歌词 "Blurred Lines Parody" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Blurred Lines Parody



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词


This song totally sucks 这首歌完全吸


This song totally sucks 这首歌完全吸


Hey hey hey 嘿嘿嘿

Hey hey hey WOO! 嘿嘿嘿呜!

Hey hey hey 嘿嘿嘿

Hey hey hey WOO! 嘿嘿嘿呜!



Come over here if you want to get raped 到这里来,如果你想获得强奸

(Hey girl come here) (嘿女孩来到这里)

By a Creepy wannabe Timberlake 一个令人毛骨悚然的崇拜者汀布莱克

Maybe I’m going deaf (Hey hey hey) 也许我会聋(嘿嘿嘿)

Or maybe, I’m just high (Hey hey hey) 或者,也许,我只是高(嘿嘿嘿)

But no means yes in my mind (Hey hey hey) 但在我的脑海绝不是(嘿嘿嘿)


This song totally sucks 这首歌完全吸


This song and video will make you wanna take a knife that is really dull and shove it in your trachea 这首歌曲和视频会让你想要拿刀子是真的沉闷,推它在你的气管

So overhyped it’s absurd (Hey hey hey) 因此,过分夸大它的荒谬(嘿嘿嘿)

Makes me seem like a huge perv (Hey hey hey) 让我看起来像一个巨大的PERV (嘿嘿嘿)

“Because you are a huge perv!” (Hey hey hey) “因为你是一个巨大的PERV ! ” (嘿嘿嘿)

And now it’s time for stupid hashtags 现在是时候让愚蠢的井号标签



Than say my last name it’s extremely lame. 不是说我的姓是非常蹩脚。

Here’s what they should say 下面是他们应该说


I’m a douchebag who thinks he’s so smooth 我是谁认为他太顺畅了的恶棍

Everyone’s dancing except me I’m way too cool. 每个人的舞蹈,除了我,我的方式太爽了。


I’m going blind that’s my excuse when 我会失明这是我的借口时,

I am accused of molesting women 我被指控猥亵妇女

Cause I’m a scumbag 因为我是个卑鄙小人


Who wrote this concept? 谁写了这个概念?

Nothing happening makes any damn sense. 没有发生的事情做任何该死的感觉。


There’s a car on your butt. 有一辆车在你的屁股。


Now let’s watch T.I. dance, like a dirty old man who just shit in his pants. 现在,让我们看T.I.舞蹈,像一个肮脏的老男人谁只是拉屎在裤子里。

I really want to fuck this goat. 我真的想他妈的这山羊。

Now here’s a crappy (Hey hey hey) 现在,这里是一个蹩脚的(嘿嘿嘿)

Attempt at funny (Hey hey hey) 尝试搞笑(嘿嘿嘿)

What rhymes with funny? 有什么有趣的童谣?

A lot of stuff idiot! 很多东西白痴!


What the hell’s wrong with this blonde girl. 什么是地狱不对的金发女孩。

Humping a stuffed dog? 驼峰一个毛绒狗吗?

Could this video get any more wrong? 请问这个视频得到任何更多的错吗?

Hey come here girl. 嘿,来这里的女孩。

I have a big D. 我有一个大D。

If a guy has to say that it means it’s small and diseased. 如果一个家伙说,这意味着它的小而患病。


You just got your ass served. 你刚刚找到了你的屁股担任。


Somebody please tell me 有人请告诉我

What the hell am I doing with this vid I mean 什么是地狱我在这个VID我的意思做

Went from rapping on tracks about the streets 从说唱在街上轨道去

To brushing white chicks’ hair like a total creep 涂刷白色小鸡的头发像一个总的蠕变

And what the hell’s with Pharrell’s outfit? 什么是地狱与Pharrell的的装备?

He look like he from outer space in this silver shit. 他的样子,他从外太空本银狗屎。

This video’s wack and this song’s overplayed. 这部影片的怪人,这首歌的夸大。

Come on dude, stop hashtagging your name! 来吧,伙计,停止hashtagging你的名字!


Robin you asshole 罗宾,你混蛋

I’m preggo with your baby 我preggo带宝宝

Even though I said no 即使我不说

You knocked me up anyway 你把我撞倒了呢


But the lines were blurred (Hey hey hey) 但系模糊(嘿嘿嘿)

They totally weren’t (Hey hey hey) 他们完全不是(嘿嘿嘿)

You’re just a bastard! (Hey hey hey) 你只是一个混蛋! (嘿嘿嘿)



Ok, that’s enough, Everyone freeze 好了,够了,每个人都冻结


Who the hell is this shmuck? 到底是谁这个shmuck ?

I’m a hashtag cop [#BUSTED] 我是一个包括hashtag警察[ #BUSTED ]

This hashtag abuse is against the law [#THICKE] 这包括hashtag虐待是违法的[ #THICKE ]

I’m not kidding 我不是在开玩笑

Someone turn that shit off 有人把那些歌关闭


I am warning you 我警告你

Stop or I will shoot 停止否则我就开枪

OK, that’s it dude! 好了,就是这样的家伙!


Pharrell hands up! Pharrell的举手!


What the hell did I do? 什么是地狱,我做?

You’re under arrest. 你被逮捕。

For what? 为了什么?

For soliciting goat sex. 征求羊性。

Put your hands behind your head! 把你的手放在头后!

Thicke, you are dead! Thicke ,你死定了!

Who the fuck is this dude? 谁他妈的是这家伙?

This is my daughter. 这是我的女儿。

You got her preggers! 你让她preggers !

Time to meet my fist jerk! 时间满足我的拳头混蛋!


What the hell! 搞什么鬼!

Paybacks a bitch. 投资回收期一个婊子。



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