歌词 "Breathin' To Death" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Breathin' To Death



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

It's like I'm tired of life 这就像我已经厌倦了生活

Lord I'm wrong, why I can't get right? 主啊,我错了,我为什么不能得到正确的?

And when it's dark, why it can't get light? 而当它的黑暗,为什么不能拿轻?

Why it can't be light? 为什么不能是光?

It's so heavy, why my sin won't let me see the end? 它是如此沉重,为何我的罪不会让我看看到底?

Come get me! 快来帮我!

Please come get me! 请你帮我!

My thoughts, my mind, my ways all evil 我的思想,我的脑海里,我的方法万恶

I'm s'posed to be Your people, I'm s'posed to see Your sequel 我sposed是你的人,我sposed看到您的续集

I said I'd never leave You 我说我永远不会离开你

But I'm so left, I ain't right 但我很左,我是不对的

Lord, I'm sleeping with death 主啊,我睡觉死亡

Man, I'm cheating with death 伙计,我一直在骗死亡

Am I deaf? It's like I don't hear You 我是不是聋了吗?这就像我不听你的

I say that I'm a Christian, but it's like I don't fear You 我说我是一个基督徒,但它就像我不担心你

I'm on a selfish island and I am nowhere near You 我是一个自私的小岛,我远不及你

God, I really need You even though I don't appear to 天啊,我真的需要你,即使我不出现

I'm drinking out a broken cistern that could never hold water and I'm gonna get burned 我喝了一个破碎的蓄水池,绝不可装水,我会引火烧身

Though I try, I never satisfy to quench this yearn 虽然我试试,我从来没有满足解渴这个向往

I hear You calling, but it's like a fight for me to just turn 我听到你的呼唤,但它像对我来说,只是把一拼

Lord, I deserve to burn 主啊,我应该烧


I'm feeling schizophrenic, 我感觉精神分裂,

Maybe I ain't saved, 'cause I gotta get high just to block out all the pain 也许我不会被保存,因为我得让高刚阻止了所有的痛

Seen death, seen hurt, seen a whole lot of things 看到死亡,看过伤,看到一大堆的东西

But instead of running from it I'm running away from change 而不是从它的运行,但我逃离变化

It's like I'm outside in the ice cold weather 这就像我在冰冷的天气是外

The rain's coming down, I keep getting wetter 的灌进了雨,我不断收到多雨

I know I'm getting sick and I could die any second 我知道我生病了,我会死的任何第二

But still I refuse to let Your truths make me better 但我仍拒绝让你的真理让我更好

I'd rather eat flies and maggots instead of bread 我宁愿吃苍蝇和蛆虫,而不是面包

And it's killing me slow, but I can't get it through my head 它的杀了我慢,但我不能让它在我的脑海

You were stabbed, You were murdered 你被刺伤,你被谋杀

And for me is why You bled 对我来说就是为什么你流血

But I spit on your bloody face as if I never cared 但我吐在你的​​脸上血淋淋的,就好像我从来不在乎

Lord, how dare I compare my pain? 主啊,我怎么敢比我的痛苦?

Your father turned his back 你父亲转身

And You were left to hang 而你留下来挂

I don't know why You did it, that I can't explain 我不知道你为什么这样做,我无法解释

How can You love this sinner who's desecrated your name? 你怎么能喜欢这个罪人,谁是亵渎了你的名字?

Lord, I deserve the flames 主啊,我应得的火焰


I know I tell lies 我知道我说谎

I know I do dirt 我知道我做的污垢

Apart from You, I'm nothing, but You can give me worth 除了你,我什么都没有,但你可以给我的价值

I don't know if I know You 我不知道,如果我知道你

But still I know I should 但我知道我应该

I know these days are evil and only You are good 我知道这些日子是邪恶的,只有您们好

I've come to this conclusion that I would like to change 'cause all the world's money and fame cannot sustain 我得出这样的结论,我想改变引起世界上所有的金钱和名利不能维持

I know that I should turn but that's the hardest thing 我知道我应该把但这是最难的事

Cause do I really feel that having Jesus is a gain? 因为我真的觉得有耶稣是增益?

The world is so tempting 世界是如此诱人

Satan is a beast 撒旦是野兽

He hypnotizes my eyes to say the least 他催眠我的眼睛,至少可以说

But Jesus be my treasure! To know You is to live 但耶稣是我的宝贝!要知道,你是活

And I am here dying, trying everything there is 我在这里死了,想一切有

All I need here is You 我需要在这里您

Help me turn 'way from sin 帮我转“的方式从罪

Lord, give me grace to turn away and the fear to not give in 主啊,给我的恩典来转去的恐惧给不给的

I know that I'm not perfect but I could rest in Him 我知道我并不完美,但我可以休息的他

I know I don't deserve it but still I take your hand 我知道不敢当但我牵着你的手

Lord, let me take Your hand 主啊,请让我牵着你的手


Help me Lord before there's no time left 帮我神面前有没有时间

I ain't living I'm just breathing to death [echo] 我是不是住我只是呼吸死亡[回应]

Your ways are perfect and they lead me to rest 你的方法是完美的,他们带领我休息

Mine are evil and they lead me to death 我的是邪恶的,他们带我到死

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