歌词 "Boyz N Tha Hood (G-Mix)" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Boyz N Tha Hood (G-Mix)

男孩Ñ临屋区胡德(G -MIX )


English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Intro:] [简介: ]

Yeah, gangsta Dresta steps in this muthafucka and this one goes out tah all 是啊,在这个muthafucka匪帮Dresta步骤,这一次熄灭所有塔赫

the O.G.'s out there and I can't forget about the baby gangstaz, what's up 在OG的在那里,我不能忘记宝宝gangstaz ,这是怎么回事

niggaz, my 兄弟们,我

nigga they came back with some of that old school original west coast shit 兄弟们,他们带回来了一些老同学原来的西海岸狗屎

nigga that 黑人说

got all of y'all in this dig in the first place yeah so run that shit E, yeah 得到了所有你们都在这挖首先是啊所以运行狗屎E,是的

... ......


[Verse One:] [诗一: ]

Cruisin' down tha street in my '64 Cruisin 下来这条街在我64年

Jackin' tha freaks clocking tha dough 辉影 THA怪胎时钟塔的面团

Went to tha park tah get the scoop 来到塔公园塔赫一探究竟

Knuckleheads out there come shootin' some hoop Knuckleheads那里来乱射有些箍

A car pulls up who can it be 一辆车拉了会是谁

A fresh El Camino rollin' Kilo G 新鲜埃尔卡米诺罗林基洛ğ

He rolled down his window and he started to say 他摇下车窗,他开始说

It's all about makin' that GTA 这是所有关于金的GTA


[Chorus:] [合唱: ]

'Cuz tha boyz in tha hood are always hard “在塔引擎盖的Cuz塔BOYZ总是难

Ya come talkin' that trash we'll pull ya cord 雅进来说话“的垃圾桶,我们将拉雅线

Knowin' nuthin' in life but tah be legit 在生活中深深地知道“废柴”,但塔赫是合法的

Don't quote me boy 'cuz I ain't said shit 不要引用我的男孩“因为我不会说狗屎


(Straight up, straight up, straight up gangsta wrong nigga tah fuck wit (直线上升,直线上升,直线上升匪帮错误的黑鬼塔赫他妈的机智

Straight up, straight up, straight up gangsta wrong nigga tah fuck wit) 直线上升,直线上升,直线上升匪帮错误的黑鬼TAH他妈的机智)


[Verse Two:] [诗二: ]

Dotomy's in tha place tah give me the pace Dotomy在塔的地方TAH给我的脚步

He said my man JD is on free-base 他说,我的男人JD是自由基地

Tha boy JD was a friend of mine 塔的男孩JD是我的一个朋友

'Til I caught him in my car trying tah steal a alpine 直到我发现他在我的车想塔赫偷高山

I chase him up tha street tah call a truce 我追他,这条街塔赫电话休战

Tha silly cluckhead pulls out a deuce deuce 塔傻cluckhead翻出平手平手

Little did he know I had a loaded 12 gauge 他不知道我有一个装12号

One sucka dead L.A. Times front page 一个sucka死洛杉矶时报头版


[Chorus] [合唱]


(Punk, punk muthafuckaz like it ain't no thang, (朋克,朋克muthafuckaz喜欢它是不是没有胜,

Punk, punk muthafuckaz like it ain't no thang) 朋克,朋克muthafuckaz喜欢它是不是没有胜)


[Verse Three:] [诗三: ]

Bored as fuck and I wanna get ill 无聊,因为他妈的我想生病

So I went to a place where my homeboyz chill 所以我去了一个地方,我homeboyz寒意

Niggaz out there makin' that dolla' 兄弟们那里金的dolla “

I pulled up in my '64 Impala 我在64 Impala的拉升

They greet me wit a 40 and I start drinkin' 他们迎接我的智慧40 ,我开始喝

And from tha 8-ball my breath start stinkin' 从塔8球我的呼吸开始讨厌

Enough tah get my girl tah rock that body TAH足够让我的女孩塔赫岩石体

Before I left I hit tha Bacardi 在我离开之前,我打临屋区的百加得

I went to her house tah get her out of the pad 我去她家塔赫让她走出垫

Dumb hoe said something that made me mad 愚蠢的锄头说的话使我疯狂

She said something that I couldn't believe 她说了些什么,我都不敢相信

So I grabbed tha stupid bitch by her nappy-ass weave 于是,我被她的尿布,屁股编织抢下塔愚蠢的婊子

She started talkin' shit what did ya know 她开始说话狗屎都雅所知道的

Reached back like a pimp slapped tha hoe 达到了回来像一个皮条客耳光塔锄头

Her father jumped up and he started tah shout 她的父亲一跃而起,他开始喊塔赫

So I bombed on pops knocked his old ass out 所以,我在轰炸啪啪敲他的老屁股


[Chorus] [合唱]


(And if a brotha talks shit I give him a, (如果一个brotha会谈狗屎我给他,

And if a brotha talks shit I give him a, 如果一个brotha会谈狗屎我给他,

And if a brotha talks shit I give him a) 如果一个brotha会谈狗屎我给他)


[Verse Four:] [诗四: ]

Now I'm rollin' hard now under control 现在,我得到控制,现在我罗林硬

Them wrapped tha '64 around a telephone pole 它们包裹塔64周围电线杆

I looked at my car and I said,"Oh brother!" 我看着我的车,我说, “哦,哥哥! ”

Thrown in the gutter and go buy another 扔在阴沟里,然后转到另外购买

Walkin' home and I see tha G-ride 走着的家,我看到临屋区的G-骑

Now Kat is drivin' Kilo on tha side 现在,吉的驾乘基洛在塔侧

As they busted a U they got pulled over 当他们捣毁一U他们得到了比拉

A undercovered cop in a dark green Nova 在深绿色新星à卧底警察

Now Kat got beat for resisting arrest 现在,吉打得到拒捕

He socked tha pig in tha head for rippin' his Guess 他在塔头rippin 他的猜测狠狠塔猪

Now he is caught for doing tha crime 现在他被捉住做THA犯罪

For defense on tha boy he'll do some time 对于防守塔的男孩,他会做一些时间


[Chorus] [合唱]


(I'll punk you like that, don't give a fuck, (我将朋克你喜欢的,不给他妈的,

I'll punk you like that, don't give a fuck, 我会朋克你喜欢的,不给他妈的,

I'll punk you like that, don't give a fuck, 我会朋克你喜欢的,不给他妈的,

I'll punk you like that, don't give a fuck) 我会朋克你喜欢的,不给他妈的)


[Verse Five:] [诗五: ]

I went tah get them out but there was no bail 我去塔赫把他们救出来,但没有保释

My niggaz caused a riot in tha county jail 我的兄弟们引起了骚乱塔县监狱

Two days later in municiple court 两天后在市立法庭

Kilo G on trial straight caught a fought 千G于审判直抓了恶战

Instruct him out tha court said the judge 指导他出塔法庭法官说

On a six year sentence my man didn't budge 在六年徒刑我的人还是不动

Bailiff came over tah turn him in 法警走了过来塔赫把他的

Kilo G looked up and gave a grin 基洛ğ抬起头,给了一个微笑

He yelled out fire then came Susie 他大吼一声,然后火就苏西

Tha bitch came in wit a submachine uzi 塔母狗进来机智乌兹冲锋枪

Police shot tha girl but didn't hurt her 警方开枪THA女孩,但并没有伤害她

Both up state for attempted murder 无论是上升状态谋杀未遂


[Chorus] [合唱]

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