊

Lick a shot and watch them scatter 舔了一枪,看着他们分散

Niggas mad that the Prynce poppin' cause my pockets fatter 黑鬼们疯狂的Prynce屁股,因为我的口袋胖

Catch us hoppin' out of vans 赶上我们霍“出去货车

Boy I stay in [?] 男孩我留在[?]

Shawty I'm always out of town and it ain't cause I like to travel 美女我总是出城,这是不是造成我喜欢旅行

Niggas talkin' 'bout the boots I'm wearing in the magazine 黑鬼说话回合的靴子我穿在杂志

You can bathe in some bleach and you still won't be half as clean 你可以在一些漂白剂洗澡,你依然不会是一半干净

Bitch I'm slick as Vaseline, smoking gasoline 母狗我是光滑如凡士林,吸汽油

In the red Chevelle and the seats are [?] cream 在红色舍韦勒和座椅[?]霜

Leaking valvoline, while I'm pushing through 漏水胜牌,而我通过推

Take her top off, I call the mullet-proof 把她顶过,我所说的乌鱼防

Rappers only mad cause they ain't as good as you 说唱歌手只有疯狂的原因,他们是不如你

So I keep a chrome Springfield and it's wooden too 所以我一直铬斯普林菲尔德,它是木制的太

Cause you not 因为你不


[Hook] [钩]


[Verse 3: Yelawolf:] [第3节: Yelawolf : ]

Somebody should have told me 有人应该告诉我

I was gonna be a mother fucking problem 我要成为一个母亲他妈的问题

I never knew I'd be this hard to get, Shit 我从来不知道我会这样难求,妈

I didn't get the memo 我没有得到备忘录

Should have took my demo to Stephen Hawking 应该把我的演示,以斯蒂芬·霍金

Cause I'm weird science 因为我古怪的科学

Appear to be violent 似乎是暴力

Tattoos like Gadzooks! 刺青一样Gadzooks !

And the wolf- he's clearly defiant 而wolf-他显然违抗

And appear eyeing me 并出现盯上我

Loving on my pay, fear on my tear: I'm giant 爱我的付出,害怕我的泪:我是巨人

So my style got jacks on the beanstalk 所以,我的风格上了魔豆插孔

All the team start lookin like 所有的团队开始看着像

Coach I'm really trying 教练,我真的想

Fuck you lames 你他妈的LAMES

Throw another bit in the club 再加上俱乐部的另一位

Go ahead and make it rain 继续前进,使雨

Cause if I run up in the club 因为如果我在俱乐部的跑起来

With a bunch of thugs 带着一帮打手

From the trailer park 从拖车公园

We gonna make it drain 我们会去做排

Funny how I just say that 有趣,我刚才怎么说

Hey, I must think I'm bulletproof 嘿,我一定认为我是刀枪不入

Well if a bullet means MC 那么,如果子弹是指MC

Then see, you can put your money 再看看,你可以把你的钱

On my teflon cause I guess I do 在我的聚四氟乙烯,因为我想我做的

I'm just sayin I'm me 我只是在说我是我

But that's bad as you tryna sell CD's 但是,当你tryna卖的不好的CD

Multiply that by originality 乘上原创

And you might have to win another Lamborghini... 你可能需要再赢兰博基尼...

My truck looking like daddy's Lambo 我的车看起来像爸爸的兰博

Flip flop like plastic sandals 触发器像塑料凉鞋

Covered in black tint, but you can see me like I had a candle 浑身黑色为主色调,但你可以看到我,就像我有一个蜡烛

You ain't seen quick til you seen a wolf get 你没有看到快速直到你见过狼获得

Buck, point bullet shoot 巴克,点子弹射击

And that's not a 2 bitch 而且这不是一个婊子2

That's a.45 hollow tip: I'm bulletproof 这是A.45空心提示:我防弹


[Chorus] [合唱]


[LaRoue Sample lead-out] [ LaRoue样品引出]

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